Doo Wop Delights

Doo Wop Delights

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A four-disc, 100-track box set of vintage doo wop sides, Proper's Doo Wop Delights comes packed with more bird references than your basic ornithology text book, featuring hits from the Orioles, Cardinals, Flamingos, Blue Jays, See more details below


A four-disc, 100-track box set of vintage doo wop sides, Proper's Doo Wop Delights comes packed with more bird references than your basic ornithology text book, featuring hits from the Orioles, Cardinals, Flamingos, Blue Jays, Crows, Swallows, Ravens, Larks, Hawks, Meadowlarks and Robins, as well as timeless releases from groups with names that sound like they could be birds but aren't like the Harptones, the Du Droppers and the Blue Notes. Drawn from an era when every street corner in America seemingly had at least two or three vocal harmony groups practicing their craft, this set manages to feel definitive without being academic and is indeed, as the title suggests, a delight.

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Disc 1

  1. Crying in the Chapel  -  Orioles
  2. Wheel of Fortune  -  Cardinals
  3. Golden Teardrops  -  Flamingos
  4. These Foolish Things  - Billy Ward
  5. Help Me Somebody  -  "5" Royales
  6. White Cliffs of Dover  -  Blue Jays
  7. A Thousand Stars  -  Rivileers
  8. Goodnite Sweetheart Goodnite  -  Spaniels
  9. Gee  -  Crows
  10. A Sunday Kind of Love  -  Harptones
  11. Stormy Weather  -  Five Sharps
  12. Crazy, Crazy, Crazy  -  "5" Royales
  13. Beside You  -  Swallows
  14. You're My Inspiration  -  Five Crowns
  15. Is It a Dream?  -  Vocaleers
  16. Money Honey  -  Drifters
  17. Rock Me All Night Long  -  Ravens
  18. Baby It's You  -  Spaniels
  19. Baby Don't Do It  -  "5" Royales
  20. I Found Out  -  Du Droppers
  21. Have Mercy Baby  -  Dominoes
  22. Baby Please Don't Go  -  Orioles
  23. The Bells  - Billy Ward
  24. Rags to Riches  - Billy Ward
  25. Too Much Lovin' (Much Too Much)  -  "5" Royales

Disc 2

  1. Good Luck Darling  -  Five Crowns
  2. I'll Be Back  -  Ravens
  3. Can't Do Sixty No More  -  Du Droppers
  4. Lucy Brown  -  Larks
  5. Kiss Me Baby  -  Cardinals
  6. Bicycle Tillie  -  Swallows
  7. Someday Someday  -  Flamingos
  8. I Want Her Back  -  Five Buds
  9. Pedal Pushin' Papa  - Billy Ward
  10. Waiting at the Station  -  Cap-Tans
  11. My Baby's Gone  -  Ray-O-Vacs
  12. I Wanna Know  -  Du Droppers
  13. Mama (Your Daughter Told a Lie on Me)  -  Five Keys
  14. Bounce  -  Spaniels
  15. The Last of the Good Rocking Men  -  Four Jacks
  16. I-Yi  -  Hawks
  17. Sure Cure for the Blues  -  Four Jacks
  18. Oh Babe!  -  Five Keys
  19. My Baby Done Told Me  -  Robins
  20. Cross over the Bridge  -  Flamingos
  21. No Help Wanted  -  Crows
  22. Too Hot Too Handle  -  Blue Notes
  23. Real Pretty Mama  -  Meadowlarks
  24. Housewife Blues  -  Enchanters
  25. Fine as Wine  -  Crickets

Disc 3

  1. Teardrops on My Pillow  -  Orioles
  2. Paradise Hill  -  Embers
  3. I Want to Love You Baby  -  Serenaders
  4. I Walk Alone  -  Vocaleers
  5. In the Mission of St Augustie  -  Buccaneers
  6. Shadrack  -  Larks
  7. Please Love Me  -  Marylanders
  8. I  -  Velvets
  9. I Miss You So  -  Orioles
  10. Alone Again  -  Five Crowns
  11. I'll Cry No More  -  Crickets
  12. Gold Old 99  -  Marylanders
  13. Don't Be Angry
  14. Hurry Home Baby  -  Flamingos
  15. No One to Love Me  -  Sha-Weez
  16. You're Nobody 'Till Somebody Loves You  -  Ebonaires
  17. I Only Have Eyes for You  -  Swallows
  18. Are You Lonesome Tonight  -  Red Caps
  19. Cryin' for My Baby  -  Hollywood Flames
  20. Will You Be True  -  Vocaleers
  21. You Are My Only Love  -  Cardinals
  22. Blues at Dawn
  23. Give Thanks  -  Platters
  24. Rocking and Crying Blues  -  Five Keys
  25. I'd Be Satisfied  - Billy Ward

