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Zero To One Records

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  1. Dopamine  - Lauren Elaine Newhart
  2. Kevin the Dealer  - Lauren Elaine Newhart
  3. The Jay Bee Club  - Mark Parsons
  4. Sarah #1  - Jessica Congdon
  5. Three in the Office 'One'  - Pat Kadyk
  6. Car on a Bridge  - Jessica Congdon
  7. Dopamine Cello 'A'  - Lauren Elaine Newhart
  8. The Hitching Post
  9. Lightning Bug (Intro)  - Andy Leverett
  10. Lightning Bug  - Jessica Congdon
  11. Apartment 'The Beginning'  - Andy Leverett
  12. Two on the Pier
  13. Sarah #2  - Jessica Congdon
  14. Apartment  - Jessica Congdon
  15. N
  16. Slow Nacht
  17. Guardian  - Jessica Congdon
  18. Top Down  -  Eclectic Electric
  19. Three in the Office 'Two'  - Pat Kadyk
  20. Dopamine Cello 'B'  - Lauren Elaine Newhart
  21. Critical Mass  - Lauren Elaine Newhart
  22. Russian Mafia
  23. South East  - Mark Parsons
  24. Rand Is Sad  - Andy Leverett
  25. Slow Twist
  26. Interlude  -  Düreforsög
  27. A Lighter Shade of Koy Koy  - Andy Leverett
  28. Sweep

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Bill Gould   Bass
Eric Holland   Keyboards,Sampling
Mike Morasky   Guitar
Dustin Donaldson   Drums
Eric Schopmeyer   Bass,Guitar,Percussion,Pedal Steel Guitar,Keyboards
Esther Reyes   Cello
Camilo Landau   Percussion,Tres
Jessica Congdon   Vocals
Lauren Elaine Newhart   Cello
Mark Parsons   Guitar,Sitar

Technical Credits

Tad Doyle   Composer
Eric Holland   Composer,Programming,Producer,Engineer
Dale Flattum   Composer
Mike Morasky   Composer
Hanse Warns   Mastering
Not from There   Composer
Caroline Sury   Composer
Eric Schopmeyer   Composer
Kurt Schlegel   Engineer
Chris Forrest   Engineer
Camilo Landau   Composer
Jessica Congdon   Composer

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