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Down and Dirty: 69 Super Sexy Short-Shorts

Down and Dirty: 69 Super Sexy Short-Shorts

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by Alison Tyler, Cheyenne Blue

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Who's Got Short-Shorts? Alison Tyler has short-shorts! That is, she's collected 45 super-sexy short-short stories that will leave readers breathless. These tantalizing tales are the most seductive snippets and erotic anecdotes around. On a mission to provide something scintillating for every erotic desire, Ms. Tyler has included stories about sexy spankings, bondage,


Who's Got Short-Shorts? Alison Tyler has short-shorts! That is, she's collected 45 super-sexy short-short stories that will leave readers breathless. These tantalizing tales are the most seductive snippets and erotic anecdotes around. On a mission to provide something scintillating for every erotic desire, Ms. Tyler has included stories about sexy spankings, bondage, menages, fetishes, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and much much more. Down and Dirty, showcases salacious sex writers including Thomas S. Roche, M. Christian, Sage Vivant, N. T. Morley, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Jamie Joy Gatto, and many more. Perfect for beach reading, during a coffee break, or any time you've got a minute!

Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher
"Thoroughly eclectic and all-inclusive, there’s a short story here for most every turn-on, from innocents corrupted to BDSM fantasies, encounters with strangers and long-time attractions finally fulfilled. Fifty Shades of Grey, eat your heart out… one story from Down and Dirty delivers more passion and inspiration than fifty pages of Christian Grey could ever hope to."
—City Book Review

"The stories grab your attention within the first few lines and draw you right in. They may be short, but there’s nothing lacking in the passion, intensity and erotic sex."
Kink Etc.

"The 'Queen of the Quickie' returns with fresh flash fiction that will make you beg for more."
Cara Sutra

"69 stories that cut to the quick."

"Down and Dirty is perfect for the quickie-enthusiast on the go. Throw it into a tote bag with a thermos of coffee, a mini vibe, and a day planner with several empty slots waiting to be filled with your own exciting rendezvous. This collection is truly for those of us who live fast-paced lives and demand the same from our porno."

"For readers who want to get straight to the point, or who only have a few minutes to indulge themselves, here are 69 short stories covering an array of saucy activities."
Erotic Trade Only

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The Party
By Alison Tyler

Carrie put her hand on my arm as she made her way though the party. That light touch, almost a tickle, made me turn and watch her move through the crowd. And in that second, I wanted more.

Yes, we’d met several times in the past. We’d been at the same cook-outs, the same outdoor concerts, the same beach parties, each of us knowing different friends within the core group. But now, I wanted to lean more about her, and it was all because of that single whisper-soft touch. Trying not to look like a stalker, I followed her through the room. She sensed my presence, and my interest, immediately, looking over her shoulder at me. Winking and then nodding with her sweetly sharp chin upward.

I raised my eyebrows at her. What exactly did ‘up’ mean?
She parted her lips, and saw the glint metal of the piercing on her tongue. “Follow me,” she mouthed silently. As it was what I was already doing, I simply continued, my eyes on her lithe body as I walked behind her up the stairs at the back of the house. Up to a series of empty bedrooms. We chose the first, undressing as soon as she shut and locked the door behind us, falling into the bed in our haste. Then we were on each other. Hands exploring. Tongues testing.

I’d like to say that we spent hours on the foreplay, but we didn’t. We got down to serious business right away. After all, neither one of us knew when we’d be interrupted. Still, I took my time, teasing her, pleasing her, memorizing the curves and valleys of her body.

Carrie twisted her fingers through my long dark hair, stroking it, and she sighed and whispered nonsense words that sounded like music. My new lover liked what I was doing. I could tell. Encouraged, I pressed my lips against a pussy that I had a musky scent of real life to it. Not the antiseptic flavor of an overly douched cunt. Not the floral nonsense you read about in the romance novels. Nobody smells like lavender. Nobody tastes like rose petals. People have real smells and flavors and that’s what makes them sexy.

