Doris Troy

Doris Troy

by Doris Troy

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  1. Ain't That Cute  - Doris Troy
  2. Special Care  - Doris Troy
  3. Give Me Back My Dynamite  - Doris Troy
  4. You Tore Me Up Inside  - Doris Troy
  5. Games People Play  - Doris Troy
  6. Gonna Get My Baby Back  - Doris Troy
  7. I've Got To Be Strong  - Doris Troy
  8. Hurry  - Doris Troy
  9. So Far  - Doris Troy
  10. Exactly Like You  - Doris Troy
  11. You Give Me Joy Joy  - Doris Troy
  12. Don't Call Me No More  - Doris Troy
  13. Jacob's Ladder  - Doris Troy
  14. All That I've Got (I'm Gonna Give It To You)  - Doris Troy
  15. Get Back  - Doris Troy
  16. Dearest Darling  - Doris Troy
  17. What You Will Blues  - Doris Troy
  18. Vaya Con Dios  - Doris Troy
  19. All That I've Got (I'm Gonna Give It To You) [Alt  - Doris Troy

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Doris Troy   Primary Artist

Technical Credits

George Harrison   Composer,Producer
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Billy Preston   Composer
Joe South   Composer
Steve Stills   Composer
Jimmy McHugh   Composer
Jackie Lomax   Composer
Doris Troy   Composer,Producer
Mal Evans   Cover Photo
Dorothy Fields   Composer
Klaus Voormann   Composer
Ray Schinnery   Composer
John Kosh   Original Sleeve Design
Guy Massey   Remastering
Traditional   Composer
Buddy Pepper   Composer
Inez James   Composer
Sam O'Kell   Remastering
Darren Evans   Redesign
Larry Russell   Composer
Richard Starkey   Composer
Mike Heatley   Reissue Producer
Gregory Carroll   Composer
Alex Wharton   Remastering
Andy Davis   Liner Notes,Reissue Producer

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