Drunken Boat

Drunken Boat

by Allan Browne

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Jazzhead Oz


  1. Unguided on Impassive Rivers
  2. Released to Wander
  3. Lost in the Furious Lashing of Tides
  4. Dancing, Lighter Than a Cork
  5. Seawashed of Wine and Vomit
  6. Devouring Azure Verses
  7. Delirium!
  8. A Dawn Exalted as a Flock of Doves
  9. Mystic Horrors
  10. Singing Phosphuressence
  11. Pregnant Months Like Hysterical Cows
  12. Ferment!
  13. Unbelievable Floridas
  14. Nacreous Waves, Skies of Embers
  15. Ineffable Winds, Fish of Gold
  16. Weary of Poles and Zones
  17. An Island Adrift
  18. My Water Drunk Carcass
  19. Delicious Jam for Good Poets
  20. Electric Moons, Skies with Burning Funnels
  21. Moaning Behemoths
  22. These Bottomless Nights
  23. Swollen with Intoxicating Torpor
  24. Oh! The Cold Black Puddle of Europe
  25. Je Ne Puis Plus...

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