Alice Faye Collection

Alice Faye Collection

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Director: Busby Berkeley, Irving Cummings, Roy Del Ruth

Cast: Alice Faye, Busby Berkeley, Irving Cummings, Roy Del Ruth

The Alice Faye Collection is a handy four-movie DVD set, containing Lillian Russell, On the Avenue, That Night in Rio, and The Gang's All Here, all of which are also available separately. Lillian Russell's major special feature is a documentary short on the actual Russell, a renowned singer of the 1890s and early 20th century. On


The Alice Faye Collection is a handy four-movie DVD set, containing Lillian Russell, On the Avenue, That Night in Rio, and The Gang's All Here, all of which are also available separately. Lillian Russell's major special feature is a documentary short on the actual Russell, a renowned singer of the 1890s and early 20th century. On the Avenue, built on the music of Irving Berlin, gets a full-blown commentary track by the scholar Miles Kreuger and a documentary about Alice Faye's screen career. That Night in Rio gets a documentary about Faye's off-screen life, plus an unused musical number with Faye and co-star Don Ameche appended. And The Gang's All Here, the most important of the four movies, gets the most substantial treatment, with a commentary track, a documentary, a very funny unused scene from the movie, and a pair of radio shows featuring Faye. Each film in that package is contained in a slim case that slides into a standard slipcase.

Editorial Reviews

Barnes & Noble - Ed Hulse
Barely remembered today, this apple-cheeked, full-figured contralto was one of the top-grossing movie stars of the late 1930s and early '40s, and several of the songs she introduced in her big-budget musicals were nominated for Academy Awards. (One of them, the enduring Mack Gordon-Harry Warren standard "You’ll Never Know," earned the Oscar for Best Song in '43.) Four of her lavishly mounted films for 20th Century Fox are included in this long overdue collection. Faye actually has third billing in On the Avenue ('37), but she introduces one of the niftiest tunes from Irving Berlin’s hit-packed score: "This Year’s Kisses." Lillian Russell ('40), one of several period pictures in which Faye played a historical figure, is a Gay '90s extravaganza crammed with favorite songs and graced with a marvelous supporting turn by top-rated character actor Edward Arnold, playing Diamond Jim Brady. That Night in Rio ('41), features Faye in the role of a baroness and is shot in the old Technicolor process -- which shows off the star's blonde hair, blue eyes, and rosy cheeks. A musical remake of Folies Bergère, That Night in Rio also features Don Ameche in the dual role of Faye's stuffed-shirted husband and an affable nightclub entertainer who comes to impersonate him. Although it's not specifically a Faye starring vehicle, The Gang's All Here ('43) is arguably the high point of this set. A garishly colored Busby Berkeley musical, it's the ultimate manifestation of wartime escapism, loaded with nonsensical plot points and campy production numbers (including the Carmen Miranda classic "Lady in the Tutti Frutti Hat"). After a long feud with Fox head Daryl Zanuck, Faye retired from the screen in 1945, leaving the younger, brassier Betty Grable to become Fox's preeminent musical star. Still, in her prime Faye was as vivid a performer as the movie musical ever saw, and this four-disc set should deservedly win her new fans.

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20th Century Fox
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Special Features

Lillian Russell: documentary feature on the real Lilian Russell; On the Avenue: deleted scene with the Ritz Brothers ; Featurette - Alice Faye: a Life on Screen; That Night in Rio: deleted scene with Faye & Ameche; Featurette Alice Faye: a Life Off Screen; The Gang's All Here:; Deleted scene; Alice Faye/Phil Harris Radio show

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Alice Faye Primary Artist,Baroness Cecilia Duarte,Eadie Allen,Lillian Russell,Mona Merrick
Dick Powell Gary Blake
Carmen Miranda Dorita,Carmen
Don Ameche Baron Manuel Duarte,Edward Solomon,Larry Martin
Madeleine Carroll Mimi Caraway
Henry Fonda Alexander Moore
James Ellison Andy Mason
Charlotte Greenwood Mrs. Peyton Potter
Edward Arnold Diamond Jim Brady
Harry] Ritz Brothers [Al, Jimmy Themselves
Eugene Pallette Mr. Mason, Sr.
George Barbier Commodore Caraway
J. Carrol Naish Machado
Warren William Jesse Lewisohn
Edward Everett Horton Peyton Potter
S.Z. Sakall Arthur Penna
Phil Baker Himself

