Dream Come True/Crazy for You/Low Ride

Dream Come True/Crazy for You/Low Ride

by Earl Klugh

Beat Goes On repackaged and re-released three of Earl Klugh's LPs on Capitol/EMI -- Dream Come True, Crazy for You, and Low Ride -- as a two-disc set. It's not a bad way to acquire the albums if you don't already own them, but isn't recommended for the casual fan.See more details below


Beat Goes On repackaged and re-released three of Earl Klugh's LPs on Capitol/EMI -- Dream Come True, Crazy for You, and Low Ride -- as a two-disc set. It's not a bad way to acquire the albums if you don't already own them, but isn't recommended for the casual fan.

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Release Date:
Bgo - Beat Goes On


Disc 1

  1. If It's In Your Heart (It's In Your Smile)  - Earl Klugh
  2. Doc  - Earl Klugh
  3. Amazon  - Earl Klugh
  4. I Don't Want To Leave You Alone Anymore  - Earl Klugh
  5. Spellbound  - Earl Klugh
  6. Sweet Rum and Starlight  - Earl Klugh
  7. Dream Come True  - Earl Klugh
  8. Message To Michael  - Earl Klugh
  9. I'm Ready For Your Love  - Earl Klugh
  10. Soft Stuff (and Other Sweet Delights)  - Earl Klugh
  11. Twinkle  - Earl Klugh
  12. Broadway Ramble  - Earl Klugh
  13. Calypso Getaway  - Earl Klugh
  14. The Rainmaker  - Earl Klugh
  15. Balladina  - Earl Klugh
  16. Crazy For You  - Earl Klugh

Disc 2

  1. Back In Central Park  - Earl Klugh
  2. (If You Want To) Be My Love  - Earl Klugh
  3. Low Ride  - Earl Klugh
  4. Just Like Yesterday  - Earl Klugh
  5. If You're Still In Love With Me  - Earl Klugh
  6. I Never Thought I'd Leave You  - Earl Klugh
  7. Christina  - Earl Klugh
  8. Night Drive  - Earl Klugh

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Earl Klugh   Primary Artist,Acoustic Guitar,Keyboards,Clavinet,12-string Guitar,Guitar (Electric Nylon String),Guitar (Nylon String)
Hiram Bullock   Electric Guitar
Jon Faddis   Horn
Ronnie Foster   Piano,Electric Piano,Vocoder
George Young   Horn,Saxophone,Soloist
Onaje Allan Gumbs   Electric Piano
Phil Upchurch   Electric Guitar
Patrick Williams   Conductor
David Taylor   Horn
Marilyn Baker   Strings
David Nadien   Concert Master
Lamar Alsop   Strings
Jack Ashford   Tambourine
Harry Bluestone   Strings
James Bradley   Drums
Brian Brake   Drums
Sam Burtis   Horn
Stuart Canin   Strings
Norman Carr   Strings
Stella Castellucci   Harp
Paulinho Da Costa   Percussion
Harry Cykman   Strings
Carolyn Dennis   Vocals
Assa Drori   Strings
Gene Dunlap   Drums
Nathan East   Bass
Sammy Figueroa   Percussion
Barry Finclair   Strings
Clare Fischer   Conductor
Ronald Folsom   Strings
David Frisina   Strings
John Gatchell   Horn
Pamela Goldsmith   Strings
Anne Goodman   Strings
Joseph Goodman   Strings
Janice Gower   Strings
Donald Griffin   Electric Guitar
Allan Harshman   Strings
Reginald Hill   Strings
Louis Johnson   Bass
Dennis Karmazyn   Strings
Myra Kestenbaum   Strings
Gary King   Bass
Dana Kral   Vocals
Raphael Kramer   Strings
Ricky Lawson   Drums
Robert Lipsett   Strings
Richard Locker   Strings
Johnny Mandel   Conductor
Myrna Matthews   Vocals
Marti McCall   Vocals
Charles McCracken   Strings
Charles Meeks   Bass
Denzil Miller   Electric Piano
Merle Miller   Vocals
Marvin Morgenstern   Strings
Ray Parker   Bass,Drums,Electric Guitar
Greg Phillinganes   Synthesizer,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Stanley Plummer   Strings
Jerome Reisler   Strings
Nathan Ross   Strings
Victor Sazer   Strings
David Schwartz   Strings
Haim Shtrum   Strings
Richard Sortomme   Strings
Robert Sushel   Strings
Gerald Vinci   Concert Master
Dorothy Wade   Strings
Miwako Watanabe   Strings
Frederick Zlotkin   Strings
Dixie Blackstone   Strings
James Pugh   Horn
Hubie Crawford   Harmonica
Bill Hybel   Strings
Bobby Dubow   Strings
Norman Leonard   Strings
Paul Jackson   Electric Guitar
Joe Shepley   Horn
Frank Floyd   Vocals
Dave Matthews   Conductor
Karen Jones   Strings
Ronald Leonard   Strings
Pam Gates   Strings
Lewis Soloff   Horn
Harold Wolf   Strings
Herschel Wise   Strings
Raymond Pounds   Drums
Darryl Dybka   Electric Piano
Charles Liboue   Strings
Wilbert Nottycombe   Strings
Silvester Rivers   Electric Piano
Sheldon Sandhu   Strings
Raynold Kelly   Strings
Parry Hughes   Electric Guitar
Mickey Roquemore   Synthesizer Bass
Max Pollicoff   Strings
Mari Tsumukabotnick   Strings
Lucio Harper   Bass
Louis Kieuman   Strings
Jessie Leuy   Strings

Technical Credits

Ronnie Foster   rhythm arrangement
Earl Klugh   Composer,Producer,rhythm arrangement
Phil Upchurch   rhythm arrangement
Patrick Williams   Orchestral Arrangements
Burt Bacharach   Composer
Michael Brauer   Engineer
Clare Fischer   Orchestral Arrangements
Tom Jung   Engineer
Bob Ludwig   Mastering
Johnny Mandel   Orchestral Arrangements
Ray Parker   Arranger
Greg Phillinganes   Arranger,rhythm arrangement,Synthesizer Arrangements
Carol Friedman   Sleeve Photo
Dave Matthews   Horn Arrangements,rhythm arrangement,Orchestral Arrangements
John O'Regan   Liner Notes
Band   Arranger,rhythm arrangement
Andrew Thompson   Remastering
Pete Parsons   Art Direction
B. Allen   Composer
Dave Palmer   Engineer
G.P. Martin   Composer
Don Dahn   Engineer
Roland Wilson   Producer,rhythm arrangement

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