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24 - Season 5

24 - Season 5

4.5 11

Cast: Kiefer Sutherland, Kim Raver, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Gregory Itzin

The threat to the United States in Season 5's white-knuckle day is Russian separatists armed with weaponized nerve gas and led by Vladimir Bierko (Julian Sands). Inciting their ire is an arms and mutual defense treaty that Russian president Yuri Suvarov (Nick Jameson) plans on signing with the U.S. and duplicitous president Charles Logan (Gregory Itzin). As Day


The threat to the United States in Season 5's white-knuckle day is Russian separatists armed with weaponized nerve gas and led by Vladimir Bierko (Julian Sands). Inciting their ire is an arms and mutual defense treaty that Russian president Yuri Suvarov (Nick Jameson) plans on signing with the U.S. and duplicitous president Charles Logan (Gregory Itzin). As Day 5 begins, Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), who faked his own demise at the close of last season, is working at an oil refinery in California under the name Frank Flynn. He returns from his self-imposed exile to fight the good fight after an assassination rocks the nation and he finds himself framed for it and several other crimes. Jack is also reunited with former love interest Audrey Raines (Kim Raver), but tumult continues to follow them. Meanwhile at CTU, there's a new man brought in to oversee operations, Lynn McGill (Sean Astin), and once again, there's a mole in the ranks. A significant subplot centers on Christopher Henderson (Peter Weller), Jack's mentor-turned-nemesis who has information that can help Jack thwart the Russians. Another thread follows First Lady Martha Logan (Jean Smart), who grows increasingly disdainful of her husband's actions in office.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Bill Pearis
From the first minutes of the premiere episode, you can tell that the fifth season of Fox's groundbreaking "real time" drama is going to be a corker. This is the latest Worst Day Ever for former special agent Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland), who faked his own death and walked off into the Mexican sunset at the end of 24's fourth season to avoid prosecution from the Chinese government. (Don't ask. It's complicated.) But he's forced out of hiding when the only people who know he's alive seem to be systematically targeted for assassination. These assassinations just happen to coincide with the signing of an anti-terrorism treaty between Russia and the United States, and it soon becomes apparent that the day's shocking events may well be connected to someone within the White House. Unfortunately, Jack doesn’t get much help from his previous employer, CTU, so once again, it's up to him to save the day. Of course, there are terrorists with non-specific European accents; torture-filled interrogations; leaky canisters of nerve gas; unexpected deaths; Jack's repeated shouts of "Damn it!" and other signature 24 moments, but Season 5 breaks from the "beat the clock/stop the terrorist" formula that was beginning to wear thin after four variations. The main credit belongs to Gregory Itzin, whose delicious, Emmy-nominated performance as spineless, duplicitous president Charles Logan may just have you yelling at your television. Equally good are Jean Smart as the conspiracy theory-wielding first lady, and Mary Lynn Rajskub, who has become the series' secret weapon as curt computer geek Chloe O'Brien. Also figuring into this web of intrigue: Sean Astin, Julian Sands, Peter Weller, C. Thomas Howell, and the toothy William Devane. 24 has never failed to deliver pulse-pounding thrills, but Season 5 is the freshest and most enjoyable since Season 1 -- maybe even the best to date. Even if you think you know what's going to happen, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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20th Century Fox
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[Wide Screen]
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Special Features

Cast and crew commentary on selected episodes; 23 deleted/extended scenes; Hours of exclusive special features - including the season 6 prequel!; Includes DVD-ROM link to access more exclusive content online

