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3 Films by Louis Malle

3 Films by Louis Malle

Director: Charles Chaplin, Louis Malle, Gaspard Manesse, Lea Massari

Cast: Charles Chaplin, Louis Malle, Gaspard Manesse, Lea Massari

Gaspard Manesse plays Julien, an 11-year-old Catholic boarding-school resident during the Nazi occupation of France. He is witness to the courage of his instructors, who defy the German's anti-Semitic policies and quietly enroll Jewish children into the school under assumed names. Manesse befriends Jean (


Gaspard Manesse plays Julien, an 11-year-old Catholic boarding-school resident during the Nazi occupation of France. He is witness to the courage of his instructors, who defy the German's anti-Semitic policies and quietly enroll Jewish children into the school under assumed names. Manesse befriends Jean (Raphael Fejto), one of these "instant Catholics." The refugee children are betrayed by a hostile ex-employee of the school, forcing Julien once more to be a bystander to history as Jean and the teachers are arrested. For this return to the French film industry after several years in the US, Louis Malle purged himself of his own bitter memories of life under the thumbs of the Nazis.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
This trio of semi-autobiographical films shows French director Louis Malle at his insightful, provocative, and lyrical best. Each is quintessentially Gallic in its outlook and is rich in atmosphere, character, and observation. Murmur of the Heart (1971) has as its protagonist Laurent (portrayed by Benoit Ferreux), a 14-year-old boy whose sexual awakening coincides with the discovery that his attractive, free-spirited mother (Lea Massari) has taken a young lover. The story unfolds in the French provincial city of Dijon during the early '50s, with the Indochina War and the concomitant loss of the French colonies providing a historical backdrop to the action. Lacombe Lucien (1974) takes place a decade earlier, when 17-year-old peasant Lucien (Pierre Blaise) falls in with the Gestapo during France's occupation by the Nazis. He becomes entangled with a Jewish family and saves the daughter from execution. This film was one of Malle's most controversial, dealing as it did with the thorny subject of collaboration with the enemy during World War II. Au Revoir Les Enfants (1987) takes place during the same period and covers much the same ground. Based on a real-life incident Malle recalled as "the most dramatic experience of my childhood," it unfolds at a Catholic boarding school in Fontainebleau, where the headmaster oversees the education of well-to-do French boys while at the same time concealing Jewish lads from the Gestapo. Perhaps the best of the trio, it transitions from broad comedy to pathos with deceptive ease and works social commentary into its unusually rich narrative. As you'd expect from the fine folks at Criterion, this set contains a wealth of extras, including rare audio interviews with Malle; excerpts from French television featuring the director on the set of Murmur of the Heart and Lacombe Lucien; and Charlie Chaplin's 1917 short, The Immigrant, which is seen in Au Revoir Les Enfants.

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Special Features

New, restored high-definition digital transfers of all three films; new interviews with actor and Louis Malle widow Candice Bergen and biographer Pierre Billard; Excerpts from a French TV program featuring the director on the sets of Murmur of the Heart and Lacombe, Lucien; Audio interviews with Malle from 1972, 1980, and 1988; The Immigrant, Charlie Chaplin’s 1917 short comedy, featured in Au revoir les enfants; A profile of the provocative character of Joseph from Au revoir les enfants, created by filmmaker Guy Madden in 2005; Louis Malle filmography; New and improved English subtitle translations; Essays by critics Michael Sragow, Pauline Kael, and Philip Kemp

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Charles Chaplin Immigrant
Gaspard Manesse Julien Quentin
Lea Massari Clara Chevalier
Pierre Blaise Lucien Lacombe
Aurore Clément France
Daniel Gélin The Father
Eric Campbell Head Waiter
Raphaël Fejtö Jean Bonnet
Edna Purviance Immigrant
Francine Racette Mme. Quentin
Holger Loewenadler Albert Horn
Michel Lonsdale Father Henri
Benoit Ferreux Laurent Chevalier
Henry Bergman The Artist
Stanislas Carre de Malberg Franqois Quentin
Therese Giehse Bella Horn
Albert Austin A Diner
Marc Wincourt Marc
Philippe Morier-Genoud Father Jean
Stephane Bouy Jean