Technical Credits
Busby Berkeley Director
Irving Cummings Director
Roy Del Ruth Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Lillian Russell
1. Main Titles/It's a Girl! [6:52]
2. Voice Audition [4:25]
3. Runaway Carriage [2:55]
4. Suffragette Candidate [1:49]
5. Ambitions [5:28]
6. Theatre Offer [3:54]
7. My Evening Star [3:18]
8. Lillian Russell [1:44]
9. My Blushin' Rosie [:39]
10. Fame [2:43]
11. Diamond Jim [8:31]
12. After the Ball [3:49]
13. Living to Eat [1:03]
14. Addred One [3:49]
15. Just Married [2:41]
16. Stupid Young Man [3:22]
17. Gilbert and Sullivan [2:42]
18. A New Life [2:44]
19. Blue Love Bird [2:10]
20. Broken Pact [4:49]
21. A London Success [5:12]
22. Friends and Rivals [1:14]
23. Touching a Star [3:13]
24. Weber and Fields [3:48]
25. Marriage Proposal [6:49]
26. Eddie Foy [7:21]
27. True Love [4:51]
28. Grand Finale/End Titles [2:32]
Disc #2 -- On the Avenue
1. Main Titles [1:10]
2. He Ain't Got Rhythm [6:41]
3. A Quiet Evening [5:04]
4. It's an Outrage! [2:13]
5. Family Honor [2:00]
6. The Girl on the Police Gazette [5:06]
7. Stepping Out [4:41]
8. Fresh Start [2:15]
9. Nice Shot [:50]
10. Pretty Snappy Guy [:29]
11. You're Laughing at Me [1:23]
12. No Joke [4:42]
13. The Next Best Thing [4:16]
14. This Year's Kisses [2:24]
15. Changing the Sketch [:52]
16. I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm [1:17]
17. Trying to Explain [2:58]
18. Buyout [3:41]
19. Slumming on Park Avenue [2:59]
20. What's Going On? [3:30]
21. Bottoms Up [5:26]
22. Wedding Day [6:12]
23. Coffee and Donuts [1:44]
24. End Titles [4:04]
Disc #3 -- That Night in Rio
1. Main Titles [1:25]
2. Chica Chica Boom Chic [5:33]
3. A Low Down, No Good Ham! [3:25]
4. The Baron isin Conference [2:24]
5. Boa Noite (Good-Night) [1:51]
6. Seeing Himself [1:08]
7. A Baron on the Loose [1:18]
8. Pierre's "Warning" [2:27]
9. They Met in Rio (a Midnight Serenade) [:38]
10. Twenty Million Dollars [6:05]
11. Machado Smells Blood [1:39]
12. The Bogus Baron [2:56]
13. With a Wave of His Hand [4:12]
14. The Necklace [3:34]
15. Carmen and "the Baron" [2:54]
16. Cai-Cai (1940) [3:16]
17. I Yi, Yi, Yi, Yi (I Like You Very Much) [6:53]
18. Two Barons [2:26]
19. The Baron's Bluff [2:26]
20. A Beautiful Horrible Dream [3:31]
21. A Very Bad Night [3:45]
22. Lost in Translation [6:51]
23. Cecilia's Charade [2:15]
24. Musical Medley/End Titles [1:51]
Disc #4 -- The Gang's All Here
1. Main Titles (Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here) [1:18]
2. Brazil [2:53]
3. You Discover You're in New York [3:37]
4. Just Lemonade [2:24]
5. A Sinful Place [4:03]
6. Minnie's in the Money [1:08]
7. Casey at the Bat [2:18]
8. The Lady in the Tutti Fruitti Hat [5:11]
9. Ferry Ride [6:32]
10. Good Time? [:51]
11. The Jitters [6:56]
12. Goodbye, Soldier [2:04]
13. Hero [1:32]
14. No Time to Be Sensible [2:48]
15. No Love, No Nothin' [:56]
16. What a Coincidence [1:33]
17. Remember Paris? [2:56]
18. Rose Fever [3:32]
19. Fiendish Scheme [1:17]
20. Birthday Gift [2:28]
21. Rehearsal [2:27]
22. Sound Investments [3:27]
23. Big Surprise [2:12]
24. Small World [2:58]
25. Paducah [:48]
26. A Journey to a Star [1:21]
27. The Polka Dot Polka [4:57]
28. Kaleidoscope [3:06]

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