Dreaming of You (Graysons of New Mexico Series #3)
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Dreaming of You (Graysons of New Mexico Series #3)

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by Francis Ray

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Readers everywhere fell in love with the mesmerizing, unforgettable Grayson family and their loves. Now bestselling author Francis Ray spins another sexy, compelling romance featuring the Grayson clan…

LURING A MAN INTO LOVE Successful Santa Fe hotelier, Faith McBride has loved Brandon Grayson since she was a wallflower in high school and he


Readers everywhere fell in love with the mesmerizing, unforgettable Grayson family and their loves. Now bestselling author Francis Ray spins another sexy, compelling romance featuring the Grayson clan…

LURING A MAN INTO LOVE Successful Santa Fe hotelier, Faith McBride has loved Brandon Grayson since she was a wallflower in high school and he was her big brother's best friend. Now hard-bodied Brandon is running a trendy restaurant a stone's throw from Casa de Serenidad, her posh five-star hotel. When Faith looks at Brandon, she dreams of being his wife. So although it's risky and risqué, she's plotting a secret campaign to win his body, mind, and heart.

With his mother determined to marry him off, Brandon Grayson is on the alert for single females being thrown his way. He's even stopped dating, afraid of being trapped into a relationship. Surely nobody's safer to be around than sweet, familiar Faith. But celibacy is driving him crazy. For the first time he's noticing Faith's enticing lips and incredible curves. Suddenly it occurs to Brandon that an affair with the one woman he can trust would certainly be a no-strings-attached affair...

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The third novel in Ray's Grayson family saga is a warm, winning story of friendship, lust and love-and how the lines between them can blur. Sexy restaurant owner Brandon Grayson is the next child on his mother's matchmaking hit list: she'd like him married off, and quick, just like his two brothers. Determined to thwart her plan and hold on to his freedom, Brandon decides to go celibate, forgoing dating altogether. When a leaky pipe in his apartment must be repaired, he puts up at the hotel run by Faith McBride, one of his oldest friends and the little sister of one of his best buddies. What Brandon doesn't know is that Faith has been in love with him since she was a self-conscious teen, and she's got a plan to snare him. Of course, between Faith's kindness and curves, Brandon begins rethinking his friendship, and his vow of abstinence. The pair's cat-and-mouse game is suspenseful and fun, and even though Ray's writing doesn't dazzle, the novel is sweet and honest without being saccharine, making it a full, enjoyable read. (Sept.) Copyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

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Chapter Two

"Casa de Serenidad, House of Serenity, how may I assist you?"

"Cameron or Duncan McBride, please." With his duffel bag all packed, Brandon had come to a decision. It wasn't likely Cameron or Duncan had brought a woman back to a hotel room they were sharing. No man worth a nickel would do that; neither would they disrespect Faith that way. Brandon had crashed at their place on the floor when they were growing up just as they had at his. It wouldn't hurt for a night to do so again.

"They checked out."

Brandon's initial surprise quickly faded. Santa Fe and Casa de Serenidad held too many bad memories for both men. But if they'd checked out that meant their room was empty until the next guest checked in "Ms. McBride."

"I'm sorry, sir. Ms. McBride is off duty. Can the night manager assist you?"

Brandon rubbed the back of his neck. "This is Brandon Grayson, a family friend. Please connect me. It's important."

"Certainly, Mr. Grayson."

Faith came on the line almost immediately. "Brandon, is everything all right?"

"No, but you can certainly help with a major problem." He sat on the bed. "A pipe burst in my bathroom and the water is off. Since Cameron and Duncan left, I thought I could throw myself on your mercy and have their room for the night."

"Of course, but another guest is scheduled to arrive this afternoon."

"That's all right. I just need a place to crash and take a shower."

"Oh," she said, sounding strange. "I'll call the front desk. It's the Conquistador Suite. One of our best."

"Just so it has a bed and shower."

"That and a lot more. See you in a bit."

Standing, he picked up his bag. "You don't have to get out of bed."

