Dreamweaver MX Templates

Dreamweaver MX Templates

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by Brad Halstead, Murray Summers

Harness the power of templates in Dreamweaver MX

Dreamweaver MX Templates provides an in-depth examination of the newly enhanced template functionality as well as Dreamweaver's other reusable design elements. Part I builds the foundation for understanding templates, library items, snippets, and assets, including detailed instruction about how to


Harness the power of templates in Dreamweaver MX

Dreamweaver MX Templates provides an in-depth examination of the newly enhanced template functionality as well as Dreamweaver's other reusable design elements. Part I builds the foundation for understanding templates, library items, snippets, and assets, including detailed instruction about how to use templates and reusable elements. Part II is a real-work project that puts what's been learned to practical use by building a web site for a fictitious company. Step-by-step instructions, tips, warnings, and exercises help guide you along the way.

With Dreamweaver MX Templates, you'll get an outstanding resource that includes:

Authoritative explanation of the new MX Template syntax
Examples which will put the power of server-side processing into the hands of design-time developers
Working exercises to re-enforce content highlights
A support site that provides all necessary graphics and templates to complete the hands-on project for Hot Cool Toys.com.

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Dreamweaver MX Templates 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Outstanding is exactly what this book is. I am a Professional Website Developer/Designer who recently switched to Dreamweaver from Front Page and I must admit, templates scared me. Websites are how I make my living and if they aren't well designed and easily maintainable, I might as well kiss my job good-bye. This book explained everything in such simple language that anyone can read and understand it. This book is an excellent tool and tutorial. It offers hands-on projects in a well-written, easy-to-follow and understand format. It doesn't talk over your head or make you feel inadequate because you don't know something. I felt like I had a couple friends guiding me through the process. If you use Dreamweaver MX and are planning to explore the use of templates, YOU'VE GOTTA GET THIS BOOK! I highly recommend it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As primarily a dynamic site builder, I had never really considered the beneficiality of Dreamweaver's built-in template features; preferring to build a standard page and insert custom code in the appropriate pages afterwards. However, after reading through this book it became obvious that with the powerful new template structure I could adapt these to my back-end skills. The book is structured in two parts; a theory/examples section and a real-project section which takes everything you have learned in section 1 and applies it to a real world project. I found some of the information in section two irrelevant from a back-end point of view; as there are easier ways to implement certain features (such as a changing element) on the back-end. On the whole a feature-packed buy which will seriously increase your knowledge of Dreamweaver templature and replicability.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I've been using Dreamweaver Templates since I started using Dreamweaver two years ago; they just make sense to the way I work. With Dreamweaver MX & Dreamweaver MX Templates I can really tap the power that templates possess. This book is great; it's a mini-reference and a project all in one. The authors (Brad Halstead & Murray R. Summers) present the material in such a way that you can understand it, and use it. When they hit a topic that is beyond the scope of the book, they tell you where you can go and find out what you need. They explain the benefits (and draw-backs) of Snippets, Library Items and Templates in such a way that developers can utilize these tools. The project section of the book really shows the power of templates. If you are looking for a reference book or a project book, you get both! I just thought I was using templates... now I can really use them.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Templates in Dreamweaver MX are much more powerful, but also much more complicated, than in previous versions of the software. This book aims to be the definitive reference for all of Dreamweaver MX's code reusability features, including templates, library items, and snippets. Many Dreamweaver users are interested in what goes on "beneath the covers"; they want to know what code is generated and how they can tweak that code. In the case of templates, you almost have to understand the generated code to get the most out of the features. This book goes beyond the usual vanilla user interface description and presents a detailed explanation of what code is produced by all of Dreamweaver's code-reusability features and how you can tweak it to your benefit. The first part of the book presents explanatory information about templates, library items, and snippets. However, the second part of the book was the most valuable to me. Part II consists of a tutorial that walks you through many of the new template features (you can download the tutorial files from the book's web site). I found the tutorial to be fun and instructive, and the hand's on practice helped solidify my understanding of the various template features.
Guest More than 1 year ago
DREAMWEAVER MX TEMPLATES AUTHOR: Brad Halstead and Murray R. Summers PUBLISHER: New Riders REVIEWED BY: Barbara Rhoades BOOK REVIEW: OK! So you have begun to use Dreamweaver to create your web sites. GREAT! But just how much do you know about Dreamweaver and what it can do to help you create that web site? Do you know what a Snippet is? How about a Library? Then you can use templates and regions. Oh, you don¿t know what any of these items are? Then you need the book Dreamweaver MX Templates. A Snippet is a bit of code already programmed for you. Just click and drag to your page and there you have it ¿ a quick form such as a price list. Now all you do is add your information. A Library is another way of adding to your web pages without having to write the code each time. You create it once and save it to your Library. The next time you need it, just add the item from your Library. Now comes the cool part. Six months later, you want to give you web page a new look. Remember that Library item you created for, say, your business address? You have moved your business to a new location and have this address on 15 pages. Change the library item and those 15 instances will all be updated. What a time saver! Templates and regions are another way of updating your pages quickly. What are they? Find out by getting Dreamweaver MX Templates. It is a great book to help you learn quick and easy ways to maintain and update your web sites.
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you're like me, you upgraded to Dreamweaver MX with these awesome new template features, and then you couldn't get all the new features to work. You did what seemed logical, but still couldn't figure out certain aspects of the templates. Well, wander in the wilderness no more. Murray Summers and Brad Halstead have more than "come to your rescue." There's more to this book than meets the eye. They not only cover the templates in detail (including editable, repeatable, nested and conditional regions), but also snippets and library items. I particularly enjoyed the explanations around the process of planning the site and creating the various templates and child pages. And then, once you've learned how to customize the syntax and expressions, they walk you through building an entire site... Good stuff!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Dreamweaver MX Templates is the first great "how to" book for utilizing the power of library items and templates. Of all the mysteries not well understood about DW features, Templates is certainly high on the list. Mystery solved! Brad and Murry have covered the territory well with a book that starts at the beginning (section 1) and builds (section 2) so that anyone reading the book can walk away confident in the uses of templates, new template features in DWMX and the awesome timesaver available in library items. Instructional and easy to read material, complimented by easy to understand exercises reveal the power in templates, library items and snippets. A great book for those new to the power in DWMX and a good reference guide for those who understand DWMX but just haven't gotten the hang of templates and library items.