Don't Tease the Guppies

Don't Tease the Guppies

by Pat Lowery Collins, Marylin Hafner

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School Library Journal - School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 1-A tedious story about a preschooler who goes to the city aquarium with his literate older brother. Jon has to correct tiny Tim's misinterpretations of all the informational, directional, and warning signs (``Don't tease the guppies'' is really ``Feeding tank this way,'' etc.). Like that non sequitur example, this picture book is a hodgepodge of the siblings' low-key adventures. Also, Hafner's watercolor cartoon illustrations are reminiscent of Bruce Degen's ``Magic School Bus'' (Scholastic) inspired pictures, complete with a frizzy-haired lady and balloon asides.-John Sigwald, Unger Memorial Library, Plainview, TX
Kathryn Broderick
On a visit to the aquarium, Jon plays chaperon to his younger brother, Tim, who instigates a silly game of guessing what certain signs around the museum say. Looking at a tankful of minnows, for example, Tim "reads" the sign as saying Little Busy Fish. And later, as he tries Jon's patience, he reads, Don't Feed That Fat Turtle. His Shell Will Bust. In fact, the title of this book comes from one of Tim's harmless misinterpretations. However, the game takes a serious turn when Tim locks himself in a cleaning closet because he thinks the sign says Come In. Hafner captures all the excitement in her energetic watercolors, showing such busy scenes as feeding time at the center tank and the crowd that gathers around the locked door. The story concludes satisfactorily as Jon rescues his brother from his own very active imagination and the two are reunited. Told completely through dialogue, this picture book would work well for beginning readers, especially because of its silly humor and literacy theme.

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