Dosage Calculations: A Ratio-Proportion Approach (Book Only) / Edition 3

Dosage Calculations: A Ratio-Proportion Approach (Book Only) / Edition 3

by Gloria D. Pickar

ISBN-10: 111131960X

ISBN-13: 9781111319601

Pub. Date: 01/01/2010

Publisher: Cengage Learning

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Table of Contents

SECTION 1: PRETEST AND MATHEMATICS REVIEW. 1. Fraction and Decimals. 2. Ratios, Percents, Simple Equations, and Ratio-Proportion. SECTION 2: MEASUREMENT, SYSTEMS, DRUG ORDERS, AND DRUG LABELS. 3. Systems of Measurement. 4. Conversions: Metric and Household systems. 5. Conversions for Other Clinical Applications: Time and Temperature. 6. Equipment Used in Dosage Measurement. 7. Interpreting Drug Orders. 8. Understanding Drug Labels. 9. Preventing Medication Errors. SECTION 3: DRUG DOSAGE CALCULATIONS. 10. Oral Dosage of Drugs. 11. Parenteral Dosage of Drugs. 12. Reconstitution of Solutions. 13. Pediatric and Adult Dosages Based on Body Weight. 14. Alternative Dosage Calculation Methods: Formula and Dimensional Analysis. SECTION 4: ADVANCED CALCULATIONS. 15. Intravenous Solutions, Equipment, and Calculations. 16. Body Surface Area and Advanced Pediatric Calculations. 17. Advanced Adult Intravenous Calculations. Essential Skills Evaluation. Comprehensive Skills Evaluation. Index.

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