This lovely vixen had a scent that was tinted with the smell of body lotion, but tasted of honest warm skin beneath it. Her wetness lingered on my lips and on my tongue. I lapped at her, thrust my tongue deep inside her, felt the inner ridges of her body. But before I could get her off, she pushed me back on the bed and swiveled over me, positioning herself with her mouth over her lips. Again, I opened my mouth to taste her, but this time, as soon as my tongue connected with her skin, I felt her tongue probing me down below, echoing my actions.

The silver metal ball in the center of her tongue tapped against my clit. This sensation sent a surge of pleasure through me. Concentric circles started in my pussy and radiated out to the tips of my fingers and toes, like ripples in a lake moving outward toward shore. It was delicious, how she used the metal ball to start me up, following the flat of her tongue like a tool to tickle my nether lips, to probe between them. I didn’t stop making spirals with my tongue, but I began to buck against my lover’s mouth as she worked me.

Carrie knew what she was doing. She made the same circles with her tongue that I make with my fingers whenever I climax solo. Even better than what she was doing with her tongue was her steady monologue. While she worked me, she continued to murmur those nonsense words, saying, “my sweet girl,” and “that’s right, pretty thing,” and “come on, baby.”

Her voice sent vibrations swelling throughout my whole body, echoing and re-echoing. This was intense, hearing her voice as I felt it, and soon, I was coming, my inner muscles rapidly contracting, pulling in hard and fast. Knowingly, she slid two fingers up inside my cunt and let me squeeze and release them while I climaxed. I tightened on her fingers, spasms building and receding while my breathing caught in my chest, until I was leaning up in the bed, pulling her body harder against mine. She came a moment later, as if spurred on by my pleasure, and I felt the tremors silently wash through her until once again she was still.

I thought we’d take a break then. Roll languidly in the rumpled sheets. Trace our fingers over each other’s bodies. Relax and remember how to breathe once again. She had other plans.

In the hazy darkness, she rolled me over, and then I felt her hands parting my rear cheeks, her lips meeting my peach-like split. Kissing me there. Licking me. I closed my eyes tight at the decadent sensation as she spread my heart shaped cheeks even wider apart, stretching me open. Air touched the wet places she’d kissed, and I shivered. Each move she made back there sent new waves of pleasure through my pussy. And then I felt that metal ball come into play as her tongue thrust into my asshole.

The silvery ball stroked me inside as her tongue went in deep. I moaned out loud, couldn’t help it, and brought one hand down beneath my body, stroking my clit as she continued to tongue-fuck my ass. Nothing had ever felt that extreme. My pussy pulsed and twitched, my heart raced, and soon, too soon, I was coming again. Shaking the bed. My lover held onto my waist with her hands, keeping my steady as she licked my hole through the orgasm.

Extending it. Stretching it. Taking me to places I hadn’t known existed outside of fantasies, and making them real.

Meet the Author

Alison Tyler is the author of more than 20 erotic novels, including Strictly Confidential and Sweet Thing, and she is the editor of Three-Way, Heat Wave, Best Bondage Erotica, and The Merry XXXmas Book of Erotica. She lives in San Francisco. Best Bondage Erotica "The only thing better than curling up with an Alison Tyler work of erotica might be curling up with Alison Tyler herself." Playboy Magazine "Alison Tyler's words evoke a world of heady sensuality where fantasies are fearlessly explored and dreams gloriously realized." Penthouse Variations "Sensually, sexually, and erotically charged, Alison Tyler's words satisfy every woman's fantasy." Playgirl

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Down and Dirty: 69 Super Sexy Short-Shorts 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
QuixoticOrchid More than 1 year ago
Every quirk and flavor you could imagine and then some. If you read this book, prepare to be sweaty and sticky. It's a never ending volume of naughty thoughts to inspire a smile you wear for hours, one that makes those around you wonder what you're thinking.