Don't Turn the Page!

Don't Turn the Page!

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by Rachelle Burk, Julie Downing

Like most children, Sami puts off going to bed for as long as possible. But reading a story about Little Bear's bedtime ritual inspires Sami, just as the young reader will be inspired by this soothing story and clever book-within-a-book conceit. A bedtime book that both parent and child will relish reading one more time, Don’t Turn the Page! features a


Like most children, Sami puts off going to bed for as long as possible. But reading a story about Little Bear's bedtime ritual inspires Sami, just as the young reader will be inspired by this soothing story and clever book-within-a-book conceit. A bedtime book that both parent and child will relish reading one more time, Don’t Turn the Page! features a surprise ending that reinforces the sense that it’s bedtime for everyone.

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"A charming, metafictive good night." — Kirkus Reviews

"The title may make readers suspect that they’re in for dire warnings in the vein of The Monster at the End of This Book, but Burk (Tree House in a Storm) actually has delay tactics on the mind. A hedgehog named Sami knows that the end of a bedtime story means it’s bedtime. 'I’ll let you read one more page,' Sami tells her mother in one of several small capitulations that satisfy her curiosity about the story they’re reading, about a bear’s preparations for bed. However, Burk doesn’t avoid metafiction entirely. Downing’s (Spooky Friends) illustrations shift between cozy scenes in Sami’s tree-trunk home and equally snug images of the mother bear and cub in the book. There’s more: Sami has a toy bear, the bear in her book has a stuffed hedgehog, and both animals are reading the same book that (human) readers are holding. That final touch is an oft-seen visual Easter egg, but in this case, it underscores a reality-bending connection between reader and text, especially after the last pages reveal that the bear family may not be fictional after all. Gentle yet clever stuff." Ages 3–8. (June) — Publishers Weekly

"A cozy story for little ones who try their best to stay awake, with a story within a story within a story! This should ease all cubs, hoglets and children off to Dreamland." — Carla Kozak, San Francisco Public Library

"Julie Downing creates a lush night-time world, inhabited by two endearing toddlers and their loving Mamas. Someone is being read to, but in this clever bedtime story there lies an unexpected and delightful twist." — Ashley Wolff, illustrator of the Miss Bindergarten books

"Adorable soft-colored detailed illustrations add to the quieting peace and palpable love of this charming double bedtime story. . . that will be quickly beloved by toddlers and preschoolers everywhere."
— Midwest Book Review

"This is another great little book for young readers. And it even has printable activities below. With cute pictures throughout. And a wonderful story what more could you want from a children's book? The story was just wonderful and the story inside the story was done so well as not to confuse young children. And this book is sure to be the go to book for kids getting ready for bed. Yes, this was another cute little book that my three year old ran away with. "
—Crossroad Reviews

"The story within a story is delightful and will amuse even the most sleepy children. . .This book is definitely a keeper."
—Book Reviews by Tima

"It is difficult enough to write one publishable story but the author wrote two for this picture book. The story of Little Bear could be a solo book kids would love. I suppose the question to ask is which story do you like best? That of Little Bear or of Sami Hedgehog? Kids and parents might differ but I choose them both. The illustrator did a fantastic job on both stories. Each are different in style and color. I really like the turned up page corner on Little Bear’s right side page. It is just waiting for Sami to tell her Mama to turn that page. The ending is quite a surprise and may have you thinking about reality. At the very least it will give you a huge smile, as will the back of the book.

Young children and parents will love this dual bedtime story. The story of Sami going to bed and the story of Little Bear going to bed, flow well together as you read from one story to the next. For those kids not ready for bed, not yet tired, or simply determined to stay awake, Don’t Turn the Page will send them off to where sweet dreams lay waiting. Mama, or Daddy, will enjoy ready this story in a story. The title, Don’t Turn the Page, is possibly not the best title because all you will want to do is turn the page. I’m betting your little one will want these pages turned as well. However, don’t be surprised if the new stalling tactic in your house is 'Don’t Turn the Page!'"
—Kid-lit Reviews

"Don’t Turn the Page! is a cozy book within a book that belongs on the bedside of every toddler. Starting with the beautiful cover, this book encourages parents and kids to snuggle up together and get ready for bed. But like most toddlers, Sami the porcupine doesn’t want to go to bed because she is not tired. Gently and patiently, Mama plays along – getting Sami to read a book about a sleepy cub as he goes through his own bedtime routine. And before Mama can turn the page, Sami’s putting on her pyjamas, brushing her teeth, and cuddled into bed.

With beautiful illustrations and a rhythmic narrative that gradually slows as the story progresses, Don’t Turn the Page! will not get kids excited like the pigeon- but it will put them to sleep. Exactly the outcome every parent wants at the end of a busy day."
—YolandaRidge Reviews

My son and I sat down to read this book and very quickly he said "wait mommy, let me read the story part" so we were able to read it together and that was fun. I love the pictures throughout the book. They are very calming. The cover is eye catching. This would be a great addition to any child's bookshelf!

Review from my six year old son, Max- "This book is awesome! I like to read the story part. The title is funny. My mommy and I kept saying DON'T TURN THE PAGE!"
—Libby's Fun Books

"This is an adorable book, and perfect for gift giving to younger children at any occasion! We highly recommend it!"
—Bless Their Hears Mom

"Though the story is captivating it’s the illustrations will have you staring for hours. I loved each and every one!!!"
—Hott Books Reviews

"The wonderful illustrations by Julie Downing will make you want to snuggle down in bed. It is a great story to help young children to get ready for bed and go to sleep. I am sure like Sami, they will be saying,'Don't turn the page!' as they will not want to miss hearing any of this delightful story."
—Children's Web Magazine

"A completely charming, cozy book-within-a-book by Rachelle Burk, perfectly paired with illustrations by Julie Downing."

"No kid ever willingly wants to go to bed, but a good story can rarely be stopped after only one page. This book uses a child’s own curiosity to convince them to get into bed, and just maybe, to fall asleep.

The unique thing about Don’t Turn the Page it that it has a story within a story. When you get to the end, the two stories come together in a pretty cool way. 5 out of 5 rating!"

"Like most children, Sami, an adorable hedgehog, tries to stall her bedtime. But reading a story about Little Bear’s bedtime ritual inspires Sami to get ready for bed in this cute and clever book-within-a-book story. And the illustrations, by Julie Downing, perfectly compliment the mood and tone of a bedtime story."
—Barista Kids Parenting

"If you only read one book about a porcupine baby who reads a story about a bear cub who reads a story about a porcupine baby all year, it should be this one. It's a book within a book, a story and a meta-story, and it's all kinds of adorable!"
—Cozy Little Book Journal

"A bedtime book that both parent and child will relish reading one more time, Don’t Turn the Page! features a surprise ending that reinforces the sense that it’s bedtime for everyone. 5 stars!"
—Crossroad Reviews

"The wonderful illustrations by Julie Downing of adorable cuddly animals will
make you want to snuggle down in bed. It is a great story to help young children to get ready for bed and go
to sleep. I am sure like Sami they will be saying "Don't turn the page!" as they will not want to miss
hearing any of this delightful story."
—Children's Web Magazine

"Burk divides the text into rhythmic rhyme for obedient Little Bear's nightly routine. Sami's story is told in prose, punctuated perfectly with her repeated, resistant command, 'Don't turn the page.' Mama Hedgehog is ever patient and reasonable, adapting to Sami's sleepy pace as the book unfolds.
Downing masterfully weaves the two tales seamlessly together through clever illustrations that show clues of the story-in-story on each page in alternating fashion. Different typefaces and thick page borders also reinforce the message about which story is being told and ties it neat together in the end. The creatures are charming, and the soft colors are rich and muted. A special treat are the book's endpapers, which echo the animal's pajamas!
Don't Turn the Page! is an endearing winner for bedtime reading. There may be no guarantee that kids will ever willingly get ready for bed, but I'm willing to bet that they will ask for this book to be read again and again."
—Goodreads with Ronna

"Don't Turn the Page! makes the nighttime ritual of settling down a positive experience for wee ones. By reading about what the super cute bear cub as well as the baby hedgehog are doing, young children will want to do the same. The illustrations by Julie Downing are darling, and you’ll love the hedgehog family’s tree house with all its details and the way Julie depicts hedgehog fur. There’s a lot of color in the pictures, and they have a dreamy-like quality to them that is ideal for a bedtime story. It’s fun for children to read the tale of the bear cub, while reading the story of the hedgehog, and the parallel theme really brings the message home that it’s time to go to sleep.

