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Double Forte'

Double Forte'

4.6 13
by Aaron Paul Lazar

Double Fort� is a chilling mystery set in the verdant landscape of Upstate New York's Genesee Valley. Packed with memorable characters, hair-raising chase scenes, and touching family moments, it's a solid page-turner. Desolate over his wife's suicide four years earlier, small-town college professor Gus LeGarde faces bewildering emotions when he falls for Camille,


Double Fort� is a chilling mystery set in the verdant landscape of Upstate New York's Genesee Valley. Packed with memorable characters, hair-raising chase scenes, and touching family moments, it's a solid page-turner. Desolate over his wife's suicide four years earlier, small-town college professor Gus LeGarde faces bewildering emotions when he falls for Camille, the vivacious, dark-eyed daughter of his secretary. Yet troubling events in her past cause her to rebuff Gus's affections. Romance glimmers, however, as both become embroiled in an adventure when Gus discovers a mute child shackled to a bedpost in a secluded cabin. The mystery turns deadly when the child's kidnapper escapes on a snowmobile that tumbles into the deep Letchworth Gorge. The villain's fate is questioned when Gus's little grandson disappears and threats arrive against Camille. And where is the business partner of Gus's philandering son-in-law? Does a murderer lurk in the dark, wintry woods?

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Double Forte' 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Professor Gus LeGarde finds himself and his family involved in murder and missing persons after he and his brother-in-law Seigfried rescue a dog from atrap while they are skiing. When Gus goes looking for a telephone, he finds instead a mystery in an isolated cabin that results in danger to himself and his family. Gus isn't one to leave things alone as he goes snooping back to that cabin and nearly gets himself killed. An escaped villain, a kidnapped child and threats follow, introducing chaos into his life. Gus also has to contend with gentle Siegfried being accused of murdering a missing lawyer who is (Harold) Gus' son-in-law business partner. It doesn't help that Harold makes allegations against Siegfried as well. Is this to get even with Gus for his suspicions that Harold is cheating oh his wife? Does the escaped villain have anything to do with the missing partner? Lots of action and suspense in this tale by talented Aaron paul Lazar. A fun read that will keep you turning the pages to see what happens next. Recommended by this satisfied reader as a tale that will satisfy any mystery buff. Enjoy. I sure did.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In the opening monologue of Neil Simon's, 'The Good Doctor,' the lead character turns to the audience and says, 'So I ask myself the question, 'What force is it that compels me to write so incessantly, day after day, page after page, story after story?' And the answer is quite simple. I have no choice. I am a writer.' Of course, not every author has the special talent that's needed to be a writer. Those few who do, write. They hone their skills seeking to hold the readers' interest, regardless of what they pen. And it's that special mark that makes them a writer. Like talented musicians or award winning actors, these wordsmiths fine-tune their dexterity in order to move the reader from one place and time to another. And all the while they enable the reader to enjoy a memorable trip traveling down that highway of reading called adventure. Mark Twain was a writer. So was Ernest Hemingway. In today's world, John Grisham, James Reston, Jr. and Danny Lee Ingram are just a few among others. As a matter of fact, Ingram's book of short stories, called, 'Pennies On The Tracks' is an excellent example of good writing. But not every author is a writer. Fortunately, for readers of good fiction, Aaron Paul Lazar is one, first, and then he's an author. That much is evident. And because Lazar is a writer, first, just like the lead character in the Neil Simon play, he has no choice but to write. His 'Seedlings' columns alone are proof. However, if there is ever any doubt, all one needs to do is pick up a copy of his first book, Double Forte, the opening of his LeGarde mystery series. His numerous tales about retired university music professor, Gus LeGarde, proves the above point. For author Lazar, he hones his writing craft with a love and dedication one only finds with award winning writers. Set in New York State¿s Genesee Valley, LeGarde is the main character who solves one mystery after another in the most of unique ways. With the skillful use of words serving as his paintbrush, author Aaron Paul Lazar creates breathtaking scenery as he guides the reader through the adventure surrounding the Genesee Valley. In telling his story, Lazar allows us to see and hear the wildlife, to smell the flowers, taste and enjoy the home cooking, to soak scene after scene into our indelible memories, to hear the glorious songs of birds and to feel the fiery passion of humanity as we join him in this adventurous journey. It's a skill found mostly with good writers but sadly missing with so many upcoming authors. Lazar is