Dr. Nancy Snyderman's Guide to Good Health: What Every Forty-Plus Woman Should Know about Her Changing Body

Dr. Nancy Snyderman's Guide to Good Health: What Every Forty-Plus Woman Should Know about Her Changing Body

by Nancy L. Snyderman, Margaret Blackstone

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Snyderman, Good Morning America's medical correspondent, is a 40-plus woman whose history includes miscarriages, a midlife pregnancy, the blues and divorce. She shares personal background as well as professional expertise in this frank and friendly guide for mature women who want to understand their bodies and take charge of their health. Offered is solid, straightforward information about heart disease (the number one killer of women); cancer; pregnancy, menopause and other reproductive concerns; and numerous chronic conditions of aging. Brief sections on mental health, nutrition, exercise, living wills and various forms of alternative medicine are also included. Addressing all manner of bodily concerns with sensitivity and verve, Snyderman urges women to become knowledgeable and proactive about their well-being. Ample references to further sources of information add to the book's usefulness in helping women do just that. (Jan.)
Library Journal
Snyderman, a surgeon and medical correspondent for Good Morning America and Day & Date, has compiled a well-balanced book on health issues affecting women after age 40. These include heart disease and cancer (the leading causes of death in older women), sexuality, menopause, chronic diseases, mental health, and proper healthcare maintenance. From hypertension to depression, the differences and inequalities between men and women in their medical treatment are also highlighted. Although a bit repetitive, these chapters are succinct and easy to read. Snyderman arms the reader with practical information: signs and symptoms, myths, treatment, prevention, and questions to ask the doctor. Although there are other good books on the subject (notably the more comprehensive The New Ourselves, Growing Older, LJ 6/1/94), Snyderman's medical viewpoint is valuable, and her high profile will attract readers. The "Health Resource Appendix" is not as comprehensive as one might like (important organizations and associations such as RESOLVE are not listed), and a glossary of terms would have been helpful. Recommended for general health collections. (Index not seen.)-Lisa A. Errico-Cox, Nassau Community Coll., Garden City, N.Y.
Whitney Scott
"Good Morning, America"'s medical correspondent has created a health manual addressing women's health needs at a time when a woman's body normally undergoes rapid change. "The" change--menopause--is really just one; cancer and osteoporosis can be others. Snyderman details heart health and disease; cancer; pregnancy, childbirth, and sexuality; menopause; and normal aging's impact on skin, teeth, hands, eyes, and urinary, digestive, and reproductive organs. Particularly interesting is the section on the chronic and progressive disorders many American women routinely endure: allergies, anemia, sinus problems, arthritis, lupus, obesity, varicose veins, cystitis, chronic pain, etc. She gives separate attention to alcoholism, drug abuse, and cigarette use, emphasizing that "there is no other single habit responsible for more degenerative conditions and eventual deaths than cigarette smoking." A handy and useful reference.

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