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Doo Wop Box, Vol. 3: 101 More Vocal Group Gems from the Golden Age of Rock-N-Roll

Doo Wop Box, Vol. 3: 101 More Vocal Group Gems from the Golden Age of Rock-N-Roll

The first two Rhino doo wop box sets were straightforward anthologies of the best music in the style, concentrating on big and small hits and the best overlooked rarities. The third installment is also a worthy chunk of the genre's better moments, yet it is definitely a notch or two below its predecessors. Part of the reason is that, as many doo wop records as there


The first two Rhino doo wop box sets were straightforward anthologies of the best music in the style, concentrating on big and small hits and the best overlooked rarities. The third installment is also a worthy chunk of the genre's better moments, yet it is definitely a notch or two below its predecessors. Part of the reason is that, as many doo wop records as there were, the lion's share of the great hits were already used up on the first two boxes. Thus, Rhino took a different strategy for this four-disc set, devoting the first CD to hits (many of which weren't that big, or have certainly escaped oldies rotation); disc two to "should-have-been hits"; disc three to "celebrity picks" of the favorite doo wop tunes by star musicians, comedians, and record executives; and disc four to modern doo wop postdating the early '60s. Overall, it's still a nice package, but it's probably an idea that has finally come to the end of its line.

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Disc 1

  1. Have Mercy Baby
  2. Shouldn't I Know
  3. Beside You
  4. Sexy Ways
  5. Adorable
  6. (You've Got) The Magic Touch
  7. Stranded in the Jungle
  8. Wisdom of a Fool
  9. Fools Fall in Love
  10. Everyone's Laughing
  11. Cool Shake
  12. So Tough
  13. Try the Impossible
  14. No, No, No
  15. Here I Stand
  16. Wiggle, Wiggle
  17. There Goes My Baby
  18. Pennies from Heaven
  19. Image of a Girl
  20. Trouble in Paradise
  21. Mio Amore (Till the End of Time)
  22. Charlena
  23. A Little Bit of Soap
  24. I Wish That We Were Married
  25. Oh My Angel
  26. If I Should Lose You
  27. Bongo Stomp
  28. Donna the Prima Donna
  29. Have You Heard

Disc 2

  1. My Memories of You
  2. My Friends
  3. I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance With You
  4. Nite Owl
  5. Ship of Love
  6. Can't We Be Sweethearts
  7. Your Way
  8. Bim Bam Boom
  9. Blanche
  10. True Love Gone (Come on Home)
  11. The Way You Look Tonight
  12. Don't Say Goodnight
  13. Zoop
  14. My Juanita
  15. I'm Spinning
  16. Your Last Chance
  17. Dedicated to the One I Love
  18. Chapel Bells
  19. Traveling Stranger
  20. Heart's Desire
  21. There Goes My Love
  22. Life Is But a Dream
  23. (Here I Am) Brokenhearted

Disc 3

  1. Our Love Will Never End
  2. I Belong to You
  3. The Sheik of Araby
  4. One Bad Stud
  5. Wiggie Waggie Woo
  6. Hey, Miss Fannie
  7. Most of All
  8. The Vow
  9. I Didn't Want to Do It
  10. To Make a Long Story Short
  11. Ding Ding Dong
  12. Dreams Are for Fools
  13. Nadine
  14. Oh Where
  15. My Girl Awaits Me
  16. Rollin' Stone
  17. Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart
  18. Stay Awhile
  19. Blue Velvet
  20. Newly Wed
  21. Wonderful Girl
  22. Would I Be Crying
  23. Indian Girl
  24. Money Honey
  25. Maybe
  26. We Belong Together

Disc 4

  1. Looking for an Echo
  2. Barbara Ann
  3. Whole Lotta Love
  4. Sometime Lately
  5. There's a Moon Out Again
  6. The Star Spangled Banner
  7. Baby Come Back to Me
  8. I Won't Stand in Your Way
  9. Eye of the Tiger
  10. When You're Young and in Love
  11. Medley: This Is My Story/We Belong Together
  12. Something on Your Mind
  13. You Really Got a Hold on Me
  14. Countdown to Love
  15. In the Still of the Night (I'll Remember)
  16. It's Too Soon to Know
  17. Your Love
  18. Charlene
  19. My Love for You
  20. Have Love, Will Travel
  21. Forgive Me
  22. Gloria
  23. Quality
  24. Looking for an Echo

