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Drug Testing at Work

Drug Testing at Work

by Beverly A. Potter, Sebastian J. Orfali

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Library Journal - Library Journal
Potter and Orfali's book on this important topic is a mixed bag. It consists of sometimes inaccurate information on the history and present status of drug use and testing in America (claiming cocaine was the main ingredient in Coca-Cola in its early years) and some useful and accurate guidelines for employers setting up drug testing programs. But in addition to sections explaining types of drug tests and their veracity, or lack thereof, and models of Employee Assistance Programs and their usefulness, there is an incongruous section on ways in which employees can avoid getting a positive reading on their drug tests; this seems considerably at variance with the tone of the rest of the book. Recommended, but with reservations.-- Norman Lederer, UAW, Woodbridge, N.J.

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A Guide for Employers and Employees Working in the New Age Ser.

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