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Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- 24: Season 5 - Episodes 1-4
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Defining Moment
3. Too Much Capital
4. Checking Up
5. Back in the Fray
6. Running Hard
7. Breach of Protocol
8. Bad Hair Day
9. All in the Timing
10. Conspiracy Theorist
11. Smokescreen
12. The One/End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Prime Suspect
3. Less Than an Hour
4. The Scene of the Crime
5. Asking Questions
6. Up and Running
7. Emergency Exit
8. Mum's the Word
9. A Trick
10. The Target
11. Safe Arrival
12. Ontario/End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. On the Inside
3. Related to the Summit
4. Live Feed
5. Fifteen Minute Window
6. Off-Protocol
7. In a Mood
8. Vested Interest
9. Loose Lips
10. Hard Copy
11. Moleman
12. Outed/End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. For the Country
3. Flank Two
4. Playbook
5. Mockery
6. Synchronicity
7. Death Warrant
8. Countdown
9. Test of Will
10. The Brush-Off
11. Under Suspicion
12. Sleeper/End Titles
Disc #2 -- 24: Season 5 - Episodes 5-8
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Double B
3. Disbelief
4. Unexpected Turn
5. Secrets
6. A Private Person
7. Clearance
8. Back to Vermont
9. Unauthorized
10. Out the Window
11. Tied Together
12. Medicine Man/End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Late
3. Not So Secret
4. Against Her Will
5. Let Him Go
6. Traitor
7. Under Control
8. Ordered Off
9. Last Chance
10. The Good of the Country
11. Stay of Execution
12. Empty/End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Kill Zones
3. Voice Hit
4. Asking a Favor
5. Making It Right
6. High Security Building
7. Penthouse
8. Let's Make a Deal
9. The Chip
10. Ending It All
11. Mugged
12. Done/End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Impersonator
3. Golden Opportunity
4. The Blue Van
5. A Pack of Lies
6. Field Test
7. Pros and Cons
8. The Unlock Code
9. Casualties of War
10. Evacuation
11. Love of Country
12. Moving On/End Titles
Disc #3 -- 24: Season 5 - Episodes 9-12
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Key Card
3. On the Warpath
4. Strange Bedfellows
5. Blindsided
6. Lonely at the Top
7. Realpolitik
8. Close Call
9. Act of War
10. Like a Hawk
11. Smile and Wave
12. Going Along/End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Personal Dilemma
3. Unforgiven
4. It's That Simple
5. Losing It
6. Following the Leads
7. Chatter
8. Behind His Back
9. Insoluble
10. Section 112
11. Downtown Corridor
12. The Bunker/End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. For Sale
3. Primary Link
4. Deceased
5. Line of Credit
6. No Entry
7. Home Computer
8. Deeply Grateful
9. Weapons and Oil
10. Confirmed Hostile
11. Above the Knee
12. Countdown/End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Kim
3. Controlling the Streets
4. Reunion
5. Why?
6. At Stake
7. Beating Around the Bush
8. For the Country
9. Armed and Dangerous
10. Security Breach
11. Lockdown
12. Sealed Off/End Titles
Disc #4 -- 24: Season 5 - Episodes 13-16
1. Recap
2. Main Titles/In Shock
3. Thousands of Lives
4. Swallowing Salt Water
5. Corrosive Agent
6. False Wall
7. The Only Hope
8. Information Gatherer
9. Ultimate Sacrifice
10. At Breaking Point
11. Waiting
12. Gone/End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Curfew
3. An Odd Request
4. Intelligence Broker
5. Taking Over
6. On Special Assignment
7. Fair Trade
8. Roadblock
9. Busted
10. In Custody
11. Free Pass
12. For a Price/End Titles
1. Recap
2. Main Titles/Detained
3. The River Hotel
4. Edgar's Replacement
5. Easy Target
6. It's Not Over
7. Contingency Plan
8. Moving the Canisters
9. Three Seconds
10. Cut in Half
11. Going in
12. Last Chance/End Titles
1. Recap
2. Main Titles/Priorities
3. Inside Source
4. Transition
5. Isolating the Fallout
6. Change of Heart
7. Memento
8. A Wonderful Man
9. The Old Barn
10. Ill Feelings
11. Going In
12. Contact/End Titles
Disc #5 -- 24: Season 5 - Episodes 17-20
1. Recap
2. Main Titles/All Wrong
3. Presidential Order
4. Bank Manager
5. Off the Manifest
6. Blood on Her Hands
7. Mission Accomplished
8. Well-Known Face
9. So Proud
10. Only Way Out
11. Breaking Up
12. No Going Back/End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Safe Haven
3. Rising Tide
4. Dispatching the Military
5. The President's Call
6. A Little Mystified
7. The Rules Don't Apply
8. A Challenging Day
9. Burned Into Memory
10. No Answer
11. Integrity
12. Resignation/End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Satellite Tracking
3. Contingency Plan
4. Sacrifice
5. Locked Away
6. Handed Off
7. Crazy
8. For the Country
9. Words of Appreciation
10. Close Call
11. Strange Night
12. Stowaway/End Titles
1. Recap
2. Main Titles/Interference
3. Flight 520
4. Omicron Connection
5. A Cry for Help
6. Not a Clue
7. Cover-Up
8. Pressure
9. Smart Move
10. Dead or Alive
11. The Evidence
12. Only Option/End Titles
Disc #6 -- 24: Season 5 - Episodes 21-24
1. Recap
2. Main Titles/Heading Back
3. Simulating Distress
4. Authorization
5. Touch and Go
6. Through the Net
7. Grave Doubts
8. Transfer
9. He Got Away
10. It's Over
11. Taking Care of Things
12. Intervention/End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Erased
3. Priority One
4. Duty Bound
5. Well in Hand
6. Brokering a Deal
7. On a Tight Leash
8. The First Lady
9. Ten Minutes
10. Lying Low
11. The Natalia
12. Down the Hatch/End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. Lone Survivor
3. Countdown
4. Three Minutes
5. Sixty Seconds
6. Payback
7. A Helluva Day
8. Goodbye
9. Asking for Help
10. Shoe Salesman
11. Stalling for Time
12. By Any Means/End Titles
1. Recap/Main Titles
2. In Motion
3. Against the Clock
4. Holding Out
5. Nothing to Lose
6. Farewell
7. Are We Clear?
8. A Great American
9. Victory
10. Another Chance
11. Good Work
12. Long Memory/End Titles

