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Double Heart Diner

Double Heart Diner

4.2 4
by Annie Jones

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The newest series to join the humor-filled Time for Laughter romance line, the ongoing tale of the Double Heart Diner begins with the story of a very different man and a woman who set out on their own personal quests, only to find that the treasure God plans for them is worth far more than they ever dreamed.

All Jett Murphy wanted to do was purchase a piece of land


The newest series to join the humor-filled Time for Laughter romance line, the ongoing tale of the Double Heart Diner begins with the story of a very different man and a woman who set out on their own personal quests, only to find that the treasure God plans for them is worth far more than they ever dreamed.

All Jett Murphy wanted to do was purchase a piece of land on the Texas panhandle, clear it of the crummy diner in the middle of it, and make a bundle by selling the property to a land developer. Instead he’s captured–in more ways than one–by a redheaded whirlwind who’s determined to make him see the error of his ways, even if she has to drive him clear from Chicago to Texas to do it!

Georgia Darling’s mission seemed simple: Save the Double Heart Diner. But things have gotten more complicated since sophisticated Jett entered the picture. She likes him, maybe too much, but it’s clear she can’t trust him. Can she save the diner–and her own heart–before it’s too late?

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The first in a series of romances celebrating Route 66, this heartwarming tale features the unlikely match of entrepreneur Jett Murphy and former waitress Georgia Darling. Jett wants to buy some land on the Texas panhandle, tear down the old Double Heart Diner located there, and resell the land at a profit. Standing in his way is Georgia, who doesn't want to see the diner disappear. To the surprise of devoutly Christian Georgia, Jett is also a believer, and the two begin to fall in love. Although light and fluffy, this cheerfully told romantic tale trades on the nostalgic lure of Route 66 to good effect. Readers who remember the old highway, or those who like a determined heroine in their stories, should find Jones's (Saving Grace, Multnomah, 1998) latest an especially enjoyable read. Copyright 1999 Cahners Business Information.

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The Doubleday Religious Publishing Group
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Route 66 Romantic Comedy Series
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0.58(w) x 8.00(h) x 5.00(d)

Meet the Author

Annie Jones is a best-selling author of traditional romance, wife, and mother (not necessarily in that order). She and her family live in Versailles, Kentucky, where Annie writes full time when she isn’t running the family taxi service, Mom’s emergency outpatient surgery clinic, and her very own all night café.

