Night to Remember

Night to Remember

4.6 6
Director: Roy Ward Baker

Cast: Kenneth More, Honor Blackman, Anthony Bushell


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This meticulous re-creation of the sinking of the Titanic was adapted by Eric Ambler from the best-selling book by Walter Lord, and it preceded the blockbuster Titanic by almost 40 years. The film covers the life and death of the huge vessel from its launching celebration to that fateful night of April 14, 1912, when the "unsinkable" ship struck an iceberg inSee more details below

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This meticulous re-creation of the sinking of the Titanic was adapted by Eric Ambler from the best-selling book by Walter Lord, and it preceded the blockbuster Titanic by almost 40 years. The film covers the life and death of the huge vessel from its launching celebration to that fateful night of April 14, 1912, when the "unsinkable" ship struck an iceberg in the North Atlantic. Of the 2224 passengers on board, 1513 were drowned as a result of the bad planning of lifeboats and escape routes. Kenneth More heads a huge and stellar cast, with 200 speaking parts, as second officer Herbert Lightoller, from whose point-of-view the story unfolds. Also in the cast are Laurence Naismith as the ill-fated Captain Smith; Michael Goodliffe as conscience-stricken ship's designer Thomas Andrews; Tucker McGuire as feisty American millionaire Molly Brown, whose courage and tenacity saved many lives; and Anthony Bushell as the captain of the Carpathia, who launched a noble but vain rescue mission once he was apprised of the disaster. Also appearing are two future TV favorites: The Avengers' Honor Blackman as a woman who believes that she has nothing to live for, and The Man From UNCLE's David McCallum as a wireless operator. The climactic sinking of the vessel is re-created with painstaking accuracy; filmed in "real time," it is a mere 37 minutes shorter than the actual tragedy. Two years before the film's release, an American TV adaptation of A Night to Remember set a precedent as the most elaborate and technically complex "live" broadcast of its time. Some viewers will find this movie a more accurate and gripping representation of this sea disaster than the romance-heavy Titanic.

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Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Mark Deming
This brisk and skillfully executed screen adaptation of Walter Lord's bestseller about the disastrous maiden voyage of the Titanic lacks the romantic appeal of James Cameron's later blockbuster, but it's in many ways a superior examination of how and why the tragedy occurred. In a grim but not morbid approach, director Roy Ward Baker looks at both the human side of this story, offering a emotionally potent look at the handful who survived and the many who did not, and the nuts and bolts behind the shipwreck, explaining (as Cameron's film did not) just why the Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable and how these same qualities ended up working against the ship. Baker's pacing, swift but never rushed, gives the film a crisp, almost documentary feel (the realistic atmosphere is aided immeasurably by Geoffrey Unsworth's splendid camerawork), and he draws fine performances from his cast, especially Kenneth More as second-in-command Herbert Lightoller and Laurence Naismith as the doomed Captain Smith. A Night to Remember was one of the best films from the under-appreciated Baker, who also made the Marilyn Monroe vehicle Don't Bother to Knock and the mind-bending sci-fi classic Quatermass and the Pit.

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Special Features

Disc One; Audio Commentary by Don Lynch and Ken Marschall, Author and Illustrator of "Titantic": An Illustrated History; Trailer; ; Disc 2; The Making of "A Night to Remember" (1933), A sixty-minute documentary featuring Producer William MacQuitty's rare behind-the-scenes footage; ; Archival Interview with Titanic survivor Eva Hart; En natt att minnas (1962), a half-hour Swedish documentary featuring interviews with Titanic survivors; ; The Iceberg That Sank the "Titanic" (2006), a fifty-minute BBC Documentary

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Kenneth More Herbert Lightoller
Honor Blackman Mrs. Lucas
Anthony Bushell Capt. Rostron
Ronald Allen Clarke
Robert Ayres Peuchen
Jane Downs Mrs. Lightoller
Jill Dixon Mrs. Clarke
James Dyrenforth Col. Gracie
Kenneth Griffith Phillips
Michael Goodliffe Thomas Andrews
Harriette Johns Lady Richard
Frank Lawton Chairman
Richard Leech William Murdoch
David McCallum Bride
Alec McCowen Cottam
Tucker McGuire Mrs. Brown
John Merivale Lucas
Laurence Naismith Capt.Edward J. Smith
Russell Napier Capt. Lord
George Rose Joughin
Jack Watling Boxall
Bee Duffell Mrs. Farrell
Patrick Waddington Sir Richard
Geoffrey Bayldon Evans
Michael Bryant Moody
Cyril Chamberlain Q.M. Rowe
Richard Clarke Gallagher
Gerald Harper 3rd Officer, Carpathia
Richie Hayward Victualling Manager
Thomas Heathcote Actor
Andrew Keir Engineer Officer Hesketh
Barry MacGregor Gibson
Eddie Malin Steward
Patrick McAlinney Farrell
Ralph Michael Yates
Howard Pays Lowe
Redmond Phillips Hoyle
Philip Ray Clergyman, Carpathia
John Richardson Actor
Harold Siddons Stone
Julian Somers Bull
Joseph Tomelty Dr. O'Loughlin
Tim Turner Groves
Meier Tzelniker Straus
Christina Lubicz Polish Girl
Alan Frank Actor
Tom Naylor Actor
John Cairney Murphy
Harold Goldblatt Benjamin Guggenheim
Marianne Stone Stewardess No. 2

