Drug Information: A Guide to Current Resources / Edition 3

Drug Information: A Guide to Current Resources / Edition 3

by Bonnie Snow

ISBN-10: 1555706169

ISBN-13: 9781555706166

Pub. Date: 04/28/2008

Publisher: Neal-Schuman Publishers, Incorporated

The number and types of resources available for drug information have increased dramatically since publication of the first edition of this book. The revised and updated second edition offers expert guidance in selecting the most appropriate sources and using them effectively. Designed for use as a self-study text, as a course text in more formal instruction programs


The number and types of resources available for drug information have increased dramatically since publication of the first edition of this book. The revised and updated second edition offers expert guidance in selecting the most appropriate sources and using them effectively. Designed for use as a self-study text, as a course text in more formal instruction programs, or as a refresher for the busy professional, the book includes valuable background data on legal and regulatory issues, as well as pharmaceutical technology. New to the second edition are chapters on regulatory sources online, industrial pharmacy, and market research and competitive intelligence databases. In addition to detailed annotations for 586 hardcopy and online sources, Snow provides comparative and evaluative commentary on their applications. This edition also incorporates discussion of more than 300 Web sites and core collection lists recommended for both hospital and public libraries. Practicum exercises, developed to encourage self-evaluation and review, illustrate 78 typical quick-reference problems and suggested solutions. Includes glossary and index. Praise for the Previous Edition: "... well-written, well-organized, and reasonably priced. I highly recommend its purchase since it can be used as a self-study text for those who want to learn more about drug information and as a quick-reference resource by those who already know about the subject." — Amy J. Van Camp, ONLINE

Author Biography: Bonnie Snow has more than twenty years of experience as an online educator, writer, and consultant. She is currently Director of Client Services for the eKnowledge Group of Caredata.com, producer of"CiteLine" Internet research software.

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Medical Library Association Guides
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 PREFACE Chapter 2 ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Chapter 3 LIST OF FIGURES Chapter 4 CHAPTER ONE: Prescription for Using This Guide Chapter 5 Indications for Use Chapter 6 Recommended Regimen Chapter 7 Special Instructions for Online, CD-ROM, and Internet Users Chapter 8 Precautions Chapter 9 CHAPTER TWO: Drug Nomenclature and Its Relationship to Scientific Communication Chapter 10 Types of Drug Names Chapter 11 Drug Classification Chapter 12 Less Frequently Used Identifiers Chapter 13 Other Nomenclature Issues Chapter 14 Name Recognition and Effective Problem Solving Chapter 15 PRACTICUM 1 Chapter 16 CHAPTER THREE: Drug Identification and Nomenclature Sources Chapter 17 Official Compendia Chapter 18 Commercial Sources Chapter 19 Beyond the Basics: Expanding Drug Identification Capabilities Chapter 20 CHAPTER FOUR: Background on Drug and Device Laws and Regulations Chapter 21 History of Drug Regulation in the United States Chapter 22 The New Drug Application Process Today Chapter 23 Laws and Regulations Dealing with the Drug Lag Chapter 24 Narcotic Drug Law Chapter 25 Regulatory Hot Topics and Frequently Asked Questions Chapter 26 Laws Governing the Practice of Pharmacy Chapter 27 Medical Device Regulation Chapter 28 Keeping Up-to-Date on Regulatory Developments Chapter 29 Summary: Implications for the Information Provider Chapter 30 CHAPTER FIVE: Evaluating Drug Information Sources and Developing a Search Protocol Chapter 31 Structure and Organization of the Literature: Scaling the Pyramid Chapter 32 Source Evaluation Checklist Chapter 33 Guides to the Literature Chapter 34 Internet Pathfinders Chapter 35 Guides to the Terminology of Pharmacy and Related Disciplines Chapter 36 CHAPTER SIX: Pharmacology and Therapeutics Reference Sources Chapter 37 An International Compendium Chapter 38 Core Collection for Access to U.S. Pharmacotherapeutic Information Chapter 39 Alternative Selections and Additional Bibliography Chapter 40 Drug Handbooks on the Internet Chapter 41 PRACTICUM 2 Chapter 42 CHAPTER SEVEN: Side Effects: Sources of Adverse Drug Reactions and Interactions Information Chapter 43 Adverse Reactions Information Sources Chapter 44 Reference Sources for Drug Interactions Chapter 45 Specialized Adverse Effects Publications Chapter 46 Parenteral Incompatibilities Chapter 47 CHAPTER EIGHT: Side Effects: Sources of Poisoning and Toxicology Information Chapter 48 Quick-Reference Sources for Poisoning Therapy Chapter 49 Textbooks in Clinical Toxicology Chapter 50 Sourcebooks in Analytical Toxicology Chapter 51 Teratogenicity Information Sources Chapter 52 Other Toxicology Reference Bibliography Chapter 53 PRACTICUM 3 Chapter 54 CHAPTER NINE: Drug Information for the Consumer/Patient Chapter 55 Recommended Core Collection Chapter 56 Additional Selections Chapter 57 Consumer Drug Information on the Internet Chapter 58 Aids to Medication Counseling Chapter 59 CHAPTER TEN: Product Identification: Imprint Indexes and Foreign Drug Sources Chapter 60 Drug Identification from a Description or Observation of a Dosage Form Chapter 61 Foreign Drug Identification Sources Chapter 62 Multilingual Guides: Help for the Xenophobe Chapter 63 CHAPTER ELEVEN: Industrial Pharmacy Chapter 64 Official Compendial Standards Chapter 65 Biopharmaceutics Guides Chapter 66 Resources to Support Formulation Development Chapter 67 Sourcebooks in Pharmaceutical Technology Part 68 CHAPTER TWELVE: Special Topics Chapter 69 Pharmacognosy: The Literature of Natural Drugs Chapter 70 Veterinary Drugs Chapter 71 Information on the History of Pharmacy Chapter 72 CHAPTER THIRTEEN: Business Directories and Statistical Data Sources Chapter 73 Resources to Determine U.S. Product Availability Chapter 74 Company or Service Directories and Buyer's Guides Chapter 75 Retail Trade Directories: Chain and Independent Pharmacies Chapter 76 Sources of Drug Sales and Utilization Data Chapter 77 Pharmacy Services, Operations, and Manpower Data Chapter 78 Directories of Pharmacy Faculty and Educational Programs Chapter 79 PRACTICUM 4 Chapter 80 CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Compiling a Bibliography with Online Resources Chapter 81 Pharmacology and Therapeutics Databases Chapter 82 Influential Factors in Database Selection Chapter 83 Databases to Answer Adverse Effects and Interactions Questions Chapter 84 Drug Information for the Consumer or Patient Chapter 85 Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology Sources Chapter 86 Pharmacognosy Chapter 87 Drug Identification and Nomenclature Sources Chapter 88 CHAPTER FIFTEEN: Market Research and Competitive Intelligence Online Chapter 89 Drugs-in-Development Directories Chapter 90 Tracking Pharmaceutical News Online Chapter 91 Probing the Internet for Health Economics and Outcomes Research Chapter 92 Exploring Licensing Opportunities Chapter 93 Investigating Line Extensions Chapter 94 Company and Product Directories Chapter 95 Statistical Sources: Market Share, Sales, and Epidemiological Data Chapter 96 Summary and Segue Chapter 97 CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Regulatory Sources Online Chapter 98 Finding Information on Product Approvals Chapter 99 Sources for Product Recall Notices Chapter 100 Checking a Device's Track Reord of Adverse Experience Reports Chapter 101 Establishment Inspection Reports and Form 483s Chapter 102 Warning Letters as Competitive Intelligence Tools Chapter 103 FDA Guidelines and Regulations Chapter 104 The FDA Home Page on the Internet Chapter 105 Speciality Fee-Based CD-ROM Services Chapter 106 Verifying Patent Numbers, Expirations, and Extensions Chapter 107 The Importance of Regulatory Surveillance Chapter 108 PRACTICUM 5 Chapter 109 APPENDIX A: The Core Drug Information Collection Chapter 110 APPENDIX B: Database Selection Aids and Additional Online Resource Annotations Chapter 111 APPENDIX C: Selection of Current Awareness Newsletters Available in Full-Text Format Online Chapter 112 APPENDIX D: Professional and Trade Associations Chapter 113 APPENDIX E: Practicum Excercises: Suggested Answers Chapter 114 APPENDIX F: Directory of Internet Resources Cited in the Guide Chapter 115 APPENDIX G: Key to Abbreviations Chapter 116 GLOSSARY Chapter 117 INDEX Chapter 118 ABOUT THE AUTHOR

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