"Brandon, have I ever tried to tell you how to run the Red Cactus?"

He smiled. "That makes twice I've been told off tonight. First Mr. Montgomery and now you."

"He's such a sweet man."

"I hope you understand if I don't comment."

Laughter drifted through the receiver. "I'll tell the front desk to expect you. It's the room to the immediate left of mine."

He knew her room because he had been in and out of it hundreds of times when her father was the executive manager. Since he'd retired, Brandon didn't recall ever going there again. "Thanks, Faith. I really appreciate this."

"You've come to my rescue a number of times."

Although Faith was popular in high school, she had few prospects for school dances. Hanging around her house, he'd seen how bad she felt and stepped in. On the other hand, Sierra always had too many boys wanting to take her out in his and his brothers' opinions. Brandon had never figured out why boys preferred a girl who kept them waiting, was picky about where they went and bossy to boot, to one who was always sweet and agreeable. "I was happy to do it."

"I know. I'll be waiting."

"Bye." Brandon hung up, unaware of the smile on his face.

As she was used to dealing with unexpected crises at the spur of the moment, it didn't take Faith long to slip out of her nightgown into undergarments, then pull on a loose-fitting white blouse and black slacks. Bemoaning the fact that she didn't have time to reapply makeup, she raked a comb through her curly black hair and swiped on lip gloss, grabbed her master key, and hurried out the door. Brandon's place was only a short five-minute walk away. She wanted his room ready when he arrived.

Opening the heavy wooden gate that separated her private quarters from the hotel grounds, she hurried to the linen closet located just inside the hotel. The cart was already stocked and ready for the morning shift to begin cleaning. Rather than take time gathering the necessary items, she grabbed the metal handles and was out the door in seconds.

The two housekeepers on duty were probably in the lounge watching television or asleep in two of the recliners. Faith didn't even think of disturbing them. The hotel billed itself as having twenty-four-hour room and maid service. She could make up a bed and replace the toiletries as well as they could. Duncan and Cameron, unlike Brandon, were relatively neat, so she didn't expect the room to be a disaster. As for sanitizing the bath, all three had roomed together many times, so that wasn't an issue.

Opening the door to the suite, she was pleased to see that she was right. Except for the newspaper in the trash can, the room looked as if the maids had just left. Going into the spacious bathroom, she replaced the toiletries and cleaned the mirror, smiling as she did so. Duncan still liked to brush his teeth within inches of his reflection.

In the living area, she dumped the trash and put a fresh liner in the ice bucket; then she moved to the bedroom. She had just folded the abstract coverlet onto the covered bench at the foot of the king-size bed when she heard the door open. She froze, then drew a calming breath and went to the bedroom door. Her mouth watered; her heart yearned.

Brandon in a black T-shirt and jeans was a sight that would make any woman's pulse race. The T-shirt stretched across a muscled chest before tapering down to a hard, flat stomach. The faded denim hugged muscled thighs with wanton pleasure.

Brandon's gaze flickered to the cart, then back to her. "Tell me there's someone here with you."

"You forget, Brandon, that I've worked in almost every capacity of this hotel since I was nine."

"You weren't the executive manager then," he told her, crossing the room in a lazy gait.

No matter how impossible it was, she wished he was coming to her as a man who desired a woman, wished he was taking her to bed, where they'd rumple the sheets and drive each other crazy. She turned away before he could see the desire she kept carefully hidden from him and went back to the bed.

As she reached for the sheet, his strong fingers closed gently but firmly around her upper forearm. "Leave it and go to bed. It's almost two."

Her pulse skidded. He was so close. Too close. Wide-eyed, she stared at him.

His midnight black eyes narrowed for a moment. His fingers loosened. "Faith?"

"Stop being bossy and go around to the other side and help," she said, refusing to look at him.

For a long moment he didn't move; then mercifully he did as she'd asked. But as she tried to pull the sheet back he simply held his end. She was forced to meet his gaze.

"You'd tell me if there was something on your mind, wouldn't you?"

