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Shot in the Dark

A Shot in the Dark

4.8 6
Director: Blake Edwards

Cast: Peter Sellers, Elke Sommer, Herbert Lom


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The second, and arguably the funniest, entry in Blake Edwards' Pink Panther films comes to DVD with a pair of images. The widescreen transfer preserves the original theatrical aspect ratio of 2.35:1 and is preferable to the standard full-frame transfer. English and French soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Digital Mono. Subtitles are accessible in both of those


The second, and arguably the funniest, entry in Blake Edwards' Pink Panther films comes to DVD with a pair of images. The widescreen transfer preserves the original theatrical aspect ratio of 2.35:1 and is preferable to the standard full-frame transfer. English and French soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Digital Mono. Subtitles are accessible in both of those languages as well. Supplemental materials include a theatrical trailer, and an eight-page booklet. This is a decent enough disc from MGM/UA, although one feels a sadness that Peter Sellers passed away before getting the chance to create a commentary track for any of his classic performances.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Robert D. Raiford
Packed with pratfalls and sight gags, Blake Edwards's A Shot in the Dark is perhaps the finest example of physical comedy to grace the screen since the heydey of the great silent clowns. Considered the best in the Inspector Clouseau series, this sequel to the popular Pink Panther follows the confusing case of a Lothario murdered at a millionaire's mansion. The bodies just keep piling up, as the infamous Clouseau (Peters Sellers) bumbles through the story trying to prove the innocence of blonde bombshell murder suspect (Elke Sommer). All the usual suspects are here: Clouseau's long suffering partner (Graham Stark), the homicidal nervous wreck boss (Herbert Lom), and the misguided, judo-kicking manservant (Bert Kwouk). But most of all, there is Sellars's Clouseau, who, with his ridiculous accent and deadpan delivery, remains an incomparable comic character. Under Edwards' snappy direction A Shot in the Dark improves upon the original film, delivering a dose of well-crafted, unadulterated comedy.
All Movie Guide - Jeremy Wheeler
A comic masterpiece from beginning till end, A Shot in the Dark is not only the funniest film in the Pink Panther series, but also one of the funniest movies, period! Skillfully imagined by Peter Sellers and director Blake Edwards (with help from future horror scribe William Peter Blatty), the Inspector Clouseau character is boosted to the spotlight with this entry, delivering magical timing in endless impeccably dimwitted situations. If Edwards knows one thing, it's how to stage comedy, and his uncanny grasp of slapstick never worked better than here. The story works as a mystery as well, though the film is mainly propelled by its mad pacing and reoccurring gags. Sellers' work is subtle genius and a sad reminder of what his wild characterization of Clouseau was missing later in the series. With inspired supporting roles filled by a twitchy Herbert Lom, charming sex appeal delivered by the ravishing Elke Sommer, and Burt Kwouk making his debut as the deadly manservant Kato, A Shot in the Dark works even when Sellers hasn't been given the punch line. Additionally, Henry Mancini's score is a joy and makes for a playful '60s soundtrack that's as much a character as anyone in the film. Sellers would return in 1974's The Return of the Pink Panther, but only after Alan Arkin had his shot at the role in the dreadful 1968 follow-up Inspector Clouseau.

Product Details

Release Date:
Original Release:
Mgm (Video & Dvd)
Region Code:
[Full Frame, Wide Screen]

Special Features

8-page booklet showcasing the production backstange; Theatrical trailer

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Peter Sellers Inspector Jacques Clouseau
Elke Sommer Maria Gambrelli
Herbert Lom Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus
George Sanders Benjamin Ballon
Tracy Reed Dominique Ballon
Graham Stark Hercule Lajoy
Andre Maranne Francois
Douglas Wilmer Henri LaFarge
Vanda Godsell Mme. Lafarge
Maurice Kaufmann Pierre
Ann Lynn Dudu
David Lodge Georges
Moira Redmond Simone
Martin Benson Maurice
Burt Kwouk Kato
Reginald Beckwith Receptionist at Camp
John Herrington Doctor
Jack Melford Psychoanalyst
Bryan Forbes Turk Thrust
Andre Charisse Game Warden
Howard Greene Gendarme
Victor Baring Taxi Driver
Victor Beaumont Gendarme
Tutte Lemkow Kazak Dancer

Technical Credits
Blake Edwards Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Bert Bates Editor
William Peter Blatty Screenwriter
Christopher G. Challis Cinematographer
Margaret Furse Costumes/Costume Designer
Henry Mancini Score Composer,Songwriter
Michael Stringer Production Designer
Robert Wells Songwriter
Ralph Winters Editor