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Double Heart Diner 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
bucmjt More than 1 year ago
The Double Heart Diner by Annie Jones is one of the best Route 66 love stories that I have ever read.  The adventure begins in Chicago and whirl winds through to Texas.  The characters are sweet and quirky and funny.  The story line is unique and fast paced, with just enough angst to keep the pages turning.  But mostly, these characters find humor and happiness in all situations.  A Christian romance done right, Route 66 style.
Kayla_Tocco More than 1 year ago
The Blurb: It was a little piece of heaven on Route 66. True, the famed Double Heart Diner had seen better days. But it was still such a special place for so many people. And Georgia Darling wasn’t going to let some city-slicker shut it down, no matter how handsome and sweet-talking the stranger might be. It was a precious piece of land on the Texas panhandle, and it belonged to him. So why was businessman Jett Murphy letting some cute, fiery redhead try to talk him out of bulldozing the entire building? If Miss Darling thought she could beat him when it came to being headstrong...well, maybe he had met his match. Route 66 Romance: Come along for the fun on the rocky road to love. My Take: First, I must say that this was a very cute read that had me smiling the entire time. Our heroine, Georgia Darling, is as zany as can be and channels I Love Lucy in the best of times. She has one thing that she cares about more than anything, saving her "home" the Double Heart Diner. Set in the midst of Old Route 66, the Double Heart Diner is scheduled to be bought out and sold to land developers, but Georgia won't have any of it so she decides to go to the press regarding her ex-employers plans to destroy the diner. Enter Jett Murphey. Our hero, a recluse who loves staying out of the spotlight during both business and personal dealing, is about to have a handful of problems when an ex employee threatens to go to the media with his intentions to buy and sell the Double Heart Diner. He has to figure out a way to stop her from doing so, but finds himself on a wacky adventure to save the Diner while traveling down the heart of America on Old Route 66 with none other than Ms. Georgia Darling herself. Our hero and heroine are complete opposites, and as such are perfect together. Creating a yin and yang type relationship that balances each other. Georgia has an extremely playful attitude, that for the most part is cute and funny, but at some points (such as when Jett was on an important phone call) I found her to be a little immature. After all, even in stories, there is a time and a place for playfulness/humor. Regardless, it was fun uncovering everything the two of them had up their sleeves as they tried to outrace the media to save the Double Heart and in the process find themselves and love. As the Double Heart Diner saying goes: "If you've lost your love or lost your way, you'll find them at the Double Heart Diner." The only main issue I had really, (and I'm not sure if it's because of the type of e-reader I was using) was some formatting constraints. There were scene breaks that didn't actually have the break so it would take me a second to realize we weren't on the same scene anymore. Other than that and the brief comment of how at certain time the humorous, fun and quirky attitude of Georgia came across as immature, I have no complaints and very much enjoyed it. These two characters brought out each others best qualities and as such created memorable characters that I look forward to visiting again. It's a sweet romance, only a few non-explicit kisses, and we all know how I tend to like my romances nice and steamy, however the sweetness of this fit the tone of the book well and it was such a quick read at just around 180 pages, that I do believe I may find myself reading it again at some point. Great job on a great story, Ms. Jones. My Rating: 4/5 Lattes All My Best, Kayla
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
Double Heart Diner by Annie Jones Route 66 Trilogy Book 1 When recluse CEO Padgett “Jett” Murphy meets Georgia Darling it is like watching Lucy Ricardo in action. Jett had run his business from his ivory tower without ever really being involved. Now some nameless/faceless employee has resigned and threatened to go to the press if he would not change his mind about knocking down so old greasy spoon he planned on buying to resell for a profit, it's what he does. Suddenly she's not nameless or faceless but she is a redheaded loaded cannon. From the moment he tries to intercept her at the restaurant she's meeting a reporter his life is no longer the quiet unattached place it has been. Georgia always asked herself two questions when facing a dilemma. What would God want me to do? And if no clear answer came she would wonder what Lucy Ricardo would do. And just like Lucy it seemed she would end up in a mess. That's how Mr. Murphy finds her while she is trying to escape the restaurant. Dressed as a bus boy and heading towards the front door until calamity strikes. Georgia and Jett end up heading to the Double Heart down Route 66 with her trying to convince him to save the diner. They have to outrun the reporter, Rod Campbell, who wants any dirt on the Jett who has a way of staying out of the public eye. They are in her old truck that she has named Truvie. Truvie is not in very good shape, uncomfortable to ride in and needs much coaxing to keep going. Join Jett and Georgia on their adventure from Chicago to the Double Heart Diner in Texas. The first book in what looks to be a fun series. **Received book from NetGalley for review.
rhonda1111RL More than 1 year ago
DOUBLE HEART DINER (Route 66 Trilogy) Annie Jones 4 STARS A romantic comedy car trip along Route 66 makes me want to travel too. I laughed with them and at them and throughly enjoyed the book. Jett Murphy is head of his company. Jett plans to buy an old diner to tear down and sell to a developer who wants to build on it. Jett does business but keeps himself a part and out of limelight. Georgia Darling worked for jet but when she found out their company planned to buy the dinner she quit and told in a note if they would not stop she would go to the press to stop them. Her note sounded like blackmail to Jett and his uncle. Thier is a reporter who has been trying to find dirt for a story on Jett. He found out another reporter was meeting Georgia and he went instead. Jett showed to meet with Georgia instead of sending someone esle. Georgia decided to not to talk to reporter and was trying to get out of restraunt without being seen. she puts a plastic bag over her hair and grabs a busboy bin. and a comedy of pitfalls with broken dishes food flying as Jett trys to rescue Georgia and reporter taking pictures trying to chase them. It got on tv too. Jett was supposed to stay at his family cabin and out of site for a week for the deals to have time to pull together. Georgia talks him into coming with her along the route 66 down to the cafe and giving her a chance to save it. They where disguises and get into a lot of trouble along the way. I will try and read the other books as they come out its a Trilogy. I was given this ebook to read in exchange of honest review from Netgalley. 12/11/2012 PUB TKA Distribution