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  1. Main Titles  - Mark Thomas
  2. The Magic Roundabout  -  Scaramanga X
  3. Meet Doogal
  4. Magic  -  Pilot
  5. You Really Got Me  - Bill Nighy
  6. Doogal the Mechanic  - Danail Getz
  7. Zeebad Escapes  - Mark Thomas
  8. Sam Marches  - John M. Davis
  9. The Magic Roundabout  -  Scaramanga X
  10. Meet Zeebad
  11. Setting Up Camp  - Mark Thomas
  12. Spinning  -  Scaramanga X
  13. Duel of the Springs 2  - Mark Thomas
  14. Simply Wonderful  -  Scaramanga X
  15. The What-A-Snails Waltz  - Mark Thomas
  16. Zeebad Threatens
  17. Train's Back  - Mark Thomas
  18. Lost in the Cold  - Mark Thomas
  19. See the City  - Mark Thomas
  20. The Frozen City  - Mark Thomas
  21. Frozen Florence  - John M. Davis
  22. The End of Zeebad  - Mark Thomas
  23. Florence Awakes  - Mark Thomas
  24. Sugar Sugar
  25. I Love to Boogie
  26. Lean Mean Fighting Machine  -  Scaramanga X
  27. Believe Yourself  -  Scaramanga X
  28. Bust This Joint  -  Scaramanga X

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ian Thomas   Drums
Laurence Cottle   Bass
Tristan Fry   Percussion,Timpani
Janice Graham   Violin
Mark Robson   Wind Instruments
Brendan Power   Harmonica
Andrea Remanda   Vocals

Technical Credits

William Lyall   Composer
Marc Bolan   Composer
David Paton   Composer
Jeff Barry   Composer
Emmanuel Chamboredon   Executive Producer
Janice Graham   Orchestra Leader
James Collins   Scoring Engineer
Ian P. Hierons   Executive Producer
Nancy Matter   Mastering
Jodi Tack   Art Direction
James L. Venable   Composer
Danail Getz   Composer
Steve Anderson   Vocal Producer

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