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Director: Oliver Stone

Cast: Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer


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The fourth film to chronicle the life of fourth-century B.C. ruler Alexander the Great, Oliver Stone's Alexander stars Colin Farrell as the titular Macedonian conqueror. The film follows the young king as he leads his forces on a bloody empirical conquest across the known world, taking large parts of Asia and the Middle East to amass a giant empire, all by the…  See more details below


The fourth film to chronicle the life of fourth-century B.C. ruler Alexander the Great, Oliver Stone's Alexander stars Colin Farrell as the titular Macedonian conqueror. The film follows the young king as he leads his forces on a bloody empirical conquest across the known world, taking large parts of Asia and the Middle East to amass a giant empire, all by the time he turned 25. Anthony Hopkins co-stars as Ptolemy I along with Rosario Dawson as Roxane, Angelina Jolie as Olympias, Jared Leto as Hephaistion, Val Kilmer as King Philip II, and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers as Cassander.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
No stranger to controversy, filmmaker Oliver Stone got some people all fired up with this opulent, stirring historical epic about the charismatic warrior king who had conquered 90 percent of the known world by the time he was 25. At first glance, Irish actor and offscreen bad boy Colin Farrell might seem an odd choice to play the fourth-century B.C. Macedonian conqueror, but he grows into the role before one’s eyes, even commanding attention during the large-scale battle sequences. The most controversial aspects of the film are Alexander’s relationships with his boyhood friend Hephaistian (Jared Leto) and his mother, Olympias (Angelina Jolie, a ravishing presence, yet curiously channeling the accent of Maria Ouspenskaya, the Gypsy woman of Universal’s old Wolf Man movies). Stone’s references to Alexander’s alleged bisexuality enraged some scholars -- just as his diminishing of those sequences in the Director’s Cut available on DVD enraged some gay activists. The Alexander-Hephaistian subplot aside, the film’s drama highlight is in the king’s marriage to tempestuous Roxane (Rosario Dawson), and the duo’s steamy sex scene ranks with the most erotically charged in Stone’s oeuvre. Undeniably ambitious and generally successful in conveying the true scope of its subject’s accomplishments, Alexander shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand for Stone’s supposed transgressions. It’s a fascinating movie -- lavishly mounted, brilliantly staged, and vividly photographed. Whether things happened as the writer-director claims is debatable, but his version of the facts makes for compelling viewing.

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Warner Home Video
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[Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Commentary by Oliver Stone and historian Robin Lane Fox; Vangelis Scores Alexander; Theatrical trailers; Languages: English & Français (dubbed in Quebec); Subtitles: English, Français & Español; Resurrecting Alexander; Perfect is the Enemy of Good; The Death of Alexander; DVD-ROM PC Web link to the online world of Alexander the Great

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Colin Farrell Alexander
Angelina Jolie Olympias
Val Kilmer King Philip II
Jared Leto Hephaistion
Anthony Hopkins Old Ptolemy
Rosario Dawson Roxane
Christopher Plummer Aristotle
Tim Pigott-Smith Omen Reader
Connor Paolo Young Alexander
Gary Stretch Cleitus
John Kavanagh Parmenion
Nick Dunning Attalus
Marie Meyer Eurydice
Elliot Cowan Ptolemy
Joseph Morgan Philotas
Ian Beattie Antiginous
Denis Conway Nearchus
Neil Jackson Perdiccas
Rory McCann Crateros
Raz Degan Darius
Annelise Hesme Stateira
Féodor Atkine Roxane's Father
Jonathan Rhys Meyers Cassander
Brian Blessed Wrestling Trainer
David Bedella Scribe
Jessie Kamm Child Alexander
Fiona O'Shaughnessy Nurse
Patrick Carroll Young Hephaistion
Peter Williamson Young Nearchus
Morgan Christopher Ferris Young Cassander
Robert Earley Young Ptolemy
Aleczander Gordon Young Perdiccas
Mick Lally Horse Seller
Garrett Lombard Leonnatus
Chris Aberdein Polyperchon
Michael Dixon Campfire Soldier
Erol Sander Persian Prince
Stephane Ferrara Bactrian Commander
Tadhg Murphy Dying Soldier
Jean Le Duc Fat Eunuch
Francisco Bosch Bagoas
Tsouli Mohammed Persian Chamberlain
Toby Kebbell Pausanius
Laird Macintosh Greek Officer
Rab Affleck Attalus' Henchman
Harry Kent Cup Bearer #1
Sam Green Cup Bearer #2
Bin Bunluerit Indian King
Jaran Ngamdee Indian Prince
Brian McGrath Doctor
Suzanne Bullock Roxane Dancer
Kate Elouise Roxane Dancer
Gillian Grueber Roxane Dancer
Michelle Lukes Roxane Dancer
Anjali Mehra Roxane Dancer
Anthony Jean Marie Kurt Bagoas Dancer
Marta Barahona Bagoas Dancer
Monica Zamora Bagoas Dancer
Benny Maslov Bagoas Dancer
Tania Matos Bagoas Dancer
Leighton Morrison Bagoas Dancer
Isaac Mulllins Bagoas Dancer
Monica Perego Bagoas Dancer
Matthew Powell Bagoas Dancer
Nic Raine Conductor

