Drunk: 100 Smashed Hits

Drunk: 100 Smashed Hits


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Disc 1

  1. Drunk
  2. Bubbles in My Beer
  3. Rye Whiskey
  4. When a Woman Lovers Her Juice
  5. One Mint Julep
  6. I Got Loaded
  7. Clink, Clink, Another Drink
  8. The Drunkard's Hell
  9. Liquor Drinkin' Woman
  10. Drunken Hearted Man
  11. Barroom Blues
  12. Bar Fly Baby
  13. Looped
  14. Juice Head Man of Mine
  15. Lush Head Woman
  16. Whiskey and Gin
  17. When I Get Drunk
  18. Cherry Wine
  19. Sittin' Here and Drinkin' (Whiskey Blues)
  20. Let's Get Drunk Again
  21. Malted Milk
  22. If the Sea Was Whiskey
  23. Gin Headed Woman
  24. Drunk, Broke and Hungry
  25. Whiskey Do Your Stuff

Disc 2

  1. Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee
  2. Tequila
  3. Drinking Tequila
  4. A Six Pack to Go
  5. Hey Bartender
  6. Wine, Women, Whiskey
  7. Whiskey Headed Blues
  8. Who Threw the Whiskey in the Well
  9. The Bartender's Just Like a Mother
  10. Scotchin' with the Soda
  11. Wine Woogie
  12. Beer Bottle Mama
  13. Cheap Old Wine & Whiskey
  14. We're All Loaded (Whiskey Made Me Drunk)
  15. Half Pint-a-Whiskey
  16. Sloppy Drunk Blues
  17. Drink the Barrel Dry
  18. Drinkin' and A-Thinkin'
  19. It All Depends (Who Will Buy the Wine)
  20. Beer Drinking Woman
  21. Wine, Women and Song
  22. Hadacol Bounce
  23. All That Wine is Gone
  24. Cigarettes, Whusky and Wild, Wild Women
  25. Drinkin' Beer (Havin' a Ball)

Disc 3

  1. W-P-L-J
  2. White Lightning
  3. Joy Juice
  4. My Baby's Barrel House
  5. I Ain't Drunk
  6. Who Drank My Beer While I Was in the Rear
  7. Barrelhouse Boogie
  8. Sloppy Drunk Again
  9. Old Joe's Hittin' the Jug
  10. Little Brown Jug
  11. When I've Been Drinking
  12. It Ain't Far to the Bar
  13. Shut Up and Drink Your Beer
  14. Hangover Blues
  15. Pink Champagne
  16. Drinkin' By Myself
  17. The Little Glass of Wine
  18. Groove Juice Special
  19. I Know Who Threw the Whiskey in the Well
  20. Whiskey and Jelly-Roll Blues
  21. Just One More Drink
  22. Bar Fly Blues
  23. Alligator Wine
  24. Juiced
  25. The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea

Disc 4

  1. One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
  2. There Stands the Glass
  3. One for My Baby (And One More for the Road)
  4. Gin House Blues
  5. The Drunkard's Doom
  6. Gettin' Drunk
  7. Hey, Brother, Pour the Wine
  8. Warm Red Wine
  9. A Broken Heart and a Glass of Beer
  10. Whiskey, Gin & Wine
  11. Waiting & Drinking
  12. What's the Use of Getting Sober (When You're Gonna Get Drunk Again)
  13. Beer Garden Blues
  14. Drunkard's Special
  15. No More Alcohol
  16. Whiskey Is the Devil (In Liquid Form)
  17. Death at the Bar
  18. Too Many Parties Too Many Pals
  19. Drunk Drunk Drunk
  20. Bad, Bad, Whiskey
  21. Juice Head Baby
  22. Wine-O-Baby Boogie
  23. Bloodshot Eyes
  24. Sittin' Here Drinkin'
  25. Aged & Mellow Blues

