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Dragon Blues

Dragon Blues

4.8 4
by Ophelia Bell

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One of only six immortal dragons, Belah Blue seeks one more chance at love. Though wary of venturing into the world after a mistake she took millennia to recover from, she seizes the moment, leaving her sanctuary to find a worthy mate among one of the dragons' three sister races.

Lukas and Iszak North have managed to stick to the fringes of the world for two hundred


One of only six immortal dragons, Belah Blue seeks one more chance at love. Though wary of venturing into the world after a mistake she took millennia to recover from, she seizes the moment, leaving her sanctuary to find a worthy mate among one of the dragons' three sister races.

Lukas and Iszak North have managed to stick to the fringes of the world for two hundred years. Plagued by regrets after their sister's murder decades earlier, they finally hope to find happiness when a beautiful female dragon walks into their lives. Their race of falcon shifters mate for life-one look at Belah, and both North brothers know she's their One.

But Belah has more than one dark secret, and her quest goes far beyond simply finding love. She's lost so much, but so have the two men who can't help but love her. Centuries of buried animosity blaze when they learn her secrets, threatening to ruin the first true love the three of them have found in several lifetimes.

When Belah's past rears its ugly head, all three learn there is more at stake than love, and an even darker compromise to make if they want to keep the love they have.

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Dragon Blues 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Mikael 20 days ago
GREAT READ -- Over time I have read a large portion of Ms. Bell's stories. This one caught me by surprise. I thought this would be a continuation of her previous Dragon Books. I was wrong. It was better than my expectations. I recommend this book for not only those that have read her other books. It can also be read by anyone that is just looking for a good Paranormal-Shifter-Romance story. The only regret I had was I wish I had read Dragon Betrayed (Book 0) first. I am looking forward to read the next book Dragon Void.
Sam1219 5 months ago
I am voluntarily submitting my honest review after receiving an ARC of this book generosity provided by the author. In Dragon Blues, Ophelia Bell creates a rich and magical fantasy world readers of this genre will find enthralling and enchanting. Layered in mystery, suspense, betrayal and eroticism, this book seizes you from the beginning and doesn't let go. Be forewarned, however--the sex is hot and explicit and not for the feint of heart! But if you are looking for something to burn up your ereader, the chemistry and sizzle among Belah, Lukas and Iszak is absolutely amazing! Belah's quest against the evil she had a hand in creating, as well as her fight for her children and her mates' sister's release makes for an excellent storyline. This is a must-read for fans of adult fantasy fiction.
Cherri-Anne 5 months ago
At least she had her dreams, 5 BLUE MUSIC NOTES for now… and if the music was to be believed, she would have more than dreams soon enough. his true music—the music that came from his soul—was meant to match the beat of her heart. By the Winds! What a DRAGONTASTICALLY SPECTACULAR book!! The raw power & strength of this story wraps around me, sharing its deepest, darkest secrets with me, bringing this story to life in ways that are indescribable, indefinable even! I love, Love, LOVE how detailed Ophelia gets with a every aspect of the story! The various magics, abilities and power that each species has, as well as each individual adds to the depth and enchantment, while enriching it in every way possible! Even though Belah is broken and carries so much guilt, she still remains my favorite Dragon! Her pain overwhelms me, making me wish with all my heart that I could wrap her up in my arms, cuddle & hug that grief & guilt right out of her and make her see how worthy she is of love & being loved! My heart breaks for her over & over again and I can't help but want to "fix" her! Of course, living this story AS Belah increases those feelings, the yearnings and even the heartbreak. Now if only I could find my own version of Lukas or Iszak..or both! wink As CARNALICIOUS as the story can be, there is also so much story to it, this power that wraps around you, that sweeps you up, griping you, holding you in its claws, transporting you into its World, bringing the characters to life, as well as every single aspect of this deeply enriched story!! For me, it becomes so much more than reading & enjoying a book. I become so immersed in this Dragon World that Ophelia has created, that I am almost shocked when I "come back to myself" and realize I am NOT a Dragon, nor have I lived for centuries, because it honestly feels THAT real to me! I love when a story can take me away from me & my pain, and a lot of the books I read do that, but there are the rare few that actually have me believing that I am the heroine, that I have found my One - or Two True Loves, as the case may be - and actually leave me disoriented when I reach The End, trying to remember who I really am. Dragon Blues is THAT BOOK! Ophelia Bell is that author! I read the first release of the story and I LOVED IT! But now, after reading this one, I realize just how much was "missing" from it. With Ophelia's beautiful, majestic & magical storytelling, this new version is flying, soaring, reaching new MATEGASMIC heights and ensuring that we are also included in the climatic Flight! It seems almost redundant to say this, but I will anyway! but here goes... Ophelia is one exceptionally phenomenally talented author who is also genuinely gifted! I would say that it’s like she has been Blessed by the Immortals, but this is alllll Ophelia on her own! Dragons… who knew? They glowed after sex.
Dina1 6 months ago
This is my updated review on the revised "Dragon Blues" - This revised version is just amazing. It's expanded background concerning characters and events makes the story sooo much better. We learn new things about all the characters; the who's, why's and what's behind their actions. The return of the villain is terrific, making you both hate and feeling sorry for him. As always, Ophelia Bell has sexy, sensual action and the few BDSM scenes are right on. Let's not forget about LOVE; in cause you haven't been paying attention to the authors other "Dragon" stories, dragon's love deeply and forever. I don't do spoilers, but I highly recommend this story to those that love to read amazing paranormal romance that includes thrills, suspense, danger, and sensual scenes. In fact I say "YOU HAVE TO GET THIS BOOK." Review on original Version - I love Ophelia Bell's books, especially her titillating dragon books, and this is no exception. In this book we have two brothers who have lost their sister to "Hunters" because of what a woman on the Council did thousands of years before. One falls in love with her the first time he sees her, not knowing that she is the one he blames for his sisters death. She falls for him also and knows she has to tell him who she is. In his anger he rejects her. But his brother knows they are meant to be together; what he didn't know was that he too would fall in love with her. She learns she desires them both and knows it is more than lust but love as well. Can she convince them to forgive and trust her. All three will have to accept their destiny whether it be together or not, all three or not. I don't give spoilers so this is it. I recommend this book, and all the author's stories, to all who enjoy reading of shifters, their lives and loves, their heightened sexual and sensual sides, along with their weakness' and strengths and above all their loyalty to one another.