Dueling Banjos [CMH]

Dueling Banjos [CMH]

by Duelling Banjos

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Cmh Records


Disc 1

  1. Fuelin' Banjos (The Original "Dueling Banjos")  - Don Reno
  2. Thank God I'm a Country Boy
  3. Redeliverance  - Don Reno
  4. Pennsylvania Polka  - Don Ren
  5. Down That Lonesome Highway  - Don Reno
  6. The Times They Are A-Changin'  - David West
  7. Bye and Bye  - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith
  8. Twelve String Rag  - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith
  9. Under the Silv'ry Moon  - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith
  10. Fortunate Son  - Al Di Marco
  11. Chicken  - Don Reno
  12. Twelfth Street Rag  - Don Reno
  13. Down in Dixie  - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith
  14. Memphis Five String  - Don Reno
  15. Promises
  16. Nova Scotia Sleigh Ride  - Don Reno
  17. Mountaineer's Farewell  - Don Reno
  18. Wildflower Guitar  - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith
  19. Little Footprints in the Snow  - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith
  20. Dueling Banjos  - Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith

Disc 2

  1. The Star Spangled Banner
  2. Original Dueling Banjos: The Sequel  -  Milk Chickenhawk Toppins Vs. Bennie Boling
  3. Bile 'Em Cabbage Down
  4. Wheels  - Mike Pearson
  5. Bolero
  6. Home Sweet Home
  7. New Kid in Town  - Mike Chickenhawk Toppins
  8. Cluck Ol' Hen  -  Ramona
  9. Banjos Signal
  10. Skyline Drive  -  Don Reno & the Tennessee Cut-Ups
  11. American Pie  - Mike Toppins
  12. Yacht Crash  - David West
  13. Soldier's Joy  -  Stonemans
  14. Classical Gas  - Mike Toppins
  15. Rambling Gambling Rag  -  Masters
  16. Tequila
  17. Latin Leprechaun  - Milk Pearson
  18. Limehouse Blues
  19. I Want to Hold Your Hand  - Milk Chickenhawk Toppins
  20. Banjo Buster  - David Johnson

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Duelling Banjos   Primary Artist
Eddie Adcock   Track Performer
Cache Valley Drifters   Track Performer
Masters   Track Performer
Osborne Brothers   Track Performer
Benny Martin   Track Performer
Nashville Superpickers   Track Performer
Richard Greene   Track Performer
Pinnacle Boys   Track Performer
Ramona Jones   Track Performer
Don Reno   Track Performer
Sonny Osborne   Track Performer
David West   Track Performer
Charlie Cushman   Track Performer
Eddie Mueller   Track Performer
Richard Ward   Track Performer
Bennie Boling   Track Performer
Wynn Osborne   Track Performer
Stonemans   Track Performer
Heights of Grass   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Basia   Composer
John Fogerty   Composer
Peter Gabriel   Composer
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Don McLean   Composer
Eric Weissberg   Composer
Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith   Composer
Don Reno   Composer
Euday L. Bowman   Composer
Robert Fripp   Composer
Chris Hicks   Composer
Danny White   Composer
John Stafford Smith   Composer
Martin Haerle   Executive Producer
Zeke Manners   Composer
David Haerle   Executive Producer
M. Christian   Arranger,Composer
Mark Thornton   Arranger
Francis Scott Key   Composer
Lester Lee   Composer
Karrie M. Miller   Graphic Design,Cover Art
Traditional   Composer
John Martin Sommers   Composer

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