Doubleborn (Dragonborn Series #3)
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Doubleborn (Dragonborn Series #3)

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by Toby Forward

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The latest chapter in Toby Forward's acclaimed Dragonborn series pairs lyrical prose with the appeal of How to Train Your Dragon.


The latest chapter in Toby Forward's acclaimed Dragonborn series pairs lyrical prose with the appeal of How to Train Your Dragon.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Toni Jourdan
Tamrin is Vengeabil’s “sort of” apprentice wizard. She lives at the Canterstock College, the only college for wizards; but she’s been kicked out of the organized classes,and now sits in the cellar still learning from Vengeabil’s many stories. Tamrin is almost thirteen years old and a twin, but since they just barely met a year ago, he’s gone away without knowing that she’s his twin, but feeling the strange bond between them. Smedge, a fellow student has wrongly accused Tamrin of bullying and she is to be kicked out of Canterstock entirely this time and sent away with her guardian, a tailor named Shoddle, whom she’s never met. She runs away meets up with Winny, a metalworker and her father, Smith. In a switch to Sam’s story, Tamrin’s twin, is connected to Starback, the dragon, meets up with Winny on the road heading home to save her father from the evil kravvins who are chanting, “Kill. Fire. Kill. Fire,” as they approach the home. Dragons, kravvins, roffles (named Solder and Megatorine), wizards like Flaxfield who’s dead and gone are all parts of other books of the “Dragonborn” series, but none completely explained for the reader of this story. Many confusing switches between the twins’ points of view and important characters not fully developed make this a difficult selection for a reader jumping into the middle of the series. Readers should begin with Firstborn to fully absorb the humor/danger juxtaposition. Reviewer: Toni Jourdan; Ages 10 to 14.
Kirkus Reviews
Mirrors and magic collide in this third volume of a lyrical fantasy quartet.Canterstock College isn't much of a wizarding school anymore, but Tamrin is still furious when she is unjustly expelled; resentful and determined, she follows the only clue to her past. Meanwhile, the wizard apprentice Sam feels compelled to seek out the young girl he barely knows. They accumulate an odd assortment of allies on their separate journeys to a horrific confrontation with the twisted wizard Ash, now on the verge of escape. The only barrier to Ash's scheme to warp magic itself into her own monstrous reflection is the strange bond Tam and Sam share….Despite the heightened external stakes, the gruesome encounters with Ash and her loathsome minions, the real impetus behind the story is each character's need to answer the leitmotif inquiry: "What am I?" Rich, sensuous prose, dense with potent metaphors and allusions, channels a narrative that loops around itself, requiring many passages to be read more than once to get their full impact; indeed, the final battle is described so elliptically as to be almost opaque (and unfortunately anticlimactic). Some characters and plot points are left dangling, leaving readers to wait for the final volume for definitive resolution.Nevertheless, with its gorgeous language and thoughtful themes, this is a book to be savored rather than devoured. (Fantasy. 10-16)
From the Publisher

“[T]his well-paced novel intertwines the stories of two apprentice wizards. . . . the story will engage readers with its rich cast of secondary characters, exciting action scenes, and two sympathetic young protagonists. Fans will enjoy this compelling continuation of the Dragonborn series.” —Booklist

“Humble, earthy . . . and thought provoking--making this excellent middle-grade fantasy a rich mix of character, seriousness, comic foibles, and loving exactitude.” —The Horn Book Magazine on FIREBORN

“Distinguished by its vivid cast of characters and multilayered relationships. . . . The fine writing and compelling plot are sure to enthrall readers of high fantasy.” —School Library Journal on FIREBORN

“Lyrical prose of lapidary precision and restraint etches a character-driven narrative of intimate enchantments. . . . Terrifying, moving, inspiring and enthralling.” —Kirkus Reviews on FIREBORN

“This beautifully written fantasy . . . masterfully balances humor with deadly serious content in a manner reminiscent of Lloyd Alexander at his best . . . This lovely tale, first in a series, should strongly appeal to fantasy aficionados.” —Publishers Weekly on DRAGONBORN

“Accessible, full-of-surprises fantasy. . . . Forward's fantasy has glimmers of Tolkien, Alexander, [and] Rowling.” —Horn Book Magazine on DRAGONBORN

“Forward can tell a story . . . the next three volumes hold great promise for fans of adventure, fantasy, and dragons.” —Booklist, on DRAGONBORN

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Bloomsbury USA
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Dragonborn Series , #3
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5.50(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.40(d)
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10 - 14 Years

Meet the Author

Toby Forward is the author of the acclaimed Dragonborn series, which begins with the Carnegie-nominated Dragonborn, and continues in Fireborn, a Kirkus Best Book of 2013, and Doubleborn. He also wrote the picture book The Wolf's Story, the middle-grade novel Traveling Backward, and several other books for children in his native England. Visit Toby online at

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Doubleborn 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Name: Ren-Ohmar. Race: Argonian. Age: 32. Siding: Imperials. Fighting style: Melee, Ranged. Weapon(s): Steel greatsword, Anicent Nord bow. Looks: Golden eyes, black scales with golden stripes on the top of his head and some golden highlights here and there on his body, two horns on the back sides of his head and other lizard-like features of the Argonians. Armor: Steel plated armor, steel boots, steel gauntlets. Other: Dragonborn. Imperial commander.///////////////Name: Reesha Dovah-Sil (Dragon-Slayer. Dovah-Sil translated.). Race: Argonian. Age: 23. Siding: Imperials. Fighting style: Ranged. Weapons: Fire and frost magic. Looks: Orange eyes, red scales with a bit of black mixed in, two horns on the back sides of jer head, other lizard-like features of the Argonians. Armor: Same as Ren. Other: Ren's sister. Imperial commander.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really think this book was good, but it didn't have the same appeal to me like the other books. I say this because when Tamrin tells Vengibil about being a twin and feeling the other get hurt, all I could think was, that's not true. I'm a twin myself and we've tried stuff like that and it usually does' t work. Other than that it's a great and easy read. I wouldn't recommend his to anyone who gets grossed out and scared easily.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Just cirious
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Age: 17/ height: 5'6"/ race: khajiit/ clothes: a green tunic and white tights with brown boots and a green peasent's cap./ appearance: silver fur with sea blue eyes: weapons: a sword and shield, a bow and a magic rod./ fighting style: all around/ anything else, ask.