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No stranger to controversy, filmmaker Oliver Stone got some people all fired up with this opulent, stirring historical epic about the charismatic warrior king who had conquered 90 percent of the known world by the time he was 25. At first glance, Irish actor and offscreen bad boy Colin Farrell might seem an odd choice to play the fourth-century B.C. Macedonian conqueror, but he grows into the role before one’s eyes, even commanding attention during the large-scale battle sequences. The most controversial aspects of the film are Alexander’s relationships with his boyhood friend Hephaistian (Jared Leto) and his mother, Olympias (Angelina Jolie, a ravishing presence, yet curiously channeling the accent of Maria Ouspenskaya, the Gypsy woman of Universal’s old Wolf Man movies). Stone’s references to Alexander’s alleged bisexuality enraged some scholars -- just as his diminishing of those sequences in the Director’s Cut available on DVD enraged some gay activists. The Alexander-Hephaistian subplot aside, the film’s drama highlight is in the king’s marriage to tempestuous Roxane (Rosario Dawson), and the duo’s steamy sex scene ranks with the most erotically charged in Stone’s oeuvre. Undeniably ambitious and generally successful in conveying the true scope of its subject’s accomplishments, Alexander shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand for Stone’s supposed transgressions. It’s a fascinating movie -- lavishly mounted, brilliantly staged, and vividly photographed. Whether things happened as the writer-director claims is debatable, but his version of the facts makes for compelling viewing.

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Warner Home Video
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[Wide Screen]
[Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]

Special Features

Commentary by Oliver Stone; Subtitles: English, Français & Español; Resurrecting Alexander; Perfect is the Enemy of Good; The Death of Alexander; Vangelis Scores Alexander; Theatrical trailers; DVD-ROM PC web link to the online world of Alexander the Great

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Alexander, Disc 1
1. Falling Ring [3:17]
2. Empire of the Mind [2:32]
3. My Little Achilles [3:28]
4. Never Yours [1:32]
5. Our Greek Dream [5:29]
6. Bucephalas [4:55]
7. Kings are Made [4:19]
8. On Alexander's Terms [3:57]
9. Conquer Your Fear [5:46]
10. Battle of Gaugamela [6:03]
11. Driving Darius Back [4:57]
12. Joining the Myth Wall [3:23]
13. Entering Babylon [3:52]
14. Royal Request [3:50]
15. Mother's Letters [2:12]
16. With You Always [3:38]
17. Fate of Darius [2:23]
18. Personal Desires [5:17]
19. Wedding Vows [1:40]
20. Different Ways to Love [6:27]
21. Love Vs. Duty [6:12]
22. Conspirators [:05]
23. Banished [4:08]
24. Across the Hindu Kush [5:00]
25. Mired in India [4:10]
26. Clash With Cleitus [5:29]
27. Go on Your Way, Father [5:02]
28. Assassination [3:40]
29. Rebellion in the Ranks [3:14]
30. Elephant Attack [6:58]
31. Brought Down [5:33]
32. The World is Yours [5:54]
33. Home to Babylon [5:04]
34. Hephaistion's Farewell [3:56]
35. Roxane's Revelation [4:03]
36. One Last Toast [1:20]
37. Taking Flight [1:42]
38. Greatest of Them All [4:52]
39. End Credits [2:59]

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