fond of saying, 'Take pleasure in the little things.' And he should be. After all, he practices precisely what he preaches. It shows in his writings, whether they be 'Seedlings' or his series of LeGarde mysteries. And in doing so, he teaches us all how to enjoy that pleasure. Author Aaron Paul Lazar has completed eight LeGarde series mysteries. Besides Double Forte, among others are, Upstaged, Tremolo, Mazurka, Firesong: an unholy grave, Virtuoso, Portamento and Counterpoint. In all eight books have been or are presently in the process of completion. The writing of another book series featuring Sam and Rachel Moore has already commenced. According to the author, there are still more books planned for each series. He hopes 'to deliver a couple a year 'til the day I drop.' If most readers are like me, then we hope so, too. It's difficult for me to go as far as to say that these are classical works of literary art or even masterful stories. To do so would be to admit this man has reached his pinnacle of success, literary perfection. And whenever that happens the risk of no more books being written soon becomes a reality. After all, don't all artists stop when they reach the top? I, for one, do not wish to ever see Aaron Paul Lazar stop writing. And for that selfish reason, while he continuously approaches that summit, I guardedly hold my tongue. Frank Weaver, Jr. - columnist 'Outtakes Around The
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am astounded at the rave reviws I see here. Mr. Lazar's writing is amateurish and stilted. The characters are rendered one-dimensional and, except for the dog, uninteresting. Life is too short to waste on bad writing. I returned this book for a refund less than halfway through.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Double Forté, the first of the Gus LeGarde series of mysteries written by Aaron Paul Lazar, is a chilling thriller. But this book is such a far cry from the cliché thrillers of today that it is almost the start of a new genre. This book is thriller, mystery, romance, and literature all at once. I could be done by saying it is just plain good writing, but that doesn't seem fair for a review. I cannot possibly do it justice, but I will attempt to convey some of the unique majesty of this book. However, I will not be able to mention many specifics of the plot for fear of giving it all away. This book is set neatly in its own world, a beautiful valley in upstate New York. The world is that of Professor LeGarde, a classical musical instructor. Music informs every part of this novel, from his worldview to the other characters, the scenes and escalation of action, right down to the prose itself. This is a very musical piece of literature with a varied tempo depending upon the scene, its intensity, such as its romance or fear. A very lyrical read. But, please do not misunderstand me. This is not a fantasy or whimsical bit of fluff. This is a very serious, very intense novel about real characters. Lazar does a fantastic job getting inside the minds and exploring the emotions that drive all the characters. The world is very solid and presented in such a complete way that you become a part of it. We understand these people and why everything in this book occurs. That is a very nice and rare trick for an author to pull. Double Forté is a refreshing work of handcrafted beauty, even given its nail biting nature. Lazar has crafted an original character in LeGarde, one which I am very glad to learn has an entire series dedicated to him. I strongly recommend this book to all fans of James Patterson, Iris Johanson, and Mary Higgins Clark. You will not be disappointed.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'Double Forte' by Aaron Paul Lazar is a book that I found I was unable to put down. From the opening to the end it held my interest. I often find mystery writers so involved in the murder plot that they tend to write their novel about the crime, while they forget to develop their characters. That is one reason I am not overly fond of mysteries. Mr. Lazar has now made me change my mind for he is the exception and has spent considerable time in developing the characters. This allows the reader to relate to and become involved with the characters more deeply immediately. Mr. Lazar has written a novel that combines literature and mystery which has depth and a quality not usually found in a mystery writer. The novel is well plotted and introduces the characters as well as the suspense and mystery so well that you feel compelled to read the next in this wonderful series. Gus LeGarde is a fascinating man as the main character. Old enough to have a past and to fascinate the reader in wanting to know all about him as well as to anticipate his future. Filled with a family and friends of interesting people you want to remember and hold close, as their stories unfold and they become your friends as well. There is murder, mystery, a love interest and suspense. A most enjoyable read, a novel I highly recommend. Of course I will order his second book and continue with the second mystery in this series. Anne Lebrecht
Guest More than 1 year ago
