Drug Trafficking in the Americas / Edition 1

Drug Trafficking in the Americas / Edition 1

by Bruce Michael Bagley, William O. III (Ed.) Walker

ISBN-10: 1560007524

ISBN-13: 9781560007524

Pub. Date: 12/01/1994

Publisher: University of Miami, North/South Center Press

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University of Miami, North/South Center Press
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New Edition

Table of Contents

Ch. 1The Bush Administration's Andean Drug Strategy in Historical Perspective1
Ch. 2U.S.-Andean Drug Policy23
Ch. 3The U.S. Military and the War on Drugs43
Ch. 4After San Antonio61
Ch. 5The Size of the Illegal Drug Industry77
Ch. 6Drug Trafficking and Society in Colombia97
Ch. 7Drug Trafficking and the Guerrilla Movement in Colombia121
Ch. 8Drug Summitry: A Colombian Perspective131
Ch. 9Glyphosate and Drug Control Policy in Colombia149
Ch. 10The Andean Cocaine Dilemma161
Ch. 11Peru, Drugs, and Shining Path179
Ch. 12Recent Literature on Drugs in Bolivia201
Ch. 13U.S.-Bolivia Counternarcotics Efforts During the Paz Zamora Administration: 1989-1992217
Ch. 14Ecuador and the War on Drugs259
Ch. 15Drug Trafficking, Drug Consumption, and Violence in Ecuador283
Ch. 16The Impact of Drug Trafficking on Ecuadoran Politics: 1989-1992301
Ch. 17Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse in Paraguay317
Ch. 18Paraguay and International Drug Trafficking351
Ch. 19Drug Trafficking in U.S.-Mexican Relations: What You See Is What You Get373
Ch. 20After Camarena395
Ch. 21U.S.-Mexican Border Drug Control: Operation Alliance as a Case Study423
Ch. 22Central America and Drug Trafficking445
Ch. 23Costa Rica and the Drug Trade455
Ch. 24The Drug Trade in the Caribbean: Policy Options469
Ch. 25Politics and U.S.-Jamaican Drug Trade in the 1980s481
Ch. 26International Cooperation and the War on Drugs513
Ch. 27The International Nexus: Where Worlds Collide521
Ch. 28Who Are the Bad Guys? Literary Images of Narcotraffickers535

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