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lucille Bogan   Vocals
Bo Carter   Guitar,Vocals
Walter Davis   Piano,Vocals
Floyd Dixon   Piano,Vocals
Willie Dixon   Bass,Vocals
Peppermint Harris   Vocals
Wynonie Harris   Vocals
Bull Moose Jackson   Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Memphis Slim   Piano,Vocals
Amos Milburn   Piano,Vocals
Big Joe Turner   Vocals
Ralph Stanley   Banjo,Bass,Vocals
Chet Atkins   Guitar
Hank Garland   Guitar
George Jones   Vocals
Jim Reeves   Vocals
Tex Ritter   Vocals
Hank Thompson   Guitar,Vocals
Merle Travis   Guitar
Kitty Wells   Vocals
Dean Martin   Vocals
Johnnie Ray   Vocals
Nina Simone   Piano,Vocals
Frank Sinatra   Vocals
Jesse Belvin   Vocals
Bill Doggett   Organ
Rosco Gordon   Piano,Vocals
Jerry Lee Lewis   Piano,Vocals
Jimmy Liggins   Guitar,Vocals
Joe Liggins   Piano,Vocals
Albert Ammons   Piano
Buster Bailey   Clarinet
Allen Eager   Tenor Saxophone
Art Farmer   Trumpet
Leonard Feather   Piano
Jimmy Heath   Alto Saxophone
Peter Johnson   Piano
Jonah Jones   Trumpet
Louis Jordan   Alto Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Vocals
Hank Marr   Piano
Big Jay McNeely   Alto Saxophone
Jay McShann   Piano
Joe Newman   Trumpet
Mary Osborne   Guitar
Jimmy Rowles   Piano
Tab Smith   Alto Saxophone
Slam Stewart   Bass,Vocals
Earl Van Riper   Piano
Dinah Washington   Vocals
Ben Webster   Tenor Saxophone
Pete Candoli   Trumpet
Cozy Cole   Drums
Bill Harris   Guitar
Klink   Tenor Saxophone
Hal McIntyre   Alto Saxophone
Oscar Moore   Guitar
Jack Marshall   Guitar
Bob Prince   Trumpet
Mickey Baker   Guitar
Dave Bartholomew   Trumpet,Vocals
Preston Love   Alto Saxophone
Bob Bain   Guitar
Noel Boggs   Steel Guitar
Billy Gray   Guitar
Don Helms   Steel Guitar
Grady Martin   Guitar
Cliffie Stone   Bass
Ernest Tubb   Guitar,Vocals
Slim Gaillard   Guitar,Piano,Vocals
Charles Thompson   Piano
Shot Jackson   Dobro,Steel Guitar
Dexter   Vocals
McKibbon   Bass
Freddy Webster   Trumpet
Connie Kay   Drums
Gene Ramey   Bass
Billy Armstrong   Flute
Leonard Atkins   Flute
Baby Dodds   Drums
George Ballard   Drums
Lester Barnard   Guitar
Dallas Bartley   Bass
Leard Bell   Drums
Larry Belton   Baritone Saxophone
Tex Beneke   Tenor Saxophone
Benny Booker   Bass
Owen Bradley   Piano
Robert Brady   Drums
Joe Bridgewater   Trumpet
Ted Brinson   Drums
Joe Britton   Trombone
Bam Brown   Bass,Vocals
Brownie McGhee   Guitar,Vocals
Roland Bundock   Bass
Dave Burgess   Guitar
Hillous Butrum   Bass
Red Callender   Bass
Earl Carter   Tenor Saxophone
Leonard Caston   Piano,Vocals
Lightnin' Chance   Bass
Alfred Cobbs   Trombone
Nat King Cole   Piano,Vocals
John Coltrane   Alto Saxophone
Leon Comegys   Trombone
Conrad Gozzo   Trumpet
William Cooper   Bass
Harper Cosby   Bass
Ernest "Big" Crawford   Drums
Johnny Cuviello   Drums
Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis   Tenor Saxophone