Technical Credits
Roy Ward Baker Director
William Alwyn Score Composer
Eric Ambler Screenwriter
Robert Asher Asst. Director
Yvonne Caffin Costumes/Costume Designer
Jack Hanbury Production Manager
David Harcourt Camera Operator
Sidney Hayers Editor
William MacQuitty Producer
Muir Mathieson Musical Direction/Supervision
W.T. Partleton Makeup
Earl St. John Executive Producer
Geoffrey Unsworth Cinematographer
Alexander Vetchinsky Art Director
Bill Warrington Special Effects

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Night to Remember
1. Opening Credits [3:55]
2. A Veritable Floating City [2:11]
3. Three Degrees of Separation [2:55]
4. Garters with Pink, Frilly Bows [1:04]
5. Ice Warnings [4:04]
6. "Keep Their Eyes Skinned" [5:56]
7. Making the Rounds [6:34]
8. "People first, Things Second" [2:43]
9. Bedtime [2:48]
10. Iceberg Dead Ahead [2:56]
11. "I Think She's Badly Damaged" [3:16]
12. "She's Going To Sink" [2:14]
13. The Crew Prepares [3:53]
14. "SOS, that new call" [3:34]
15. The Carpathia on the Move [2:21]
16. Women and Children [3:38]
17. In the same boat [2:27]
18. Discontent in all quarters [2:23]
19. Listing Ship, Rising Water [4:11]
20. All Roads Lead to Rome [2:25]
21. "Good-bye, My Son" [2:30]
22. Holding Back Steerage [:52]
23. "My Lucky Pig" [2:09]
24. "We are the Titanic Sinking" [2:19]
25. Newlyweds, a Yachtsman, and a Drunk [2:25]
26. Together Till the End [2:06]
27. "Save Yourselves" [3:26]
28. "Is There No One Else?" [4:07]
29. The Carpathia to the Rescue [3:47]
30. Shots in the Dark [2:09]
31. Two Lifeboats Left [2:50]
32. Every Man for Himself [2:10]
33. Abandoning the Ship [1:59]
34. "Nearer, My God, to Thee" [2:55]
35. Fighting to Survive [1:57]
36. The Final Descent [1:50]
37. "C'mon, Girls. Row!" [7:26]
38. Lightoller Takes Command [4:01]
39. The Carpathia at Last [3:26]
40. Seven Hundred and Five Saved, Fifteen Hundred Lost [3:27]
1. Color Bars [:00]
1. The Queen Elizabeth's Launch [3:55]
2. Great Attention to Detail [2:11]
3. Class Distinction at its best [2:55]
4. First Officer Becomes Second Officer [1:04]
5. The Californian Controversy [4:04]
6. Buried Accidentally [5:56]
7. An Extra Watch [6:34]
8. A Tired Sparks [2:43]
9. Regarding Captain Lord [2:48]
10. Speculation Runs Rampant [2:56]
11. By-the-book Lightoller [3:16]
12. How Big a Gash? [2:14]
13. Was Smith Decisive? [3:53]
14. The Second Use of SOS [3:34]
15. New York to the Mediterranean [2:21]
16. Lightoller Suggests Lifeobats [3:38]
17. Engineers Keep Pumping [2:27]
18. Female Steerage Passengers [2:23]
19. Restrand's Orders [4:11]
20. "Steerage Passengers Ignored?" [2:25]
21. Husbands and Wives [2:30]
22. Jacking Up the Sets [:52]
23. "Women and Children Only" [2:09]
24. Dramatic Effect [2:19]
25. Peuchen to the Rescue [2:25]
26. Mr. and Mrs. Isidor Straus [2:06]
27. Twelve in a Boat for Forty [3:26]
28. Mass Panic? [4:07]
29. The Most Heroic [3:47]
30. No More Lifeboats [2:09]
31. A Fortune-Teller's Advice [2:50]
32. Rush to Higher Ground [2:10]
33. A Submerged Set [1:59]
34. The Orchestra Debate [2:55]
35. "A Man Who Built His Own Coffin" [1:57]
36. Class Distinction Disappears [1:50]
37. Screams of Death [7:26]
38. A Lifesaving Explosion [4:01]
39. Maritime Laws [3:26]
40. Survivors [3:27]
41. Color Bars [:00]
Disc #2 -- A Night to Remember
1. A Child's-Eye View [9:22]
2. Walter Lord on Researching [6:04]
3. The Best Possible Elements [2:38]
4. Building the Ship [3:41]
5. Location Shooting [4:34]
6. Verisimilitude [10:55]
7. Continuity and Effects [8:20]
8. Promoting the Film [7:15]
9. The British Theatrical Trailer [4:08]
10. End Credits [:49]

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