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Beach Boys   Track Performer
Boyz II Men   Track Performer
Capris   Track Performer
Castelles   Track Performer
Chantels   Track Performer
Charts   Track Performer
Cleftones   Track Performer
Clovers   Track Performer
Coasters   Track Performer
Crests   Track Performer
Del Vikings   Track Performer
Dreamlovers   Track Performer
Drifters   Track Performer
Duprees   Track Performer
Five Keys   Track Performer
"5" Royales   Track Performer
Jarmels   Track Performer
Clyde McPhatter   Track Performer
Aaron Neville   Track Performer
Art Neville   Track Performer
Nutmegs   Track Performer
Persuasions   Track Performer
Platters   Track Performer
Linda Ronstadt   Track Performer
Paul Simon   Track Performer
Stray Cats   Track Performer
Manhattan Transfer   Track Performer
Little Anthony & the Imperials   Track Performer
Bobs   Track Performer
Harptones   Track Performer
Gus Backus   Track Performer
Cadets   Track Performer
Godfrey Daniel   Track Performer
Earls   Track Performer
Flying Pickets   Track Performer
Midnighters   Track Performer
Skyliners   Track Performer
El Dorados   Track Performer
Spaniels   Track Performer
Kenny Vance   Track Performer
Darts   Track Performer
Moonglows   Track Performer
Enchanters   Track Performer
Solitaires   Track Performer
Spiders   Track Performer
Pure Gold   Track Performer
Chanters   Track Performer
Fascinators   Track Performer
Fi-Tones   Track Performer
New Creations   Track Performer
Safaris   Track Performer
Candye Kane   Track Performer
Five Satins   Track Performer
Big Sandy   Track Performer
Dion DiMucci   Track Performer
Flamingos   Track Performer
Marigolds   Track Performer
Original Casuals   Track Performer
Ronnie & the Hi-Lites   Track Performer
Ruben Guevara   Track Performer
Strangers   Track Performer
Robert & Johnny   Track Performer
Cardinals   Track Performer
Colts   Track Performer
Little Joey & the Flips   Track Performer
Three Friends   Track Performer
Billy Ward & the Dominoes   Track Performer
Lee Andrews   Track Performer
Louie Lymon & the Teenchords   Track Performer
Avons   Track Performer
Bertha Tillman   Track Performer
Mighty Echoes   Track Performer
Coronets   Track Performer
Jaguars   Track Performer
Avalons   Track Performer
Valentines   Track Performer
Vocaleers   Track Performer
Little Isidore & the Inquisitors   Track Performer
Swallows   Track Performer
Johnny Staton & the Feathers   Track Performer
Eddie & The Starlights   Track Performer
Honey Bears   Track Performer
Tony Allen & the Champs   Track Performer
Revalons   Track Performer
Sevilles   Track Performer
Wade Flemons & the Newcomers   Track Performer
Fantastics   Track Performer
Jive Tones   Track Performer
Orchids   Track Performer

Technical Credits

George Gershwin   Composer
Hank Thompson   Composer
Bing Crosby   Composer
Hank Ballard   Composer
Chuck Berry   Composer
Alan Freed   Composer
Jimmy Page   Composer
Carl Perkins   Composer
Michael Pinder   Composer
Robert Plant   Composer
Smokey Robinson   Composer
Paul Simon   Composer
Big Jay McNeely   Composer
Buddy Johnson   Composer
Dave Antrell   Composer
Wade Flemons   Composer
Lee Hazlewood   Composer
Jerry Leiber   Composer
Van McCoy   Composer
Jim Peterik   Composer
Brian Setzer   Composer
Buck Ram   Composer
U.P. Wilson   Composer
John Paul Jones   Composer
Jerome Kern   Composer
Candye Kane   Composer
Richard Barrett   Composer
Ralph Bass   Composer
John Bonham   Composer
Johnny Burke   Composer
Zeke Carey   Composer
Calvin Carter   Composer
Raoul Cita   Composer
L.Z. Cooper   Composer
John Cutrone   Composer
Lew Douglas   Composer
Ahmet Ertegun   Composer
Dorothy Fields   Composer
Harvey Fuqua   Composer
Terry Johnson   Composer
Gary Mears   Composer
James Mitchell   Composer
Fred Parris   Composer
Ralph Rainger   Composer
Leo Robin   Composer
Winfield Scott   Composer
Harry Beasley Smith   Composer
Ted Snyder   Composer
Mike Stoller   Composer
Jesse Stone   Composer
Billy Ward   Composer
Ned Washington   Composer
Bernie Wayne   Composer
George David Weiss   Composer
Hy Weiss   Composer
Victor Young   Composer
Frankie Sullivan   Composer
Paul Wilson   Composer
Thomas "Butch" Curry   Composer
George Goldner   Composer
David Livingson   Composer
Bert Russell   Composer
John Stafford Smith   Composer
Lowman Pauling   Composer
George Treadwell   Composer
Robert Carr   Composer
Richard Clasky   Composer
Herman "Junior" Denby   Composer
Anthony Gourdine   Composer
Leroy Griffin   Composer
Lee Morris   Composer
Esther Navarro   Composer
Kenny O'Dell   Composer
Marvin Rosenberg   Composer
Nick Santamaria   Composer
Ernest Wright   Composer
Rachel Gutek   Art Direction
M. Robinson   Composer
J. Cox   Composer
Arthur Johnston   Composer
Steve Woolard   Discographical Annotation
Charles Hunt   Composer
Derek Walcott   Composer
Francis Scott Key   Composer
Abner Silver   Composer
Francis Wheeler   Composer
Joan Whitney   Composer
Frank LaVere   Composer
Edna Lewis   Composer
Joe Luccisano   Composer
Rose Marks   Composer
Robert Riley   Composer
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Adolph Smith   Composer
Ernestine Smith   Composer
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Chris Starpoli   Composer
Striano   Composer
Roy Alfred   Composer
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Deborah Chessler   Composer
Pat DiCesare   Composer
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Kenard Gardner   Composer
Alfonso Gentile   Composer
Browne   Composer
Alex Kramer   Composer
Valentines   Composer
Shawn Amos   Editorial Coordinator
Daniel Goldmark   Editorial Research
Richard Reicheg   Composer
Allyson R. Khent   Composer
Lover Patterson   Composer
James Johnson   Composer
T. Jones   Composer
Benjamin Nelson   Composer
Azrael   Composer
Tommy Smith   Composer
Frank Vance   Composer
James Weldon Johnson   Composer
A. Barrett   Composer
James Hanley   Composer
Richie Barrett   Composer

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