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Dr. Chill's Project

Dr. Chill's Project

by Thomas Hoobler

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School Library Journal
Gr 7-9 Dr. Chill is a psychologist who collects and cares for young people with ``specials''telepathy, precognition, telekinesis, etc.and encourages them to develop their abilities. The Department of Defense gets wind of all this, and when government agents kidnap one precognitive teenager, the other five band together to free her and escapeat least temporarily. The children's talents complement one another, but since several of them are emotionally disturbed, there's plenty of friction. They never unite into a single organism a la Sturgeon's More Than Human (Ballantine, 1981), but they do begin to learn to work togetherthis, and an unresolved plot, imply a sequel. The story moves a bit slowly, and the good guy/bad guy element is simplistic, but the ESP elements are well developed. Willo Davis Roberts' Girl with the Silver Eyes (Atheneum, 1980) is a similar story with a more hopeful ending but with younger and less complex characters. While Hoobler's characterizations are as unfinished as the plot, the characters do show room for complexity that will make readers think. John Peters, New York Public Library

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