Ducks Fly

Ducks Fly

by Lydia Dabcovich

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Dabcovich's stories could serve as models for preschool picture books. With minimal text peppering her refreshingly unpretentious illustrations, she creates compelling, fully realized tales that are perfectly tuned to the youngest audience. Here, mother duck is teaching her offspring to fly. Everyone cooperates except the runt (easily spotted by his pinfeathers), who is too interested in the sights and sounds of his river home to pay attention. While his brothers and sisters sail off skyward, the little one paddles contentedly downstream, where, in a triumphant conclusion, an unexpected obstacle leaves him no choice but to try his wings. Like Robert McCloskey before her, Dabcovich ( Sleepy Bear ; Mrs. Huggins & Her Hen Hannah ) manages without anthropomorphizing to imbue her ducks with expression and personality. Ages 2-4. (May)
School Library Journal
PreS-- As mother duck teaches her brood to fly, one small distracted fellow, paying no heed to his mother, is left behind. He learns quickly on his own, however, when he reaches a waterfall, that he must either sink . . . or fly. A final glimpse shows him leading the flock. The purpose of the simple text--just a few words to a page--is really to enhance the story told in the delightful illustrations. They are painted in eye-pleasing variations of greens and blues with gray-black brush strokes outlining ducks and scenery. The little stray has a cartoonlike character all his own. The slight story, showing only one aspect of the ducks' life, is not as successful as Dabcovich's Busy Beavers (Dutton, 1988), which presents the animals' daily routine. While the text may not be substantial enough for a story hour, its gentle, reassuring message and appealing art will attract lap-sitting audiences. --Susan Scheps, Shaker Heights Public Library, OH

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Penguin Publishing Group
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1st ed
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20.00(w) x 20.00(h) x 20.00(d)
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4 Years

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