Doped Fiber Devices

Doped Fiber Devices

by Michel J. Digonnet, Francois Ouellette

ISBN-10: 0819422290

ISBN-13: 9780819422293

Pub. Date: 11/28/1996

Publisher: SPIE Press

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SPIE Press
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Proceedings of SPIE Series

Table of Contents

Brillouin fiber lasers: dynamics and stability2
Tuning range and efficiency of a Brillouin/erbium fiber laser13
Pulsed erbium-doped fiber source using double-pass amplifier and a pulsed laser diode22
Design of high-power broadband ASE sources for spectrum-sliced WDM systems28
Highly efficient polarized Er-doped superflourescent fiber source35
Up-conversion fiber lasers operating in the visible and ultraviolet42
Add/drop wavelength multiplexer using fiber gratings and side-polished coupler52
Comb filters based on polarization rotation in photosensitive optical fibers61
Inscription kinetics and thermal stability of Bragg gratings written within heated fibers70
Mechanical degradation of optical fibers induced by UV light84
Mechanisms of refractive index change under UV irradiation in some doped SiO[subscript 2] core optical fibers96
Kramers-Kronig analysis of the absorption change in fiber gratings109
Characterization of the light scattered from type IIA phase gratings121
Spectroscopic characteristics and modelling of the Pr[superscript 3+] doped fluoride amplifier134
Optical amplification on the [actual symbol not reproducible] transition in praseodymium-doped fluorozirconate fiber145
Subpicosecond-femtosecond optical soliton transmission characteristics in an ultralong active fiber154
Neodymium-doped fluoride waveguides development using anionic exchange162
Resonantly enhanced nonlinearities in rare-earth-doped fibers and waveguides172
Contribution of UV transitions to the strong third-order nonlinearity of doped fibers183
Large off-resonance nonlinear index changes at 1310 nm and 1545 nm observed in ytterbium-doped fiber189
Temporal response of the second-order nonlinearity in poled bulk-fused silica under field reversal202
DC Kerr measurement in a silica channel waveguide209
Electro-optic effect and second-order optical nonlinearity in poled silica fibers219
Properties of a fluoride fiber laser operating at 3.9 [mu]m230
Up-conversion processes in Yb-sensitized Tm:ZBLAN237
Rare-earth-doped optical fibers for point temperature sensing249
Thermal annealing of UV-induced compaction in germanosilicate preform plates258

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