Maxwell Davis   Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Jim Dunbar   Vocals
Tommy Duncan   Vocals
Wilbert Ellis   Piano
Little Esther   Vocals
John Faire   Guitar
Addison Farmer   Bass
Frank Fields   Bass
Buddy Floyd   Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Panama Francis   Drums
Chuck Gentry   Saxophone
Rufus Gore   Tenor Saxophone
Harold Grant   Guitar
Herb Hardesty   Alto Saxophone
Buddy Harman   Drums
Allan Harshman   Viola
Screamin' Jay Hawkins   Vocals
Ernie Hayes   Piano
Arthur "Skeets" Herfurt   Saxophone
Cliff Hills   Bass
Lightnin' Hopkins   Guitar,Vocals
John Hunt   Trumpet
Pat Jenkins   Trumpet
Gus Johnson   Drums
Robert Johnson   Guitar,Vocals
Coley Jones   Guitar,Vocals
Joe Jordan   Trumpet
Millard Kelso   Piano
Louis Kievman   Viola
Sonny Knight   Piano
Legh Knowles   Trumpet
Chester Lane   Piano
Ellis Larkins   Piano
Richard Lewis   Piano
Professor Longhair   Piano,Vocals
Ira Louvin   Vocals,Mandoline
Charlie Louvin   Guitar,Vocals
Billy "Red" Love   Piano,Vocals
Dan Lube   Flute
Lawrence Lucie   Guitar
Clarence Mack   Bass
Fred Maddox   Bass
Henry Maddox   Mandoline
Rose Maddox   Vocals
Mickey Mangano   Trumpet
Walter Martin   Drums
Sticks McGhee   Guitar,Vocals
Ernest McLean   Guitar
Glenn Miller   Tenor Saxophone
Muddy Waters   Guitar,Vocals
Walter Nelson   Guitar
Calvin Newborn   Guitar
Milburn Newman   Baritone Saxophone
Ernie Newton   Bass
Earl Palmer   Drums
Frank Pasley   Guitar
Bert Payne   Guitar
Bernie Peacock   Alto Saxophone
Beverly Peer   Bass
Webb Pierce   Vocals
Jesse Price   Drums
Peppy Prince   Drums
Wesley Prince   Bass
Carl Pruitt   Bass
Yank Rachell   Mandoline
Herb Remington   Steel Guitar
Allan Reuss   Guitar
Eddie Roane   Trumpet
Hargus "Pig" Robbins   Piano
Smokey Rogers   Vocals
Jesse Sailes   Drums
Wilbur Schwartz   Clarinet,Alto Saxophone
Eldon Shamblin   Guitar
Calvin Shields   Drums
Frank Sleet   Alto Saxophone
Stuff Smith   Flute,Vocals
Vernon Smith   Trumpet
Sonny Terry   Harmonica,Vocals
Art Stamper   Flute
Carter Stanley   Guitar,Vocals
Teddy Stewart   Drums
Leonard Heavy Swain   Bass
Bill Swindell   Alto Saxophone
Paul Tanner   Trombone
Arnold Thomas   Piano
Lloyd Trotman   Bass
Ray Tunia   Piano
Floyd Turnham   Clarinet,Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Greely Walton   Baritone Saxophone
George Washington   Trombone
Johnny "Guitar" Watson   Guitar,Vocals
Leo Watson   Drums
Champ Webb   Saxophone
Tiny Webb   Guitar
Hank Williams   Guitar,Vocals
Devonia Williams   Piano
Elmer "Skippy" Williams   Tenor Saxophone
Sonny Boy Williamson   Harmonica,Vocals
Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys   Flute,Vocals
Billy Jack Wills   Bass
Jimmy Winkle   Vocals
Jimmy Witherspoon   Vocals
Paul Yandell   Guitar
Big John Greer   Tenor Saxophone
Joe Holley   Flute
Ocie Stockard   Banjo,Flute
Luke Wills   Vocals
Jack Anglin   Guitar
Walter Bailes   Guitar,Vocals
Victor Bay   Flute
Jerry Byrd   Steel Guitar
Farris Coursey   Drums
Jesse Ervin   Guitar
Clarence Hall   Tenor Saxophone
Marvin Hughes   Piano
Earl Joaquin Murphey   Steel Guitar
Lee Pope   Tenor Saxophone
Dale Potter   Flute
Deuce Spriggens   Bass
Nick Pisani   Flute
Harold Lucas   Vocals
Harold Winley   Vocals
J.W. Brown   Bass
Ollie Crawford   Guitar,Vocals
Solomon Hall   Drums
Mastren   Trombone
Dale McMickle   Trumpet
Herbert Parham   Piano
Gene Simon   Trombone
Harry Van Walls   Piano
Mack Walker   Bass
Jimmy Williams   Mandoline
Homer Bailes   Flute,Vocals
Kyle Bailes   Vocals,Mandoline
Pat Brady   Bass,Vocals
Buddy Bruce   Guitar
Buck Buchanan   Flute
Ken Carson   Guitar,Vocals
Richard Cole   Guitar
Darrell Jones   Bass
Maurice King   Alto Saxophone
Jimmie Meek   String Bass
Loren Mitchell   Piano
Bob Nolan   Guitar,Vocals
Lloyd Perryman   Guitar,Vocals
Smokey Roberts   Vocals
Floyd Robinson   Guitar
Tim Spencer   Guitar,Vocals
Dick Stabile   Alto Saxophone
Pat Trotter   Flute
Wesley Tuttle   Guitar
Gerry Wiggins   Piano
Stanley Aronson   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Bobby Bennett   Guitar
Gus Chappell   Trombone
Chummy MacGregor   Piano
Bob Mitchell   Trumpet
Tommy Pederson   Trombone
Billy Riley   Guitar
Raymond Taylor   Bass
Vooley Bastine   Trumpet
Frank Domínguez   Alto Saxophone
Frank Galbraith   Trumpet
Count Hastings   Tenor Saxophone
Wayma "Pee Wee" Whitewing   Steel Guitar
Stumpy Whitlock   Trumpet
Wichard   Drums
Ernest Tanner   Alto Saxophone
Jimmy Pruett   Piano
Charles Avery   Piano
Joe Hermann   Flute
Willie E. Jackson   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Russell Green   Trumpet
Don Canway   Alto Saxophone
Bill Miller   Piano
George W. McCormick   Guitar
Calvin Boze   Trumpet,Vocals
Numa Lee Davis   Vocals
Johnnie Edwards   Drums
Richard Hamilton   Guitar
Robert Berg   Flute
Ray Heath   Trombone
Bill Gaither   Tenor Saxophone
Billy Hughes   Flute
Johnny Tyler   Guitar,Vocals
Ray Toland   Drums
Jackie Allen   Trumpet
Red Carman   Tenor Saxophone
Eddie Davis   Bass
Rip Tarrant   Trombone
Darrell "Pee Wee" Lambert   Vocals,Mandoline
Christine Kittrell   Vocals
Emmett Davis   Vocals
Marvin Phillips   Vocals
Sammy Guy   Bass
Big Red Hayes   Flute
Percy Gabriel   Bass
James Hoskins   Drums
Ernest Leavy   Baritone Saxophone
Hugh Farr   Flute,Vocals
Karl Farr   Guitar,Vocals
John Peter DeVoogt   Flute
Charlie Linville   Flute
Bernie Mackay   Guitar
Leroy Elton Hill   Trumpet
Pete Peterson   Tenor Saxophone
Cliff Brown   Vocals
Evelyn "Evy Lou" Thomas   Bass,Vocals
James Ross   Trumpet
Bill Graham   Baritone Saxophone
Curtis Murphy   Trumpet
Joe Williams   Guitar
Elbert Langford   Drums
Johnny Brown   Guitar
Jesse Duhon   Guitar
Phineas Newborn   Drums
Charles Pendergraph   Drums
Three Dots and a Dash   Vocals
Johnny Wright   Guitar
James Sherman   Piano
Cleophus Curtis   Tenor Saxophone
John Maddox   Guitar
Jimmy Van Eaton   Drums
James Thomas   Tenor Saxophone
Armand Kaproff   Cello
Charles Walker   Tenor Saxophone
Ledbetter   Vocals
John "Buddy" Bailey   Vocals
Del Porter & The Boys in the Back Room   Vocals
Bill Barnett   Alto Saxophone
Johnny Bailes   Guitar,Vocals
Willie Vincent   Guitar,Vocals,String Bass
Hector Stutes   Flute
Johnny Kirkwood   Drums
George Long   Vocals
Charles Grean   Bass
Danny Flores   Saxophone,Vocals
Calvin Vaughan   Drums
Louis Brown   Piano
Tommy Jackson Jr.   Flute
Miller   Drums
Earl Warren   Alto Saxophone
Charles Saunders   Drums
Mitchell Webb   Guitar
Gene Alden   Drums
Papa Lightfoot   Harmonica,Vocals
Billy Briggs Stewart   Bass
James Jackson   Tenor Saxophone
Salvador Doucette   Piano
Lefty Nason   Steel Guitar
Johnny Acea   Piano
Heywood Henry   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
J.S. Williams   Guitar
Matthew McQuarter   Vocals
Marshall Cram   Trombone
Jewell Grant   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone
Maurice Purtill   Drums
Buddy Hagans   Saxophone
Henry Shufford   Vocals
Pete Lewis   Guitar
Orvis Lee Teamer   Vocals
Luther McDaniels   Vocals
Eddie Vinson   Alto Saxophone,Vocals
Alan Barker   Bass
Leonard Swain   Bass
Robert Fell   Harmonica
Ed Rosa   Saxophone
Jack "the Bear" Parker   Drums
Sam Taylor   Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone
Johnny Manson   Flute
Gerald Vince   Flute
Don Johnson   Trumpet
Willis Jackson   Tenor Saxophone
Harold Johnson   Trumpet
Gwin Nichols   Drums
Emory Perry   Tenor Saxophone
Dorris Warren   Flute
Clarence Sherill   Bass
Neal Robinson   Piano
Nathaniel McFay   Drums
Mario Delagrade   Bass
Jimmie Jackson   Tenor Saxophone
Herman Many   Drums
Clyde Beaum   Bass
David Honeycut   Guitar,Steel Guitar
Billy Stewart   Bass
Boppie Parser   Trumpet
Woodie   Flute
Alonzo Lucas   Alto Saxophone
Thomas Bowels   Baritone Saxophone
Max Fielder   Flute
Kenneth Maddox   Flute
Tommy Paige   Guitar
Gene Raney   Bass
Homer Dubon   Flute
Hil Stephens   Bass

Technical Credits

Big Bill Broonzy   Composer
Harold Arlen   Composer
Jerry Leiber   Composer
Rose   Composer
Mel Blanc   Instrumentation
Jackie Brenston   Composer
Wendell DuConge   Arranger
Johnny Mercer   Composer
McKinley Morganfield   Composer
Mike Stoller   Composer
Rudy Toombs   Composer
Johnny "Guitar" Watson   Composer
Sonny Boy Williamson   Composer
Jules Taub   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Russell Beecher   Producer
Walter Johnson   Contributor
Ledbetter   Composer
l'Ange   Composer
Daylie   Composer
Bailes   Composer
McDaniels   Composer
Louvin   Composer
Grisham   Composer
liggins   Composer
Bagdasarian   Composer
Meyers   Composer
Gaillard   Composer
Anglin   Composer
Tennyson   Composer
Ray Dobard   Composer
Chatman   Composer

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