Double Forté is a symphony for the senses! This clever mystery involves the entire reader, as vibrant descriptions blend with appropriate dialogue and action-filled scenes. Gus LeGarde could be anyone's next-door neighbor, and readers will instantly connect with this character. When he finds out about a child who may have been kidnapped, his grandfatherly concern steps in with a plan of action. Although he was able to rescue the child, the kidnapper escaped, which leaves a cloud of uncertainty over Gus and his own family. Will they become targets for the kidnapper's revenge? This book takes readers from breathless chase scenes to the sighs of quiet romantic moments. First and foremost, Gus is a family man. A widower, he lives with his married daughter and her young son. These pages take an intimate and endearing look into their home, allowing readers to see inside the heart of Gus. He has a deep appreciation and talent for music, which enters into the story and provides a subtle beauty. The author's descriptive details of upstate New York, as well as some special family dinners, will give readers a feast for the mind. This reviewer also appreciated the gentle love and care the animals received. The opening pages involve a touching rescue of a golden retriever, who had been caught in an iron-jawed trap. These first few moments of the story set the mood for the determined helpfulness of the main characters. Double Forté gets a well-deserved 'Bravo!' from this reviewer.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Genre: Fiction/Mystery DOUBLE FORTÉ- A Gus LeGarde Mystery Professor Gus LeGarde is a widower with a profound sense of justice and an insatiable curiosity. He loves music, gardening, cooking and his family. Mourning the loss of his wife, Elsbeth, five years earlier, he fills his days by spending time with brother-in-law Siegfried, daughter Freddie and grandson Johnny. Gus and Sig find a stray dog injured in the woods while skiing and stop at a cabin to call for help. Gus is sure he heard a whimper, but the unfriendly occupant slams the door in his face. Curiosity gets the better of the professor and he returns to find a child shackled to the bed. A chase ensues, with the child and her captive careening over a cliff. The professor manages to rescue the child but the horror has just begun. Baxter, the child's kidnapper and biological father, begins a campaign of terror to reclaim his child. Gus and his family are placed in danger first by Baxter and then by the unknown murderer of Gus' son-in-law's business partner. The killer threatens the professor's new romantic interest, Camille when the police arrive to arrest him. Intrigue and suspense surround the family as page after page; the reader is embroiled in the exciting, mysterious circumstances. Set in wintry upstate New York, the author uses vivid imagery to capture the reader's imagination. Characters are realistic and the interplay between them is well presented. The family relationships are solid. Aaron Lazar has a talent for instilling twists and turns to keep the plot moving and the answers to the reader's questions, just beyond reach. A great book for a quiet afternoon of reading. Double Forté is the first book in the Gus LeGarde series. Watch for more of this intriguing character from author, Aaron Lazar. Reviewer: Shirley Roe, Allbooks Reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Aaron Paul Lazar is a mystery reader who has written a mystery novel titled Double Forte' - For me, being in the hands of a mystery reader and mystery lover telling a mystery is the first star for a five star review. As I started reading Double Forte' A Gus LeGarde Mystery, I reached for my DVR remote to mute a recorded segment of THE LATE SHOW with David Letterman whose big guest for the evening was John Travolta who was there to promote his new movie, 'Be Cool' which was based on an Elmore Leonard novel. Double Forte' begins 'We'd been skiing over the frozen alfalfa field for twenty minutes when I heard the howl¿' Now as I read that first line I was thinking how cool it is to be reading a scene taking place in the winter while John Travolta was selling his new 'Chili Palmer' movie 'Be Cool.' Because of the Elmer Leonard/Travolta/ Double Forte' connection I give this book another star on a five star rating. Mr. Lazar has studied classics and contemporaries like the Hardy Boys, Rex Stout, Agatha Christie and James Patterson to name a few on his way to produce his own version of the magnifying glass for the Mystery universe Gus LeGarde. As another reviewer (Jamie Shoemaker) writes, 'Gus has thus far shown me that cooking a pot of stew, reading a stack of books and watching Bambi with the 'little ones' in our lives certainly seems more important and time best spent than studying P&L statements, pro-formus and packing for the next business trip. I feel as if Gus, through your words, is actually slowing me down a little bit. Wednesday night is my alone night with the girls. Tonight, because of your book, I spent a little extra time with them while tucking them in. Kennedy and I shared an extra bedtime story and Liberty and I rocked in her bedroom for 10 minutes or so¿' A Good believable character adds star number three. As the author says Gus is a 'hopeless romantic' and I feel after one reads Double Forte' you will 'hopelessly' fall in love and care about the characters and the solid story line that carries the book from beginning to middle to end. This book as you would want in any mystery is a page-turner, hence star number four - It will be hard to put down and you will want to reread the book again. And so this reviewer hopes Mr. Lazar is working diligently on the next Gus LeGarde story and will continue the life of this character which I feel will have a solid fan base for years to come. Mr. Lazar has a created a character that many are buzzing 'Hollywood adaptation' which easily and sincerely gives Double Forte' A Gus LeGarde Mystery a final star for a five star review. Keep up the good work Aaron and most of all keep writing. Reviewer John Weaver