Technical Credits
Charles Chaplin Director
Louis Malle Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- 3 Films By Louis Malle - Murmur of the Heart
1. Opening Credits [4:34]
2. High Jinks at Home [2:38]
3. Politics at the Dinner Table [3:15]
4. Mother's Favorite [2:30]
5. Late for Mass [6:27]
6. The Family's Black Sheep [4:40]
7. A Boy's Confession [5:03]
8. Bad Behavior [5:20]
9. Highest Grade [1:10]
10. Parents Return From Paris [3:18]
11. L'Orée Du Bois [7:54]
12. Off to Scout Camp [4:28]
13. Bed Rest for Renzino [6:39]
14. A Forgery [2:45]
15. Hôtel Des Bains [3:54]
16. Spa Cures Treatment [1:40]
17. "Your Mother Is Beautiful" [2:48]
18. Girl With Blond Braids [3:33]
19. The Story of O [4:03]
20. Alone at the Hotel [5:09]
21. "I'm Really a Woman!" [6:49]
22. Different Ways of Loving [5:52]
23. Virgins and Lesbians [5:15]
24. Bastille Day Dance [3:59]
25. A Beautiful Moment [5:21]
26. The Morning After [3:58]
27. Color Bars [5:04]
Disc #2 -- 3 Films By Louis Malle - Lacombe, Lucien
1. Opening Credits [5:41]
2. Unwanted Visitors [3:51]
3. Rabbit Hunt [8:04]
4. Caught After Curfew [6:04]
5. Collaborators' Refuge [6:22]
6. Joining the Police [1:48]
7. Lucien's First Suit [5:46]
8. A Real Pink Lady [7:44]
9. A Ruse to Arrest the Doctor [6:52]
10. Golf Pants [8:45]
11. Gift of Champagne [12:38]
12. "I've Come for Your Daughter" [1:26]
13. "I'm Tired of Being a Jew" [6:27]
14. Deadly Car Accident [8:24]
15. A Visit From Mother [4:53]
16. A Daughter and a Whore [7:27]
17. "A Jew Is a Rat" [4:33]
18. Ambushed [8:19]
19. Escaping the Police [5:27]
20. Hideout in the Country [4:21]
21. Moments of Peace [4:34]
22. Color Bars [8:11]
Disc #3 -- 3 Films By Louis Malle - Au Revoir Les Enfants
1. Last Day of Vacation [4:50]
2. New Faces [8:36]
3. Joseph [5:09]
4. Teacher's Pet [9:00]
5. Confession [3:20]
6. At the Bathhouse [5:33]
7. Close Call [3:29]
8. Kippelstein [8:08]
9. Treasure Hunt [5:58]
10. Parents' Day [7:17]
11. At the Restaurant [4:47]
12. Movie Night [7:39]
13. Punishment [5:21]
14. Boogie-Woogie [3:37]
15. Acts of Betrayal [4:30]
16. Good-Bye [10:58]
17. Color Bars [6:30]
Disc #4 -- 3 Films By Louis Malle - The Supplements
1. A Tragic Childhood Memory [4:23]
2. Rebellious Spirit [4:22]
3. Always the Youngest [2:02]
4. Drawing on His Own Life [5:20]
5. All About Contradictions [1:21]
6. Scandals, Controversy, and Success [7:21]
7. Homecoming Film [3:06]
8. A Remembrance [1:57]
1. Two Stories of Collaboration [9:04]
2. Writing Murmur of the Heart [3:26]
3. The Event of His Childhood [5:12]
4. Difficulty of Simplicity [3:46]
5. Directing Children [16:23]
6. The Dangers of Compromise [4:02]
7. Directing As He Writes [5:31]
8. The Solitude of the Director [5:38]
1. Mexico [5:28]
2. France, the Character [2:31]
3. A Scandalous Filmmaker [3:59]
4. His Connection to Bresson [4:23]
5. Music in Film [4:44]
6. Writing for the Screen [4:12]
7. Collective Filmmaking [6:23]
8. Actors and Technology [7:14]
9. Jewish Actors [1:49]
1. An Eccentric Family [1:21]
2. Choosing Filmmaking [2:45]
3. From Film School to the Calypso [4:32]
4. Assistant to Robert Bresson [2:58]
5. Privilege and Responsibility [4:21]
6. Cinema and Real Life [4:12]
7. 1968 [9:25]
8. Controversy and Morality [5:25]
9. Social Revenge [2:16]
10. Nonfictional Characters [5:14]
11. Luis Buñuel [3:21]
12. A Comedy of Incest [4:59]
13. Candice Bergen [1:59]

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