Scene Index

Scene Selections
0. Scene Selections
0. Menu Group #1 with 32 chapter(s) covering 01:42:14
1. Shadows Of Paris [4:53]
2. Logo/Title/Credits. [4:00]
3. Sniffing Out Clues. [1:24]
4. Inspecting A "Bimp" [5:43]
5. Relieved of Duties. [3:11]
6. Nighttime Workout. [1:55]
7. Pointing Out Facts. [2:16]
8. The In"tear"ogation. [2:45]
9. Global Pain. [8:58]
10. Illegal Ballooning. [:56]
11. Cutting Blackmail. [:39]
12. Bloody Shears. [1:27]
13. 2=3; 3=4; 4=5 [1:08]
14. Artistic Disguise. [1:42]
15. Dueling Cues & Dueling Clues [:39]
16. Operatic Entrance. [7:34]
17. Poop & Snoop. [:51]
18. Dreyfus' Diatribe. [1:53]
19. Cato Calls-Twice! [:48]
20. The Naked & The Dead. [9:10]
21. Burned-Off Butler. [:36]
22. Caught In Traffic. [1:39]
23. Dreyfus Vs. Clouseau. [3:31]
24. Cato Calls-Twice. [2:41]
25. Cracked On The Couch. [1:40]
26. 3 Dances/4 Murders. [7:03]
27. Bombing In Bed. [5:40]
28. Clouseau Has A Plan. [1:51]
29. Synchronized Watches. [2:19]
30. Explosive Arguments. [12:05]
31. 3 Fools In A Fountain. [:16]
32. End Credits. [:47]
0. Scene Selections
1. Shadows Of Paris [4:53]
2. Logo/Title/Credits [4:00]
3. Beaujolis/Bulletin [1:24]
4. Sniffing Out Clues [5:43]
5. Inspecting A "Bimp" [3:11]
6. Relieved of Duties [1:55]
7. Nighttime Workout [2:16]
8. Pointing Out Facts [2:45]
9. The in "tear" ogation [8:58]
10. Global Pain [:56]
11. Illegal Ballooning [:39]
12. Cutting Blackmail [1:27]
13. Bloody Shears [1:08]
14. 2=3; 3=4; 4=5 [1:42]
15. Artistic Disguise [:39]
16. Dueling Cues & Clues [7:34]
17. Operatic Entrance [:51]
18. Poop & Snoop [1:53]
19. Dreyfus' Diatribe [:48]
20. The Naked & The Dead [9:10]
21. Bumped-Off Butler [:36]
22. Caught in Traffic [1:39]
23. Dreyfus Vs, Clouseau [3:31]
24. Cato Calls-Twice! [2:41]
25. Cracked On The Couch [1:40]
26. 3 Dances/4 Murders [7:03]
27. Bombing in Bed [5:40]
28. Clouseau Has A Plan [1:51]
29. Synchronized Watches [2:19]
30. Explosive Arguments [12:05]
31. 3 Fools In A Fountain [:16]
32. End Credits [:47]


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A Shot in the Dark 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Hugo-Z-Hackenbush More than 1 year ago
Peter Sellers. Blake Edwards. Henry Mancini. You would be hard pressed to find such talent in Hollywood today, let alone put it in one movie. Shot in the Dark is sublimely and outrageously funny. Peter Sellers is Clouseau: Steve Martin you are dead to me. The supporting cast, including the quite fetching Elke Sommer, could act circles around any of todays "A" lister. This is a perfect comedy. As Inspector Dreyfus says "Give me ten men like Clouseau and I could destroy the world."
Guest More than 1 year ago
Although the first 'Pink Panther' movie was clever and engaging, its sequel, 'A Shot in the Dark', brings the silliness into its fully fleshed-out form, firmly establishing the character of Inspector Jacques Clouseau as one of the most enduring and charismatic in modern comedy. In 'The Pink Panther', Clouseau was almost a supporting character to David Niven's slick playboy/thief, but in this film he is given free reign to take over, and rightly so. It's easy to laugh at a movie when you're with others, but a film has to be REALLY funny in order to elicit belly-laughs when you are viewing it by yourself. Not only are the visual gags hilarious, but the script is brilliant and the word-play is outstanding. Clouseau's response to Elke Sommers' saying, 'You'll catch your death of pneumonia', is one of the best lines I have ever heard, and Sellers' delivery is pure delight. Sellers was a genius, a master of precision and subtlety; in this performance he is in his prime---every facial expression, body gesture, and vocal nuance is perfect. A must for any Sellers fan, and a classic film that, in my opinion, will never cease to entertain.
bullbunion More than 1 year ago
The one and only really funny Clouseau movie. A Shot in the Dark is the second film featuring the character Inspector Clouseau but the first film in whish he is the main character. Everything here is fresh and funny. All the other sequels are just tired repititions of Clouseau's pratfalls. The whole cast here is good and are really into their characters.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago