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Don't Worry, Grandpa

Don't Worry, Grandpa

by Nick Ward

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Children's Literature - Karen Williams
Gather together 3 harmless giants, one grandfather, a young boy named Charles, a pot of tea, a storybook, and a thunderstorm. Simmer gently over twenty-four pages or so and what do you get? A fun story about a little boy who spends the afternoon with his grandfather. Afternoon time is tea and story time, but as Grandpa and Charlie settle in, a storm begins to brew. Grandpa admits to not liking storms, but Charlie reassures him at each rumble and flash saying, "Don't worry Grandpa ... it's only the giants playing ..." Charlie develops a story of his own. In his version, three playful giants enjoy games of leapfrog, marbles, boulders, waving sparklers, and a water chase. The giants mean no harm, and they get along amiably. It is the noise that these giants make that disturbs Grandpa. So Charlie puts him to bed and reads him a story. They assume that when Grandpa awakens, the giants will be gone. If you look closely at the watercolor illustrations you'll notice detail adding familiarity and a sense of home. These include simple things like a slightly open silverware drawer, or the wind-blown leaves entering through the window. You'll even find a shaving brush next to an antique pitcher, bowl and mirror atop the bedroom armoire. This is a wonderful gift for the child (or adult) who fears thunderstorms and their accompanying noises.

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Barron's Educational Series, Incorporated
Publication date:
Product dimensions:
8.68(w) x 10.75(h) x 0.32(d)
Age Range:
4 - 6 Years

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