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Double Take: The Art of the Celebrity Makeover

Double Take: The Art of the Celebrity Makeover

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by Devon Cass, John Filimon (With)
Transform yourself into your favorite celebrity!

How would you like to look like Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Oprah Winfrey or Howard Stern?

Well, maybe not Howard Stern....but if you long to have the grace and style of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the breathy sexiness of Marilyn Monroe, the spunkiness of Whoopi Goldberg or the bad-boy charisma of Rod Stewart, let


Transform yourself into your favorite celebrity!

How would you like to look like Madonna, Barbra Streisand, Oprah Winfrey or Howard Stern?

Well, maybe not Howard Stern....but if you long to have the grace and style of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, the breathy sexiness of Marilyn Monroe, the spunkiness of Whoopi Goldberg or the bad-boy charisma of Rod Stewart, let Devon Cass help you in his new book, Double Take, which shows you how to use makeup, wigs and fabulous accessories to transform yourself into a celebrity.

Photographer and noted Cher impersonator Devon Cass teams up with CNN's Style with Elsa Klensch writer John Filimon to create a stunning book that not only celebrates the drama, spirit and artistry of celebrity impersonations but shows you exactly how you can turn yourself into your favorite star. With striking photos and step-by-step instructions, Double Take demonstrates how a little lip-liner here, a plucked eyebrow there, the right wig, to-die-for clothes and accessories, judicious padding and, most important, a killer attitude, can make anyone's dreams of stardom come true. You can also use these basic tips in your everyday regimen to have Cher's eyes, Diana Ross' luscious lips or Marlene Dietrich's distinctive cheekbones.

Devon Cass works his magic on a wide variety of ordinary people, transforming them into dead ringers for such celebrities as Eddie Murphy, Mariah Carey, Grace Jones, Robert De Niro, Judy Garland, Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli and, yes, even Howard Stern. Gorgeously illustrated and engagingly written, Double-Take is a dazzling tribute to the world of fantasy and make-believe.

Author Biography: Devon Cass is an up-and-coming fashion artist and photographer who lives in New York City, where he has made numerous appearances as Cher. He appeared in the film To Wong Foo,Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar.

Editorial Reviews

Terrence Heath
Double Take is an entertaining manual on accessing one's "inner celebrity," which belongs on the book shelf of every drag queen in America, and is a helpful guide for anyone who wishes to step into the shoes (or pumps) of their favorite celebrity, or anyone who wants to enhance their own "star quality." -- Lambda Book Report

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Chapter One

Image! It's a powerful concept, and every celebrity has one Some change their image many times over, while others like to live with the same one. Regardless, it's image that helps unknowns get known and keeps established stars at the top.

This book is about image. It's about how to have fun making yourself over into the image of someone else. Once accomplished, it's my hope that you'll come to know, in some small way, the wonderful feeling of celebrity, if only for a short time.

I began taking photos when I was thirteen years old. A few years later, I became fascinated with the idea of celebrity impersonation. It's illusion, a magic trick that involves several art forms, including hairstyling, perfecting makeup, creating just the right lighting, and then capturing that fabulous image on camera. Once you take the impersonation out of the photography studio, it's all that and more. It's walking, talking, gesturing, singing, or lip-synching.

After years of perfecting each and every craft I just mentioned, I felt uniquely qualified to put together this book. As an art form, celebrity impersonation is finally coming into its own. In fact, it's perpetuating new industries. TV talk shows provethat people love to watch look-alikes and female impersonators. Just look at RuPaul, who has a successful singing career and her own television show.

This book is about two things: the fun of making yourself over into another person and how you can utilize the techniques here when applying your everyday makeup. It just has to be softer and prettier.

I was inspired to do the book because I saw many celebrity impersonatorswho were overdone, even harsh, and I knew they could be better. Technical, theatrical makeup works for the stage, but not close-up, and especially not on television, where the camera "never blinks" but sees every flaw. When I first started doing celebrity transformations, there were plenty of things to overcome. It felt like I was performing surgery when painting one person's face on someone else. I had to be precise. Any woman who's ever tried to put on liquid eyeliner knows what I'm talking about. Once I got it right, it was easy to repeat time and again. I got it right mostly by doing it on myself, perfecting my own impersonation of Cher.

I was meant to do this book. Even before my fascination with illusion began, I remember drawing those beautiful faces that graced the covers and inside pages of fashion magazines. I'd work to get the mouth, the eyes, and even the eyeballs just right, and now I find it ironic that I take an image of a celebrity from a magazine or a CD cover and draw it on a living canvas. It's a constant challenge. It's also fascinating and fun. In some ways I think my work here is even more rewarding than if I'd been photographing the actual celebrity.

This book will take you on a journey to the land of illusion, making it easy to transform yourself into one of your favorite celebrities. These photographs are your road map. The step-by-step makeup instructions are easy to follow. Look into the mirror, and also deep inside yourself, to find the celebrity that fits you best. We all

have this star quality inside us. Sometimes it's the shape of the nose, the laugh, a flirtatious smile, or luminous eyes, or the sassy sense of humor that will make the celebrity within apparent. Every section in this book starts with a few words from me about what I saw when I looked at the people who became my photographic

subjects. Sometimes the likeness was easy to see, other times it came out only with makeup and "attitude lessons" Either way, everyone was thrilled with the results, and eager to share their thoughts and feelings about their transformations with me and John Filimon, who interviewed them after the experience. These talented, unique individuals understand the fun, excitement, and creativity that go into celebrity impersonations.

It's my hope that you, too, will understand everything that goes into the process. Have fun playing with the half-face pictures throughout, covering one side then the other, realizing that even if the impersonator captures the celebrity's soul, without the makeup and hair the illusion is broken. Look closely at the living mannequins, the poses they strike and their facial structure. You'll see that even if you don't have that structure, a wig and the right makeup can be enough to transform you. The suggested songs, expressions, and quotes are here to help you do a better impersonation of the celebrity you choose. These are the most identifiable elements to help you produce the closest impression possible. You may like another song or saying, but if people don't recognize it, it won't work.

This book has been a learning experience for me as well. I've grown in many ways and learned new tricks about makeup, hair, costuming, and photography that help me in my everyday work. I also learned patience, even when I was so tired I wanted to cry. But it all came together and I'm proud of the work here.

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Double Take 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Devon has proven to be the number one craftsman at making ordinary people into renown superstars. I LOVE this book and have purchased several copies for friends and colleagues. I can't wait to see his second edition. The steps he shows to help you create an image are undeniably the best. As a professional Look-Alike, I have used his techniques to create all kinds of transformations and illusions - both on myself and others! This book is an INVESTMENT and the best money you will ever spend on learning to make yourself up like a star.