"Brandon, as you pointed out earlier, I'm executive manager. There's always a lot on my mind," she said with a smile. "Now, let's get this done. Unlike you, I like to start the day with a good breakfast."

That got him rolling. "The best sleep is in the morning."

The best sleep would be in your arms. The thought popped so suddenly into Faith's head that for a scary moment she thought she might have voiced the words. Thankfully, Brandon had gathered the old sheets in his arms and was placing them on the easy chair.

Her face warm, Faith grabbed the fresh bottom sheet and flipped it to the other side. "The restaurant didn't have any plumbing, did it?"

"No, thank goodness," he told her, following her lead in making the bed. "We're on two different water lines. We'll be able to open as usual tomorrow for lunch."

Expertly she encased three pillows while Brandon was trying to do one. She simply held out her hand after she finished the fifth one. He handed his over without an argument.

"Guess I wasn't much help."

"Your expertise lies in the kitchen, not the bedroom." Her eyes widened at the slip. She could have bitten off her tongue.

"Not anymore," he mumbled, then seemed to realize what he'd blurted. A dull flush climbed up his neck.

Hugging the pillow, Faith couldn't have been happier with the news. "I'd heard you weren't dating very much."

"Try 'at all.' " His hands rested akimbo on his narrow waist. "And it's Mama's fault. Her and her wild scheme to get all of us married."

"So you're not dating to escape the odds of falling into your mother's plans for you to be next?" she reasoned.

A pleased smile crossed his face. "It's great that I don't always have to explain everything to you. I might worry about it if you weren't my friend."

"That's me, friendly and safe." Stepping around him, Faith gathered the linens.

Brandon caught the sarcasm in her voice and trailed after her. "I think I know what the problem is."

Clutching the bedsheets, she stared up at him, her eyes wide with foreboding. "I told you there is no problem."

His long-fingered hands clamped on her shoulders when she started to turn away. "Is some man giving you a tough time?"

Her jaw slackened.

He emphatically nodded his dark head once. "Thought so. You're too sweet and trusting."

Sweet. She gritted her teeth so hard they ached. She bet he'd never called any of the women after him tonight sweet.

"Forget him and move on," he advised, and straightened, letting his hands fall to his sides. "Don't let the McBride curse stop you."

"That's the least of my worries." Finally dumping the linen in the hamper attached to the cart, she grabbed the handles. "Good night, Brandon. Sleep well."

"I don't suppose you'd let me walk you back to put that up."

"As you said, we know each other too well."

"Stubborn," he said, but affection laced the word.


Opening the door, he yawned, then lifted muscled arms over his head, causing the thin black material to stretch and strain across his impressive chest. "Thanks again."

Her mouth as dry as cotton, Faith hurried through the door Brandon held open. It closed behind her with a soft click. Biting her lip, she glanced over her shoulder. Elizabeth wouldn't be out here; she'd be in bed with Brandon. But the hard truth was that where Brandon might want the other woman in his bed, he'd relegated Faith to the role of a friend.

"Copyright © 2006 Francis Ray"

Meet the Author

Francis Ray is the New York Times bestselling author of the Grayson novels, the Falcon books, the Taggart Brothers, and Twice the Tempation, among many other romances. Her novel Incognito was made into a movie aired on BET. A native Texan, she is a graduate of Texas Woman's University and has a degree in nursing. Besides a writer, she is a school nurse practitioner with the Dallas Independent School District. She lives in Dallas.

