Dutch Shea, Jr.

Dutch Shea, Jr.

by John Gregory Dunne

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George Stade
Some 20 characters are caught in the turns and baffles of Mr. Dunne's mazy plot....You won't have any trouble telling these many characters apart. They're a vivid bunch, these wits and butts, each in his own way. Each has his own manner of speaking. And the talk, as in everything Mr. Dunne writes, is music to the ear and truer than true to life - and a good thing, too. If we spoke like Mr. Dunne's characters, we would reveal ourselves entirely. -- New York Times

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John Gregory Dunne (1932-2003), the late husband of Joan Didion, whose sudden death was the subject of her prize-winning book The Year of Magical Thinking, was a novelist, screenwriter, and literary critic. With Didion, he collaborated on a number of screenplays, including The Panic in Needlepark and True Confessions, based on his novel of the same name. He also wrote a number of novels and nonfiction books and contributed articles to The New York Review of Books.

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