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Dr. Toy's Smart Play/ Smart Toys

Dr. Toy's Smart Play/ Smart Toys

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by Stevanne Auerbach

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The fourth, completely revised edition of "Dr. Toy's SMART PLAY / SMART TOYS" , is a unique, comprehensive guide to help parents select and use the best toys and games for developing "Play Quotient" (PQ) and expanding a child's playfulness. The book assists parents in navigating toy and play options, offers tips on evaluating toy safety, and suggests


The fourth, completely revised edition of "Dr. Toy's SMART PLAY / SMART TOYS" , is a unique, comprehensive guide to help parents select and use the best toys and games for developing "Play Quotient" (PQ) and expanding a child's playfulness. The book assists parents in navigating toy and play options, offers tips on evaluating toy safety, and suggests innumerable diverse activities. The book identifies educational and age-appropriate toys, important craft supplies for playtime and offers hundreds of useful ways to make play a life-long and nurturing experience. A great addition to the library of anyone who cares about children! This book is a valuable resource for parent, grandparents, teachers, toy store personnel, toy designers and anyone in the toy industry! The book has been published in 12 countries.

Dr. Toy, Stevanne Auerbach, PhD, has been for many years one of the nation's leading professionals on children's play and educational toys and related products. Dr. Auerbach relies on more than 45 years of training and hands-on experience to select the best educationally oriented, skill building products from both large and small companies in her original, annual "Best Products Award Programs". Millions of parents, teachers and toy buyers around the world use Dr Toy's guidance posted on Dr.Toy's Guide www.drtoy.com, the first site on toys on the Internet, in making their toy selections. This is the third book written by Dr. Auerbach.

Editorial Reviews

Midwest Book Review - James Cox
Now in an updated and expanded fourth edition, Dr. Toy’s Smart Play/Smart Toys is a guide for parents, caretakers, and teachers, about using toys and play to stimulate physical, intellectual, and creative growth in children. With tips specific to babies, toddlers, preschoolers, primary school children, older children, and special needs children, Dr. Toy’sSmart Play/Smart Toys is a welcome font of ideas and recommendations to counter the passive lure of television. With regard to video games, Dr. Toy writes, “Not all electronic games are actually bad. But most are too often mind limiting, eye straining, and frequently teach skewed values like excessive violence. It is doubtful the ‘skills’ learned add to intelligence, creativity, or emotional growth. Look for positive values, educational content and sports and other themes that are skill building.” Dr. Toy’s Smart Play/Smart Toys is a welcome addition to public library parenting shelves, and a choice pick for family reference and day-to-day use. Highly recommended. James Cox Editor, Midwest Book Review,www.midwestbookreview.com

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Dr. Toy's Smart Play Smart Toys 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
SmartKids More than 1 year ago
I have used www.Drtoy.com for guides for buying gifts for children often. When I learned that Dr. Toy launched a book called, "Smart Play, Smart Toys", I purchased ten, one for myself and to give as gifts to friends with small kids. I love the book in how it is organized. It is easy to find the right age group and it is a fast read with the most pertinent stuff you need to know. I also like that it lists milestones by age and suggestion of toy lists by age category. I recommend this book for anyone with small children. It covers up to age 10+. It stimulates new ideas for exposing and educating and entertaining children and you can use it as a guide over the years.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
With over 50 years of experience in the toy industry, Dr. Stevanne Auerbach has dedicated her life to helping parents create meaningful play experiences for their children. Her extensive knowledge and passion for everything involving play and toys is evidenced in this thoughtfully written, easy to read book, full of play ideas, as well as tips and advice on everything from toy safety to toy storage. Smart Play Smart Toys is more than just a guide to choosing the best toys, it is a timeless resource on play and how play contributes to children’s social, cognitive, physical, and emotional development. Jennie Ito, Ph.D.  Play and Toy Consultant
zack-man More than 1 year ago
Dr. Toy does an excellent job marrying toys and skills for children. As a result, we realized the true benefits of the toys that we own and further honed in on how to best use them. In some other cases, we went out and bought some key toys to improve skills that she was lacking.
cmcevans More than 1 year ago
As an inventor of games for children, this book has been so valuable in creating age-appropriate game play patterns. A great find.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
PLAYTHISWAY More than 1 year ago
As a pediatrician, mother of two sets of twins, and toy inventor, I have tremendous respect for the comprehensive, interesting, fact-filled and sensible advice and learning Dr. Toy's book provides. This is a tremendous resource for parents, professionals working with children and buyers of products for kids. Play is so important in today's busy world, and Dr. Toy's approach to UNDERSTANDING play is unique and important. Fabulous book! Dr. Jen, inventor of the U-Play Mat!
Tigeranne More than 1 year ago
Nobody has done as much as Dr. Toy. Her internationally best-selling book, Smart Play/Smart Toys changed my understanding of play and toys. Dr. Toy's sharp analysis and fascinating accounts clearly encouraged me to be the best in a highly competitive field...toy design. My heartfelt thanks for a book that is an outstanding and acclaimed industry masterpiece!Anne Sheridan, CEO / Founder / Designer, Anne Sheridan Designs, Inc. I have also read and recommend the following books by Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D.: Toys for a Lifetime, The Toy Chest, Choosing Child Care, The Whole Child, and Confronting the Child Care Crisis.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In a world where television and video games are dominating children¿s lives, it is absolutely uplifting to know that Dr. Auerbach¿s book, Smart Play - Smart Toys, is a resource that can help enlighten parents, as well as educators, to the importance of play in a child¿s life. More importantly, Smart Play ¿ Smart Toys reminds all of us that children can significantly excel their cognitive and emotional functions through engaging in creative, explorative, interactive, and cooperative behaviors, whether it¿s at home or at school. As a parent, I never stopped to think about the importance of buying toys that best relate to a child¿s developmental stage. However, after reading Dr. Auerbach¿s book, Smart Play ¿ Smart Toys, I was delighted to understand, among many other things, that there are specific toys that can best parallel my child¿s cognitive developmental juncture. Smart Play ¿ Smart Toys is the Dr. Spock book for raising a child¿s ¿Play Quotient.¿
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've always believed that children learn more from playing the right games than they learn in most classrooms. This book gave me fresh insights along with guidelines on how to choose the best toys for my kids.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In a world dominated by licensed characters and movies posing as toys, the Smart Play / Smart Toys guide is a refreshing resource. As a parent, it's great to have independent review of toys and games. An indispensable birthday or christmas gift guide for anyone who buys for kids and doesn't want to give a 'me-too' present.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Smart Play/ Smart Toys provides valuable insights any parent should consider when selecting toys suitable for positive play experiences. The book provides readers to an insightful, in-depth look at the value of play development. The suggestions for best toys will benefit families with children of a wide range of ages and needs. This is a must-read for conscientious parents who want to make the most of their children's playtime.