Technical Credits
Oliver Stone Director,Screenwriter
Karim Abouobayd Production Manager
Lyndsay Allen Consultant/advisor
Frederic Attal Sound Editor
Selim Azzazi Sound Editor
Emma Bailey Makeup
Barbara Taylor Makeup
Jenny Beavan Asst. Director,Costumes/Costume Designer
Peter Bennett Asst. Director
John Bernard Consultant/advisor
Jacqueline Bhavnani Makeup
Moritz Borman Producer
Frabrizio Caracciolo Di Brienza Consultant/advisor
Al Burgess Production Manager
Sean Button Stunts
Ryan Carey Stunts
Budd Carr Musical Direction/Supervision
Nana Chiabaut Makeup
Chaiyan (Lek) Chunsuttiwat Art Director
Rebecca Cole Makeup
Rodney Cook Stunts
Ben Cooke Stunts
Stephane Cressend Art Director
Linda de Vetta Makeup
Jean-Claude Deguara Animator
Matthias Deyle Executive Producer
Ben Dimmock Stunts
Levan Doran Stunts
Steve Drage Stunts
Polly Earnshaw Makeup
Michael Elson Executive Producer
Ricky English Stunts
Peter Field Camera Operator
Sheila Flynn Makeup
Glenn Foster Stunts
Pedro Garcia Garcia Stunts
Piers Gielgud Choreography
Clare Renata Gilbert Makeup
Paul Gooch Makeup
Fiona Greenland Consultant/advisor
Ahmed Hatimi Asst. Director
Yann Herve Editor
Frances Hill Costumes/Costume Designer
Martin Hobbs Executive Producer
Hopkins-Smith-Barden Casting
Kerry Hormbrey Makeup
Louie Horvath Stunts
Jason Hunjan Stunts
Rowley Irlam Stunts
Cindy Irving Production Manager
Zinedine Ibnou Jabal Asst. Director
Annabel Jardella Makeup
Deborah Jarvis Makeup
David Jones Makeup
Joule Studio Casting
Abhijati Jusakul Asst. Director
Laeta Kalogridis Screenwriter
Seng Kawee Stunts
Luke Kearney Stunts
Jon Kilik Producer
Christopher Kyle Screenwriter
Theo Kypri Stunts
Uxue Laguardia Makeup
Mike Lambert Stunts
Jane Law Costumes/Costume Designer
Maurice Lee Stunts
James Lewis Art Director
Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones Consultant/advisor
Luis Miguel Arranz Losa Stunts
Philippe Losson Stunts
Gary Machin Makeup
Alex Marquez Editor
Antonio Marsh Stunts
Nuria Mbomio Makeup
Juliette Menager Casting
David Mense Consultant/advisor
Vincent Montrobert Sound Editor
Jean-Paul Mugel Sound/Sound Designer
Mohamed Nesrate Asst. Director
Sarah Nolte Makeup
Thomas J. Nordberg Editor
Juan Manuel Cabrera Pascual Stunts
Tom Pestonji Production Manager
Piya Pestonji Production Manager
Kevin Phipps Art Director
Sarah Pickering Makeup
Paula Price Makeup
Rodrigo Prieto Cinematographer
Joel Proust Stunts
Nikita Rae Makeup
Gabriele Ragusa Stunts
Angelo Ragusa Stunts
Paul Rassam Executive Producer
Natalie Reid Makeup
Florian Robin Stunts
Jan Roelfs Production Designer
Rebecca Roper Casting
Stuart Rose Art Director
Mark Rounthwaite Stunts
Campbell Rousselle Stunts
Jose Antonio Gutierrez Sanchez Stunts
Laura Schiavo Makeup
Thomas Schühly Producer
Paul Shapcott Stunts
Michael Sharp Production Manager
Innocencio Losada Silva Stunts
Ailie Smith Makeup
Iain Smith Producer
Lesley Smith Makeup
Simon Sothcott Makeup
Lucinda Syson Casting
Stuart Thorp Stunts
Vangelis Score Composer
Luis Miguel Arranz Villareal Stunts
David Ware Stunts
Simon Warnock Asst. Director,Costumes/Costume Designer
Isabel While Makeup
Rob Wilson Associate Producer
Trevor Wood Special Effects Supervisor
Jeremy Woodhead Makeup
Tim Wooster Camera Operator

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Scene Index

Side #1 -- Alexander, Disc 1
1. Falling Ring [2:58]
2. Empire of the Mind [4:03]
3. Mother's Little Achilles [3:49]
4. Avenger From My Womb [1:34]
5. Aristotle Teaches [4:58]
6. Taming Bucephalas [4:55]
7. Kings are Made [3:55]
8. Love Vs. Duty [4:25]
9. Banished [5:00]
10. Map of Conquest [1:54]
11. Battle Plan [4:33]
12. Moonlit Vow [2:51]
13. Conquer Your Fear [5:58]
14. Gaugamela: Battle Begins [6:06]
15. Darius Retreats [4:57]
16. Entering Babylon [4:55]
17. Royal Request [5:17]
18. Mother's Letters [2:46]
19. Everything I Care for [4:09]
20. Fate of Darius [2:35]
Side #2 -- Alexander, Disc 2
21. Asian Allurements [5:41]
22. Wedding Vows [2:21]
23. Different Ways to Love [8:07]
24. Conspirators [3:54]
25. Across the Hindu Kush [4:10]
26. Mired in India [6:12]
27. Clash With Cleitus [6:33]
28. Go on Your Way Father [3:41]
29. Assassination [3:14]
30. The World is Yours [:25]
31. Rebellion in the Ranks [4:24]
32. Elephant Attack [7:32]
33. Brought Down [5:06]
34. Home to Babylon [5:29]
35. Hephaistion's Farewell [3:35]
36. Roxane's Revelation [4:14]
37. One Last Toast [1:19]
38. Taking Flight [1:41]
39. Greatest of Them All [2:37]
40. End Credits [5:15]

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