Disc 4

  1. Why Don't You Believe Me  -  Five Crowns
  2. Will She Know  -  Serenaders
  3. Come on and Love Me Baby  -  Du Droppers
  4. Rough Ridin'  -  Jimmy Ricks & The Ravens
  5. Straighten Up Baby  -  Treniers
  6. I Had a Love  -  Flairs
  7. Dirt Dishin' Daisy  -  Red Caps
  8. You Ain't Ready  -  Flamingos
  9. Fried Chicken  -  Marylanders
  10. Lovie Darling  -  Cardinals
  11. (Get Away Child) You Don't Move Me  -  Spaniels
  12. Baby Please  -  Moonglows
  13. Tabarin  -  Four Flames
  14. Little Girl Little Girl  -  Du Droppers
  15. Getting Tired Tired Tired  -  Orioles
  16. A Falling Star  -  Robins
  17. Red Sails in the Sunset  -  Five Keys
  18. Between the Devil & The Deep Blue Sea  -  Billy Williams Quartet
  19. All Night Long  -  Orchids
  20. Be Bop Wino  -  Lamplighters
  21. Call a Doctor  -  Crows
  22. See See Rider  -  Orioles
  23. Whistle My Love  -  Moonglows
  24. I Live True to You  -  Larks
  25. She Rocks  -  Cardinals

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Don Gibson   Composer
Louis Prima   Composer
Ella Fitzgerald   Composer
Hank Jones   Composer
Russ Morgan   Composer
Jimmy Henderson   Composer
Harold Arlen   Composer
Dave Bartholomew   Composer
Flairs   Composer
Don Hill   Composer
Bill Carlisle   Composer
Jimmy Ricks   Composer
Murry Wilson   Composer
Jimmy Kennedy   Composer
Jerry Ross   Composer
Ma Rainey   Composer
Herb Abramson   Composer
Richard Adler   Composer
Ralph Bass   Composer
Bennie Benjamin   Composer
Lew Douglas   Composer
Dubin   Composer
Ahmet Ertegun   Composer
Harvey Fuqua   Composer
Gerald Gregory   Composer
James Hudson   Composer
Riley King   Composer
Luther King Laney   Composer
Morris Levy   Composer
Eugene Pearson   Composer
Leroy W. Rodde   Composer
Larry Stock   Composer
Jesse Stone   Composer
Roy Turk   Composer
Billy Ward   Composer
Harry Warren   Composer
George David Weiss   Composer
Peter Rynston   Remastering
Bill Sanford   Composer
Artie Glenn   Composer
Lowman Pauling   Composer
William Davis   Composer
Herman "Junior" Denby   Composer
Ronnie Pearson   Composer
Dickie Smith   Composer
Bobby Robinson   Composer
Adam Komorowski   Liner Notes,Annotation
Alonzo Tucker   Composer
Ted Koehler   Composer
Jules Taub   Composer
Harry Link   Composer
Jack Strachey   Composer
Lou Handman   Composer
Holt Marvell   Composer
Sydney Robin   Composer
Anita Leonard   Composer
Robert MacGimsey   Composer
Rose Marks   Composer
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Bill Tennyson   Composer
Hugh Williams   Composer
Dick Wolfe   Composer
Barbara Belle   Composer
Nat Burton   Composer
James Cavanaugh   Composer
Deborah Chessler   Composer
M.J. Harris   Composer
Clyde Wright   Composer
Lover Patterson   Composer
Bertha Scott   Composer
Shifty Henry's All-Stars   Composer
Johnny Carter   Composer
Alan Darnell   Composer
Dwight Davis   Composer

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