Dos Passos: A Life

Dos Passos: A Life

by Virginia Spencer Carr

ISBN-10: 0810122006

ISBN-13: 9780810122000

Pub. Date: 03/30/2004

Publisher: Northwestern University Press

An intimate biography of a great American writer

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An intimate biography of a great American writer

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Northwestern University Press
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Table of Contents

Foreword to the 2004 Edition
A Note from the Author

Book I. Jack Madison, 1896-1912
1. "Jack may have been illegitimate, but he came from good stock . . ."
2. "Nothing is so beneficial to a man as to be happily married . . ."
3. "When you write me, I drop everything on earth . . ."
4. "My dear, one has to fight for himself . . ."
5. "All seem to take well to my marriage . . ."

Book II. "Dos": John R. Dos Passos, Jr. 1912-47
6. The Harvard Years, 1912-16
7. Summer 1916
8. Winter in Castile, 1916
9. Death of a Father—Alone in New York, Winter and Spring 1917
10. One Man's Initiation, 1917
11. Return to France, 1918-20
12. The New York Literary Scene and Retreat to the Near East, 1920-22
13. "Scuttling About the World . . . Like a Cockroach Running Away from a Light," 1922-26
14. War on the Home Front: The New Playwrights, Sacco and Vanzetti, and The New Masses, 1925-27
15. Visit to Russia, 1928
16. The Demise of a Theatre and a New Life, 1929
17. A Middle-Class Liberal in the Depressed Thirties, 1930-33
18. The French Riviera and Span: A Summer Interlude
19. Life Under the Blue Eagle, 1933-36
20. Disillusionment in Spain, 1937
21. Departure from the Left
22. A Nation at War, 1941-44
23. Globe-Trotting and a Sad Farewell, 1944-47
24. At Loose Ends, 1948-49

Book III. "Mr. Jack": Squire of Spence's Point, 1949-70
25. Home at Last: "Mr. Jack" in Virginia
26. As the World Turns: Speaking His Mind as a Conservative, 1960-69
27. A Final Journey, 1970

Some Words After
Notes and Sources

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