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Dreaming of You (Graysons of New Mexico Series #3) 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 38 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
You've heard the saying, 'a woman chases a man until he catches her' in Dreaming of You, Francis Ray has come up with yet another cleaver version of the old addage that will keep you amused and on the tip of your seat from page one until the end. Handsome bachelor Brandon Grayson is sure that he will foil his mother's plans to marry him off until he runs into an old friend. Faith McBride has loved Brandon since childhood but he has never seen her as a desirable woman until she uses some age-old tricks to peak his interest. So far, Brandon gets my vote as being the most human and romantic of the Grayson brothers because he is sweet nurturing and very human. The wonderful thing about Faith is that she is not the perfect heroine but a bit overweight which Brandon overlooks as he sees her inner beauty and is turned on by that. No man likes to be tricked and when Brandon finds out he has been he rebels but to no avail because the trap has been sprung. He gets caught by a woman who could have been voted the most unlikely to succeed. Dreaming of You is a winner and a keeper.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Read it once and then again and again. An absolutely wonderful book by Francis Ray! Run out and get this one!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I just love all of your books I have brought every book you have on the Grayson Family. Now I just waiting for their sister I know it's coming and it is going to be BOMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I just finished Dreaming of You and once agian I was very pleased. I've read all of her books to date and she continues to leave me wanting more. The proposal was beautiful I think I need to leave pages of the book around the house to give a hint. Thank you Ms. Ray for putting pen to paper and showing that BLACK LOVE can be all that you dream and inspire for it to be.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book so much I ran out to get Pierce's story finished that and cant wait to read about Sierra and the infamous Blade Navarone, now the children should get together and find some one for their mother!! I enjoyed reading the entire series, the Graysons are such a warm, caring, family! everyones should be like that keep up the good work Francis Ray!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Ruth Grayson is the mother of all mothers. How she picks the perfect matches for her children is uncanny. Thoroughly enjoyed the sweet romance between Brandon and Faith. Can't wait to see what's coming for Pierce and Sierra.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Francis Ray has captured what a romance reader is looking for in a romance novel the dashing galant young man who is resistent and reluctant to love but wants it and the beautiful and smart young woman who is determined to get the man she loves before his mother marries him off. Brandon can fight love all he wants but now that Faith has made up her mind and with a little help from an unsuspecting source Brandon is headed right where he's trying to stay away from, Love. Love always finds a way to make you do what it wants, Brandon finds out that you can only resist love but so long. I felt like I was there in Santa Fe with them while reading this book I could not stop. I loved every single page of it and have told everyone to read it. Don't miss out on an outstanding love story I can't wait for her next book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you love a great romance, this is the book for you. Brandon was against marriage and love, but Faith had his number. She was ready for their life-long friendship to turn into something more, and she decided to act now before she lost him to another woman. I have been waiting for this book to come out, and now that I have finished it, I am waiting for the Pierce's story.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love every page. The story line and plot was marvelous. I love the way Mrs. Ray developed the characters brilliantly. A great read and re-read. Great job Mrs. Ray
harstan More than 1 year ago
In Santa Fe, restaurant owner Brandon Grayson is on red alert because he knows his mom wants him married with children and so seeks single women for him. His paranoia over remaining a bachelor has reached epic proportions as he will not even date anyone. However, he assumes that he is safe from permanency with the younger sister of his best friend Cameron.---------------- Faith McBride has had great success running the House of Serenity Hotel, but has failed at love. Her problem is that no one she has met measures up to her idol, her older brother¿s best friend Brandon. She knows she loved him as an adulating puppy and still does as an adult as he is her one. Now she has the chance to seduce him as a plumbing problem has sent him to stay at her hotel. She understands the all or nothing risk of going for her beloved.--------------- DREAMING OF YOU is a fine regional romance starring two likable protagonists. Though the tension is somewhat limited, readers will cheer on the courageous heroine as she decides to roll the dice on love that she prays is not unrequited. Brandon is nice person who fears losing her friendship if he accepts the lure that the siren is sending his way. The latest Grayson contemporary tale (see ANY RICH MAN WILL DO) provides fans with a delightful ray of love.------------------ Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Excellent read
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Each book has gotten better and I can't wait to begin #4
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Brandon Grayson is by far my favorite Grayson. He is absolutely wonderful...not to mention insanely HOT!! HAHAHAHA!! Brandon and Faith's story is my absolute favorite of the Series, and that is saying a lot since I absolutely love the entire series. They are perfect for each other. Once again, Mama Grayson hit the nail on the head.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago