Drug Test, Vol. 2

Drug Test, Vol. 2


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Invisible Records


Disc 1

  1. X-Lover
  2. More
  3. Ashtrayhead
  4. Spider Sex and Car Wrecks
  5. Chillo (Sunrise)  -  Test Dept.
  6. Not Answering  -  Scorn
  7. [Untitled Track]
  8. Monochrome
  9. Asphalt Eyes
  10. Michael Said to Me  -  Spasm
  11. Spit
  12. [Untitled Track]
  13. Thee Decaying Matter Ov Family L-O-V-E
  14. [Untitled Track]
  15. Throughput  -  Pounder
  16. Ral Bag
  17. Dark Side 11 Am  -  Matera
  18. Theme from Death Row

Disc 2

  1. Waiting for the Man
  2. Hagseed
  3. Good Doggy
  4. Loud and Clear
  5. Il Est un Sac de Merde  -  Test Dept.
  6. [Untitled Track]
  7. Flame Job
  8. Electromagnetic Disemboweler
  9. Asphalt Eyes
  10. [Untitled Track]
  11. TK421
  12. Rock Tune 1
  13. Humanity Is the Virus
  14. Bedazzled
  15. [Untitled Track]
  16. Drumme + Basse III
  17. Too Much  -  Matera
  18. Death Row

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Psychic TV   Track Performer
Test Dept.   Track Performer
Pigface   Track Performer
Lab Report   Track Performer
Scorn   Track Performer
Evil Mothers   Track Performer
Sheep on Drugs   Track Performer
Martin Atkins   Track Performer
Drake   Track Performer
Genesis P-Orridge   Keyboards,Vocals
Mark Walk   Track Performer
Transmisia   Track Performer
Mick Harris   Track Performer
Dead Voices on Air   Track Performer
Johnny Violent   Track Performer
Kinder Atom   Track Performer
Splinter Test   Track Performer
Not Breathing   Track Performer
HEAL   Track Performer
Spasm   Track Performer
Pounder   Track Performer
Love Interest   Track Performer
Matera   Track Performer
Ashtray Head   Track Performer
Phylr   Track Performer
Girl Bros.   Track Performer
Adam Nelson   Track Performer
Subgenius   Track Performer
Western   Track Performer
Wounded Knee   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Test Dept.   Producer
Evil Mothers   Composer
Sheep on Drugs   Composer
Martin Atkins   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Critter   Remixing
F.M. Einheit   Engineer
Genesis P-Orridge   Composer,Producer
John Hiler   Engineer
Walk   Composer
Mark Walk   Remixing
Mick Harris   Composer,Remixing
Jason McNinch   Engineer
Mark Spybey   Producer
Johnny Violent   Remixing
Not Breathing   Source Material
Matera   Producer,Engineer
Marc Heal   Producer
Heiki Sillaste   Augmenting
Mauro Techo Teardo   Remixing
Larry Thrasher   Producer
Gerald Belanger   Engineer,Augmenting
Dave Wright   Producer
Girl Bros.   Composer,Producer,Remixing
Chris Greene   Mastering
Adam Nelson   Remixing
J.F. Coleman   Producer
Juttajaw   Programming,Producer
Subgenius   Producer,Remixing
Wounded Knee   Remixing
Rotorhead   Megamix
Richard Moss   Engineer

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