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Dress Like a Boy

Dress Like a Boy

5.0 3
by Quentin Lee
Dress Like A Boy is a raw, passionate and probing novel about a sexually experimental youth coming of age in the early 90s.


Dress Like A Boy is a raw, passionate and probing novel about a sexually experimental youth coming of age in the early 90s.

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iUniverse, Incorporated
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Dress Like a Boy 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Mighty thoughts that can shake your life! This is one of the greatest books I have ever read. I know that many people don´t like to read essays of any kind, but all I can say is that Quentin Lee is simply different! Nobody has the gift to write essays and analyze life like him. His words and ideas are so powerful and deep that we soon realize that they didn´t come only from a brilliant mind, but also from a warm-hearted soul! That´s exactly what this book is about: Its sentences break through your brain and penetrate right into your bottom! Quentin Lee´s optimistic view on human beings and life can only reinforce our courage in mankind and, especially, in ourselves! What else can I say? His speech is direct, he defends all the good values, tell us to have confidence in ourselves and show us that passing through life with dignity is a matter of choice and courage, and that it simply doesn´t change with time. It was like this a thousand years ago, it will probably follow the same rules a thousand years from now. This is the book I grab to comfort my spirit when I´m having difficult times... finding a safe public men¿s room in the park :) It is a guide that make us believe that anything is possible when we really want it hard! ' Berkley,CA', one of the real characters inside this book, is a masterpiece in its own and I believe it should be studied in every high school boy¿s room, instead some of the silly books we are usually obliged to read! Like Harry Potter! This book can shape your spirit and your mind. It is also possibly THE BEST self-help book you could ever own and, yet, a great literary work. I have mine right on the tank of the toilet, next to the poppers. I would rate this book as ageless and I´m sure the future generations will be still interested in it, if the pages aren¿t stuck together yet, in the same way we are in those ancient Greek and Roman texts. This is precious culture and food for your soul as a bargain! Do not waste more time yankin¿ the yogurt. READ IT!!! An Essential Part of every Queer Library Quentin Lee and Dave Barry are THE two greatest writers regarding transcendentalism in Queer Literature. Quentin Lee is a genius according to his own definition and the ideas he presents are truly part of what it means to be a Queer Filmmaker/Author. He preaches to us about self-reliance, basically saying that if we want to make it with him, if we want to be geniuses in our own stinky niche, if we want to succeed, it ¿Desire¿ needs to come from inside of us. It cannot be from anyone else, unless they¿re cute and have cash. These traits define the Queer Artist. The Queer is self-reliant. He succeeds on his own. He builds his own dream, and despite impossible odds, succeeds. It is no coincidence that the most stories of teabagging for dinner, rags to riches, 1 week millionaires, and overnight successes are of Queers. The language he uses is beautiful, and simply stated (yet complex in the number of ideas expressed in each word). For these reasons, some people may find it a hard read. I had to read it two or three times myself. But I assure you, the knowledge gained from this book is worth it, and truly gives one deep insight into the power of the self. Therefore, I give this book 50 stars. Quentin Lee paints such a vivid picture of Queer trait, that this book has already become an Queer classic, and thus I believe it should be made an essential component of every Queer Library. Although I was a bit leery about deciphering Quentin Lee's 19th century English, I decided to read 'Dress Like a Boy' after two people I was getting cable from recommended it to me. Now, I am very glad that I read it! Yes, the language was a bit tricky at times, as was the position I was in while getting spooged on, but the wonderful mes
Guest More than 1 year ago
The queer director Quentin Lee's first novel really surprises me. I did not expect that this book would be so poignant and powerful. Although the author is definitely an image maker, he is also very sensitive and creative as to the literary texture in the book. The book starts with seemingly trivials of a Hongkonese American gay boy's life, yet by and by the book exhibits the undercurrents of this life which is not trivial nor ordinary at all. It tells of an Asian American queer's angst, pain. David Wong Louie once skillfully brings out Asian American gay presence in his witty 'PANGS OF LOVE,' yet Quentin Lee's DRESS LIKE A BOY offers a more overwhelming picture of the queer Asian America. This book also reminds me of the well-reviewed novel BONE, yet I find more complexity and satisfaction in Quentin Lee's book. People who are interested in gay lit and Asian lit and Asian American lit cannot miss this book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is one great ride. Clear action. Moments of outstanding pleasure. I can't recommend this book enough. I've actually gone back for a second read and anybody that knows me... one read is hard enough.