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Dreamweaver 4 Magic

Dreamweaver 4 Magic

5.0 6
by Al Sparber, Steve Weiss (Editor)

This book answers many of the top advanced-level questions posted on the Dreamweaver Newsgroup through a series of 30 projects. Projects are grouped into design issues for easy reference. Each project will be from 3 to 10 pages in length and be designed in a 2-column format with step-by-step instructions on the left and corresponding graphics (or code) on the right


This book answers many of the top advanced-level questions posted on the Dreamweaver Newsgroup through a series of 30 projects. Projects are grouped into design issues for easy reference. Each project will be from 3 to 10 pages in length and be designed in a 2-column format with step-by-step instructions on the left and corresponding graphics (or code) on the right. In addition, sidebars will be used to provide additional tips and tricks. Any effect, technique, or tip can easily be customized to fit a reader's own design needs.

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Pearson Education
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Magic Series
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Dreamweaver 4 Magic 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you're interested in taking your Dreamweaver skills to the supercharged level, Dreamweaver 4 Magic is a "must read." The book's chapters are individual projects; so you can pick and choose the techniques you want to learn and the order in which you want to learn them. The authors represented are literally a "Who's Who" in the Dreamweaver community. The concepts covered in this book are as applicable to Dreamweaver MX users as they are to Dreamweaver 4 and UltraDev. This is one of the most valuable Dreamweaver books you'll ever work through, and New Riders' style is excellent! I couldn't give a book a higher recommendation.
Guest More than 1 year ago
......Then this is a MUST HAVE RESOURCE. Between it and the 'Bible' series you are well on your way to demystifying the Dreamweaver product. I have been a designer for several years and now count myself among the growing number of 'Development-Designers' that can gice not only aesthetic input but influence functionality as well...sort of a 'chic-geek' The Authors break down their tutorials into product as well as project relevant sections that not only show you the ropes bt spark inspiration as to how you can make these things work in your day to day application. I am definitely not a bandwagon jumper but if these guys are driving....I'm along for the ride!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Resisting all temptation to simply rip the CD from its plastic prison I instead sat down and read the introduction to Dreamweaver 4 Magic. Having already had some exposure to the Author Al Sparber and his work, my expectations were high. I hadn't even finished the introduction and it was plain to see this was someone who not only enjoyed what they did but also was very proud of what they had produced and had pulled together a team that felt the same way. If you are looking for a book that offers advanced and intermediate level then this is the one for you. The projects aren't going to be over the heads of a beginner either. The way the projects are laid out and the step-by-step instructions and screen shots make it easy to check you are on the right track as you progress through the projects. It is hard to convey in brief the quality, attention to detail and thoroughness that has been put into this book. There are 12 projects in the book, each covering a different design and navigation feature. From the start, each project lays out good work practices for you to follow and rather than just spoon feeding you, the information leads the reader intuitively through each process. The text explains the reason why each step done a certain way then encourages you to go on and make modifications to the project so they reflect your own style. The projects themselves are supported with a library of the images and style sheets required to create them. These are provided on the CD supplied with the text. Incorporated into the projects are some great new behaviours making it possible to incorporate complex java scripting and Dynamic HTML (DHTML) into pages without the need to understand the java code or DHTML. These behaviors are included on the CD that accompanies the book. This book would have to get a 10 out of 10 from me. It will serve as a very valuable learning tool and a must have for any one that wants to design dynamic web sites with Macromedia Dreamweaver.
Guest More than 1 year ago
From the moment I picked up Dreamweaver 4 Magic and began to flick through the pages, I new this was going to be a book I¿d find immensely useful. Al Sparber and friends take us through some of the more popular dynamic interface effects found on the Web today, as well as a number of cutting edge techniques we¿ll be finding on the Web tomorrow. Each chapter takes you through a technique step-by-step, and is supported with screen captures when necessary. I was pleased to see that the book wasn¿t either picture or word biased, but rather struck an excellent balance between detailed explanations and supporting visual material. Dreamweaver 4 Magic even comes with a CD-ROM containing some custom Dreamweaver extensions, designed to support the tutorials in the book. Highly recommended.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am been a member of the PVII's online forum for about 3 months. When I heard that Al and Gerry where about ready to release a book I was going to buy it no matter what, you know, to 'support' their efforts. Well, when I got the book my first impression was (as I was looking over my shoulder), 'Was Al and Gerry over my shoulder talking to me step by step?'. This book gets the closests to hand holding than any other book I have ever bought in my 17+ years of computer experience (CADD/Graphics). If you are a novice to dreamweaver get this book. In fact, I Think Macromedia should include this book along with the software and manual. I must admit though, you should have a 'general working knowledge' of Dreamweaver 4.0 (but is by no means necessary), it only makes some of the terminology easier to understand. If B&N had a 10 star rating that still wouldn't be enough.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Having heard of Studio VII's work, I was eager to get a copy of this book. Well, to be more acccurate, I made a flying tackle for the UPS man before he even got out of his truck. And I wasn't disappointed...despite knowing of their work, I simply didn't expect the book to be this good. Aside from the book's rich production quality--lots of white space, easy-to-read screen captures, informative sidebar 'watch-out's'--the content is simply stupendous, the writing precise, economical, and witty. Each complex task is approached in a linear fashion with, as Bill Murray says, 'baby steps.' At no point does the book 'hurry' the reader through a given process. Moreover, not only does the book tell users what to do, but it also points out, just as importantly, what to avoid. And here's the kicker: where else can you get this information? Nowhere else. No other book that I've ever seen. As the authors patiently escort the reader through the processes of constructing a vast array of cutting-edge digital structures, Al Sparber and Gerry Jacobsen use--or, more accurately, twist, bend, and manipulate--Dreamweaver as effortlessly as if it were an erector set. Appearances notwithstanding, Dreamweaver 4 Magic is not a book...it's a tour de force software kit.