This is a charming bedtime story for the youngest readers that parents will love too, because they can snuggle with their kids for a cozy read and send them off to dreamland!"
—SmartBooks for Smart Kids

"A very fun book for young kids. It holds their interest and gets their imagination going at the same time. I recommend this book for parents who have children who don't like bedtime, as well as preschool teachers who like a variety of books for their class."
—Litpick 5-star review

Children's Literature - Ken Marantz and Sylvia Marantz
Sami, a neatly dressed young woodland creature, is not ready to go to bed. She pulls out a new book for later, telling her mother to read just the first page. In the rhyming text of that book, a small bear is preparing for bed. “Don’t turn the page,” insists Sami, but then, having peeked ahead, she asks for the next page. In the book, the sleepy cub dons pajamas and slippers. Sami does likewise, but wants no more page-turning … until she wonders whether bears have story time. In the next rhyme, the little bear also chooses a book, then brushes his teeth. And so, page-by-page, the bear finally climbs into bed and cuddles with his mother, as does Sami. But there’s more to go before Sami reaches “The End.” Downing creates the dual world with solidly constructed pairs of appealing characters, mothers and children. Readers should enjoy the “book within the book” concept as Sami tries to postpone the inevitable bedtime. Reviewer: Ken Marantz and Sylvia Marantz; Ages 3 to 6.
Kirkus Reviews
This book within a book tells the story of a little hedgehog who resists reading a bedtime story about a little bear—or is it also a story about a little bear who reads a book about a little hedgehog?The front-cover art shows the hedgehog snuggling with her mother while they read a book that looks like the one readers hold in their hands. The back-cover art shows a pair of bears reading the same book. Within the covers, the story opens with the hedgehog child, Sami, resisting a bedtime story about a bear. Mama is patient but prompts her to choose a book to read later. Sami acquiesces and then asks Mama to read the beginning. The accompanying picture's perspective allows readers to look over her shoulder to read a verse in the book within the book about a little bear getting ready for bed. At first Sami says, "Don't turn the page," but her curiosity gets the better of her. Ensuing pages depict continued reading punctuated by Sami's own preparations for bedtime as she mimics the little bear putting on pajamas, brushing teeth and reading. The final page delivers a conclusion in which the art shows the bears, not within the hedgehog's book, but living beside the hedgehogs' home. A charming, metafictive good night. (Picture book. 3-6)

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“How about a bedtime story?” Mama asked.
Sammy shook her head. “I don’t want to go to bed. I’m not tired yet.”
“All right,” said Mama, “Why don’t you pick out a book to read later?”
Sammy pulled a new one from the shelf.
“Just read the first page,” said Sammy. She climbed onto the sofa.
Mama read. . .

The sun went down and fell asleep,
The moon rose overhead,
And Little Bear of Rambling Woods
Prepared to go to bed.

“That’s enough,” said Sammy. “Don’t turn the page.”

Meet the Author

Rachelle Burk is a writer of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry for children. Her publications include both books and magazine pieces and she is a regular contributing writer for Scholastic’s Science World classroom magazine. She lives in East Brunswick, NJ. An internationally published author and illustrator, Julie Downing has written and illustrated over 40 books for children and has won many awards for her work. Noted for her rich, jewel-like watercolor illustrations, she has exhibited her work in galleries throughout the United States and England. She lives in San Francisco.

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Don't Turn the Page 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Penelope_Anne_Cole More than 1 year ago
"Don’t Turn the Page," by Rachelle Burk, with art by Julie Downing, is an utter delight. It’s an endearing story within a story. Such a great story idea! Mother hedgehog has a new bedtime story to read to her little Sami, who is reluctant to go to bed. But Sami is curious and wants to see what the story is about. It’s about a mother bear and her little bear boy getting ready for bed. Soon Sami is copying what the little bear is doing in the story and tells Mother, “Don’t turn the page,” while she’s getting ready for bed. In the new book, the mother bear is also reading a bedtime story to her little bear—so you see a story within a story, with another story there, too. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and wish it had been around when I was reading bedtime stories to my little girl. I say stories, since one was never enough! But this one would quickly become a favorite, since kids love to imitate what they see in stories. I appreciate the author clearly spelling out the bedtime routine. It’s a good way to get kids involved in preparing for bed—especially brushing teeth—always hard at our house. The artwork by Julie Downing is warm and inviting. It’s very clear what’s happening in the story. The appealing animal characters, in their warm and cozy homes, add to the the reader’s enjoyment. I highly recommend this story to all parents as the perfect bedtime read aloud story. Thank you Rachelle Burk and Julie Downing for such a cute, sweet, and charming bedtime story book.