Down At The Whiskey: A Millennium Tribute To Motley Crue's Greatest Hits 1981-2013

Down At The Whiskey: A Millennium Tribute To Motley Crue's Greatest Hits 1981-2013


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Disc 1

  1. Piece Of Your Action  - Derrick LeFevre
  2. Saints Of Los Angeles  -  Edge of Paradise
  3. Public Enemy #1  - Richard Kendrick
  4. Helter Skelter  -  Shout At the Devil
  5. Shout At The Devil  -  Mystic Force
  6. Dr. Feelgood  - Keri Kelli
  7. On With The Show  -  Monkeysoop
  8. Home Sweet Home 1  -  Sister Whiskey
  9. Power To The Music  - Chris Catena
  10. Knock Em Dead Kid  -  Loaded Dice
  11. You're All I Need  -  Savage Amusement
  12. Girls, Girls, Girls  -  Wicked Sins
  13. Starry Eyes  -  Eden Burning
  14. Use It Or Lose It  -  Willow Wisp
  15. Kickstart My Heart 1  - Richard Kendrick

Disc 2

  1. Live Wire  -  Leaving Eden
  2. Dancing On Glass  - Charlie Bonnett
  3. If I Die Tomorrow  -  Modern Echo
  4. Hooligan's Holiday  -  Edge of Time
  5. Straight To The Top  -  Fierce Atmospheres
  6. Primal Scream  -  American Heartbreak
  7. Kickstart My Heart 2  -  Dead Man's Wake
  8. Red Hot  -  Arctic Flame
  9. Too Young To Fall In Love  - Straitjacket Smile
  10. Wild Side  -  Damn Glad
  11. Without You  -  Last Pharaoh
  12. Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)  -  Crawl 2 Chaos
  13. Home Sweet Home 2  - Alex Grossi
  14. Save Our Souls

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Phil Salazar   Guitar,Vocals
Frankie Banali   Drums,Group Member
Jason McMaster   Vocals,Background Vocals
Billy Rowe   Guitar
Michael Butler   Bass
Gene McEwen   Drums
Keith Menser   Bass
Jake Bell   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
Erik Turner   Guitar,Group Member
Rick Mythiasin   Vocals
Chris Wallin   Guitar
Richard Kendrick   Bass,Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals
Allen Brunelle   Drums
Lance Boone   Vocals
Erik Lannon   Drums
Jenny King   Piano,Vocals
Marko Pukkila   Bass,Group Member
Daniel Rogers   Guitar
Phil Lewis   Vocals,Group Member
A.J. Caruso   Background Vocals,Hand Clapping
Daniel Cummings   Bass
Andrew Ryan   Drums
Keri Kelli   Guitar,Group Member
Casey Crenshaw   Rhythm Guitar
Dave Bates   Bass,Guitar
Chris Johnson   Drums
Margarita Monet   Vocals
Eric Gynan   Guitar,Vocals
Mike "Pic-Kil" Evans   Guitar
Chris Hoy   Bass,Background Vocals
Roland Edger   Vocals
Kryssie Ridolfi   Vocals,Background Vocals
Justin Lack   Drums
JP Soule   Guitar,Bass Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals
Doug Merritt   Drums
Stu Lucado   Guitar,Background Vocals
Stiev Stigma   Voice Box
Solon Northcutt   Percussion,Background Vocals
Shane Breon   Bass Guitar
Scott Shultz   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Background Vocals,Talk Box
Rick Meeks   Drums
Richie Hogan   Bass,Background Vocals
Matt Steele   Guitar

Technical Credits

John Corabi   Engineer
Fred Coury   Engineer
Jared Tuten   Vocal Engineer
Joe Viers   Producer
Jake Brown   Producer,Executive Producer
Roger Tschann   Producer,Engineer
Mystic Force   Producer
Richard Kendrick   Producer,Engineer,MIDI Programming
Allen Brunelle   Drum Engineering
Chris Catena   Producer
Rob Hovey   Vocal Engineer
Fabrizio Frezza   Engineer
Keri Kelli   Engineer,Vocal Engineer
Cesar Torres   Layout
Eric Gynan   Producer
Josh Chuma   Producer,Engineer

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