Guest More than 1 year ago
Double Forte' by Aaron Paul Lazar is a beautifully crafted novel vaguely reminiscent of the style of Rex Stout, yet refreshingly original. I found this book appealing on several levels; the characters are well developed and diverse, representative of people we know in real life. From the pristine innocence of young Johnny and Sadie to the unprincipled son-in-law, Harold, and the corrupt and venomous Ed Baxter, we see those uniquely human traits that make life immensely pleasurable and, at times, horrific. Contrasting personalities and events create the conflict that is so important to all good works of fiction, and Mr. Lazar's novel illustrates this point very effectively indeed. As a protagonist, Professor Gus LeGarde, in many ways, show great courage and emotional strength, but he also displays a certain vulnerability that renders him totally believable. He is a real man, but not a superman; his great passions and haunting past are cleverly revealed to the reader without hindering the pace of the novel. Also, the vivid description of New York's Genesee Valley is so engaging that the reader will feel as though he is actually there. I have absolutely no reservations in giving Double Forte' five stars, and look forward to the next installment in the series. I would strongly recommend this book to all lovers of great mysteries.
Guest More than 1 year ago
'I was a prisoner of Double Forte'! The enthralling list of characters, the vivid and picturesque setting of Upstate New York, and the electrifying storyline kept me spell-bound until I finished this book. I literally could not put it down. There were moments when I couldn't physically read fast enough to find out what was going to happen next. After I turned the last page, I was energized with excitement and satisfaction. I am anxiously awaiting the next novel in the Gus LaGarde series. Everyone needs to read this book!'
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the first book I have read by Aaron Paul Lazar and let me tell you it will not be the last. Set in snow covered hills of Upstate New York, Aaron pulls the reader into the story, from the first page of the book to the last page. You suddenly find yourself in the book with Gus Legarde. Aaron is very generous with detail. He pulls no stops with his vivid images from the rolling hills of Genesee Valley, to his descriptive detail of each character in the book. I was so hooked on this book from the first page, I just kept reading. The book has a perfect balance of emotions, humour , passion and fright. This is a wonderful book for the mystery reader. With this must read book, Aaron is going to have pretty big shoes to fill with his next novel and according to Aaron there are more novels in this series I can¿t wait I¿m hooked. You don¿t want to miss this talented new writer. A beautiful blend of suspense and mystery unlike any thing you've read. You¿re missing out if you don¿t purchase your copy today.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In the Gus LeGarde Mystery, Double Forté, writer Aaron Paul Lazar weaves an absorbing tale of love, intrigue, and murder. Set in the snow-covered hills of Upstate New York, the story moves rapidly right from page one to the final word on the final page. Its multilayered plot pulls the reader along without unnecessary complications. As Double Forté unfolds, we experience a range of powerful emotions¿humor, passion, hatred, and fear. Lazar¿s erudite grasp of human nature shines through the rolling dialog and interplay of the characters. The credible personalities develop quickly and each is essential to the imaginative depth of the story. Lazar is a master at capturing detail. Whatever the scene, from the chit chat while washing dishes at a church social, to sinking toward certain death at the bottom of an icy lake in Maine, Lazar artfully crafts imagery that vividly grows in the reader¿s imagination. And Lazar¿s use of dreams to segue is a novel and welcomed device that provides further insight into the psyche of the hero, Gus LeGarde. Double Forté is a compelling thriller and a splendid addition to the mystery genre. We eagerly look forward to the next installment in Aaron Paul Lazar¿s ¿Gus LeGarde Mysteries.¿
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a book you won't be able to put down! The characters are so real, the descriptions so vivid, it made me want more!! Luckily, according to the author's website http://www.legardemysteries.com/, there are more in the series!!! A must read!