Double Talkin' Jive: A Hard Rock Tribute

Double Talkin' Jive: A Hard Rock Tribute


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Disc 1

  1. Welcome to the Jungle
  2. I Used to Love Her
  3. 14 Years  - Artie Dillon
  4. Urban Preacher  -  Locomotive
  5. November Rain
  6. Outta Get Me  -  Teenage Rampage
  7. Dust N' Bones
  8. Don't Cry
  9. My Michelle  -  False Flag
  10. Move to the City
  11. Your Crazy
  12. Double Talkin' Jive  - Lee Thompson
  13. 101 on the 101
  14. Energy  -  Urban Snake
  15. Jerk You off My Mind  -  Josephus and the Georgetown Massacre
  16. The World Loves a Tragedy  -  Mongrel
  17. Fly  - Michael Turner
  18. To Her Damn Tombstone  -  Bloody Turncoats
  19. Blow Me Away
  20. Messiah Complex  -  Icon
  21. Clear Day in July  - Rob Owen
  22. Mud on My Jeans
  23. Child of the Moon
  24. Luck
  25. Taking Too Long  -  Tall Hush
  26. Simon Says  -  Crow's Court
  27. Waiting
  28. Bad Mamma  -  Masterknob
  29. Under Toe

Disc 2

  1. Hangin' 10 Wave  - Bub Zulu
  2. Turning Point
  3. Never Enough  -  Tension Head
  4. Roofies
  5. Kicking Myself  -  Suicide Circus
  6. Don't Box Me In  - Nyki Lindsay King
  7. Chasing Ghosts  -  Disasteroid
  8. Co-Dependant  -  Stark NYC
  9. Edge of My Demise
  10. Summer Waves
  11. Gypsy Curse
  12. Centerpiece  - Lee Thompson
  13. Situation Plus  -  Slick Bishop
  14. Lost in My Thoughts  -  Blind Shades
  15. Sorry  - Nyki Lindsay King
  16. Infatuation  -  Loaded Dice
  17. Taking Over  -  Breed Apart
  18. Tomorrow Starts Where Sorrow Ends  -  Note To Amy
  19. One of My Bad Days  -  Exit State
  20. Yesterday's Happy
  21. Morning Aftermath  -  Ready the Destroyer
  22. Learn to Swim  -  Slick Bishop
  23. Ancient Cities  -  Dush
  24. Recipe for a Hate Crime  -  Anyodyne
  25. Kill the Clown
  26. Broken  -  Deprived
  27. California Falling in the Sea  -  Dingos
  28. Faulty Logic  -  Voytek Duv
  29. [Untitled]

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Blues Saraceno   Guitar
Randy Cantor   Piano
Ron Keel   Vocals,Background Vocals
Jason McMaster   Vocals,Background Vocals
Daniel Flores   Drums
Bill Melanson   Drums
Jason Andrews   Drums
Peter Svensson   Drums
Richard Kendrick   Bass,Guitar,Percussion,Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
Keith Lambert   Bass,Guitar
Chris Catena   Vocals
Rose Reiter   Vocals,Background Vocals
Marko Pukkila   Bass
Michael Gapys   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Chris Heaven   Vocals
Dave Barker   Drums
Jason Pike   Bass
Lucas Santana   Rhythm Guitar,Keyboards
Tracy G & The Edge of Time   Guitar
A.J. Caruso   Bass,Drums
Aaron Morse   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Rob Owen   Vocals

Technical Credits

Guns N' Roses   Composer
Izzy Stradlin   Composer
Felix Hanemann   Producer,Engineer
Axl Rose   Composer
Jared Tuten   Engineer
Joe Viers   Producer
Kenny Lewis   Engineer
Jake Brown   Producer,Engineer,Executive Producer
Harry Slash   Producer,Engineer
Del James   Composer
Richard Kendrick   Producer,Engineer,Digital Editing,MIDI Programming
Jesse Poe   Producer,Engineer
Joe Capps   Engineer
Rose Reiter   Producer
Stephen L. Joseph   Engineer
Nick Landis   Mastering
Dan Tobiason   Engineer
Will Gunnell   Producer,Engineer,Mastering
Aaron Morse   Composer
Rob Owen   Producer,Contributor
Nick Kay   Engineer
Artie Dillon   Engineer
Urban Preacher   Engineer

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