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24 - Season 5 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I'm not going to lie I LOVE 24 but season 5 was not my favorite maybe because so many of my favorite characters died(Palmer,Michelle,Tony,). It was still good though.The way it ends made me jump out of my chair and scream and then laugh at how addicted I am.Stop laughing at me.If you are a 24 fan you will relate to how I feel when a season ends like seaon 5 ended.I HIGHLY recommend this show to everyone.You MUST start at season 1 if you want to know what's going on in the other seasons.BEWARE YOU WILL GET ADDICTED.I don't know anyone who has watched this show and has not become addicted.I introduced my friend to season 7 two weeks ago and that's all she will talk about now.LOL!!.She has become sooo addicted that she wants to write her own 24 story.As of right now it is 30 pages long.WATCH THIS SHOW!!!YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.Well you might if your kids come up to you and ask for dinner and you tell them this "Hold on I have to finish this episode".LOL!!!.Once the tv is on and on Fox your mind drives you crazy.I missed the end of season seven so I still have nine episoded until finishing the supposed to be most "EXPLOSIVE"season yet. Get this show.It is the best one on tv. 24'S BIGGEST FAN
Guest More than 1 year ago
u need to see 24 to belive it. This is the best show on tv
Guest More than 1 year ago
This show is the reason that I upgraded my cable service to include a DVR! The writing and acting are first-rate and if some of the plot lines seem a little far-fetched, well, who cares? In season 5, some well-loved characters meet their end, but you know that this is a great television show when you keep watching even after a favorite character goes to that great CTU office in the sky! Can't wait until season 6 begins.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I fear I am so addicted to this season of 24 that I may just try to watch the 40 min episodes back to back and forget about the sleep loss. not a good idea. It is very suspenseful and engaging.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This great season of the best show out there was its most explosive so far. It has five Emmys this year to prove it, including Outstanding Drama as well as Kiefer Sutherland for Best Actor--and they were a long time coming. Twist after nail-biting twist keeps you wanting to tune in each week. Bring on Season 6!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Apart from his cell phone never needs charging and his pda never gets broken in the fights. Jack Bauer/24 is probably is the best show on the box right now. Very unpredictable plots even if you try hard to figure out whats coming next. The sound track and the music is technocentric.The fragmented screen pictures and the sound makes all the more to look/hear.You must try and listen with "surround sound".
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was kind of skeptical about season 5 of 24 because the past couple of seasons were repetitive: such as there is a threat to the nation and every one is trying to stop jack bauer from breaking all the rules he was bound to. However, while Jack has still some famous lines and he is expected to save the nation from a terrorist threat, this season was a pleasant surprise. While I miss some of the main characters, season 5 was well put together. Jack is no longer bound to CTU therefore, he is free to break any rule and the people after him aren't after him because he broke protocol but because he is a serious threat to their operation. While this season may be some repetitive in some areas, there are several twists and turns that you don't suspect. I rate this is one of Kiefer Sutherland's performances!
Guest More than 1 year ago
24 is far and away the best drama on tv. Seasons 1-4 I would rate 5 stars. I took one star off because I found it unbelievable that one government agent could trap the President of the United States. With this show you never know what to expect and no character is safe.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago