Double Crossing

Double Crossing

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by Erika Holzer

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A tightly plotted international intrigue. Russian doctor's desperate bid for freedom—a page-turner and a passionate defense of man's right to be free.

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A tightly plotted international intrigue. Russian doctor's desperate bid for freedom—a page-turner and a passionate defense of man's right to be free.

Editorial Reviews

Boston Herald
This novel has everything going for it: devious plot, vivid and multidimensional characterizations, and judicious selectivity. Double Crossing succeeds both as dandy entertainment for the general reader and as a subtle novel of ideas. The novel's story is one man's lifelong ambition to flee the Soviet system to the West. Its theme is man's profound need for personal liberty. Ms. Holzer beautifully integrates her theme with carefully chosen and impeccably researched details.
—(Robert Bidinotto)
Library Journal
A spectacular twist on the old Iron Curtain escape.
Mystery News
Once in a while a novel of compelling power thrusts its way to the surface. Double Crossing is such a novel. With background and character as rich as the writing of Le Carre, Double Crossing adds plot and pacing that defy the reader to put it down. Holzersubtly dramatizes ideas in a different, near-visceral way.

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Jim Finnegan
Jim Finnegan, Manchester Union Leader
A masterfully written, well-crafted novel, Erika Holzer's Double Crossing is a sensitive, realistic depiction of the human condition in Soviet Russia and East Germany, played against the backdrop of man's endless quest for freedom.
Alexandra York
Alexandra York, Aristos
Double Crossing, a first-rate novel, may be read as a 'page-turner' suspense/escape story, but for lovers of serious art, it will become, as well, the kind of deeply moving experience only serious fiction can offer. That Erika Holzer imaginatively entwines suspense and seriousness is her most stunning achievement.
John Dunlop
John Dunlop, American Spectator
Erika Holzer's Double Crossing is very good - superior by first-novel standards. She has something important to say, and she says it in the mode of the serious thriller. The material is carefully researched, the plotting intricate and taut.
Mary Higgins Clark
High suspense, good writing, believable characters splendid espionage.
Harry Crews
Well-crafted. I congratulate Holzer on finding her true voice the first time out.

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Double Crossing 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
Published in 1983, DOUBLE CROSSING is no more dated than CASABLANCA or ALL QUIET ON THE WESTERN FRONT. On the contrary, set largely in totalitarian East Germany, it dramatizes the prison-like life there and the promise of constitutionally protected freedom on the other side of the Berlin wall better than anything I¿ve read. Not just facts and statistics but longings and wishes and fears take us to this other time and place. I doubt that the author literally visited every locale or saw those real or imagined events ¿ but her outstanding research makes it seem that way. The plot ¿ revolving around brothers in conflict but including their friends, enemies and associates ¿ is loaded with surprises as we try to guess what each character will do in crucial situations, as we gradually learn who they are and what they know about each other. The secrets and lies are never far away, but amazingly, I never found the narrative confusing. I literally got chills when the Russian doctor confronts a shocking revelation -- and the reader realizes that things which couldn¿t get more complicated, just did. The story plays out logically, leading to an appropriately violent conclusion, as each character learns the truth on a need-to-know basis, and the reader along with them. It¿s a fine and informative novel, one that deserves a read or re-read through the filter of present-day realities.