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Aliens in the Attic

Aliens in the Attic

3.3 6
Director: John Schultz

Cast: Carter Jenkins, Ashley Tisdale, Austin Butler


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A group of kids defend their Maine vacation home from knee-high alien invaders in this adventure comedy for the entire family. When Michigan native Bethany Pearson (Ashley Tisdale) arrives home after a secret outing with her boyfriend (Robert Hoffman), her father, Stuart (Kevin Nealon), decides that it's


A group of kids defend their Maine vacation home from knee-high alien invaders in this adventure comedy for the entire family. When Michigan native Bethany Pearson (Ashley Tisdale) arrives home after a secret outing with her boyfriend (Robert Hoffman), her father, Stuart (Kevin Nealon), decides that it's high time for a family vacation. Packing up the car with wife Hannah (Ashley Boettcher), teenage son Tom (Carter Jenkins), and big sister Bethany in tow, Stuart invites the extended family to join them at the vacation home for some much-needed R&R and sets his sights on Maine. Much to Tom's dismay, Bethany's stuck-up boyfriend, Ricky (Hoffman), even manages to wrangle an overnight visit. Shortly after the Pearsons arrive at their sprawling summer home, however, things start to get strange. As dark clouds start to swirl overhead, four glowing objects blast through the sky on a collision course with the Pearsons' roof. But these aren't your typical meteors, because inside dwells tough-talking alien commander Skip, muscle-bound weapons specialist Tazer, lethal female Razor, and geeky four-armed techie Sparks. Before long, the aliens have taken Ricky over via a powerful mind-control device, and announced their intentions to claim Earth for the "Zirkonians." While the adults are completely oblivious to the extraterrestrial threat, the kids fight to save the planet with a little help from Sparks, the alien tech-specialist and one nonhostile invader. John Schultz directs a script penned by British scribe Mark Burton (Wallace & Gromit).

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Jeremy Wheeler
Elementary school kids are in for a fun ride with Aliens in the Attic, a family-friendly action romp that is geared to get them riled up and dreaming of their own battle against an alien invasion. For all other audiences, the film is exactly what it is -- a movie made for seven-year-olds. The checklist is as follows: Hits to the groin every 20 minutes? Check. A Jim Carrey-wannabe spaz acting like a clown anytime he's onscreen? Yep, it's got that, too. How about a possessed granny performing kung fu? Uh-huh. And a conceit that allows the kids to play while the parents are away? Oh yeah, the writers figured out a humdinger to explain that one. Indeed, those are cynical cheap shots -- especially for a picture that will provide the goods to its target audience. However, one thing is for sure -- a lot of time and energy was put into what will most likely be a forgotten bomb long after its days in the theatrical sun. Those who have seen the trailer have pretty much seen the film. For the uninitiated, the movie follows a family vacation where the kids discover that a scouting alien ship has landed on the roof of their rented mansion. The four aliens in question turn out to have a mind-controlling device whose powers only work on grown-ups, so the kids try and keep the adults as far away as possible from the melee going on in the top floors. Defensive measures such as firecrackers, radio-controlled cars, and a potato launcher are used against the fearsome intergalactic foes, one of whom joins the kids in their protecting (and near destroying) of their fancy leased house. Along the way, the young lead, Tom Pearson (Carter Jenkins), realizes that it's okay to be a smart kid after his brain comes in handy while battling two-foot-tall inhuman military morons. At first glance, some would lump this picture in with other creature features, such as Gremlins, Small Soldiers, Mac and Me, Ghoulies, and the Munchies films -- and they'd be semi-right. In fact, there's a veiled Ghoulies shout-out in the film, though don't expect the same kind of toilet-humor treatment to go along with the visual gag. At the day's end, Aliens in the Attic is what it is -- an action picture filled with ugly CG creatures that the small tykes will enjoy. Certainly one of the biggest complaints is that there are few surprises to this sucker, even when it dares to go Godzilla in the finale. A slew of other criticisms could be laid against the flick, but tearing it down does no more than prove this picture wasn't made for you. This is a cheap slice of entertainment for the little ones, pure and simple. Best file Aliens in the Attic with the first Scooby-Doo film -- or better yet, Alvin and the Chipmunks -- and you'll have a fine barometer for how much patience you'd have for it in the end.

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20th Century Fox
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[Wide Screen]
[Dolby AC-3 Surround Sound]
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Special Features

Closed Caption; Introductions to film and special features with Ashley Tisdale ; Alternate ending ; Deleted scenes; Gag reel; Animated short behind the Zirkonians; Meet the Zirkonians interactive featurette; The Ashley Encounters featurette ; Kung Fu grandma featurette

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Carter Jenkins Tom Pearson
Ashley Tisdale Bethany Pearson
Austin Butler Jake Pearson
Ashley Boettcher Hannah Pearson
Henry Young Art Pearson
Regan Young Lee Pearson
Robert Hoffman Ricky Dillman
Doris Roberts Nana Rose Pearson
Andy Richter Uncle Nathan Pearson
Kevin Nealon Stuart Pearson
Gillian Vigman Nina Pearson
Tim Meadows Sheriff Doug Armstrong
Malese Jow Julie
Thomas Haden Church Alien
Josh Peck Alien
J.K. Simmons Alien
Kari Wahlgren Alien

Technical Credits
John Schultz Director
Julie Ashton-Barson Casting
Don Burgess Cinematographer
Mark Burton Original Story,Screenwriter
Barry Chusid Production Designer
John Debney Score Composer
Marc S. Fischer Executive Producer
Adam F. Goldberg Screenwriter
Billy Gottlieb Musical Direction/Supervision
Joe Hartwick Co-producer
Barry Josephson Producer
Mona May Costumes/Costume Designer
Arnon Milchan Executive Producer
John Pace Editor
John R. Woodward Associate Producer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Aliens in the Attic
1. Main Titles / In Trouble [3:26]
2. Family Vacation [4:46]
3. A Calculating Visitor [1:49]
4. Paintball Sharpshooter [3:20]
5. Up on the Roof [2:35]
6. We Come in Peace [2:43]
7. Let Us in! [1:58]
8. Calling for Help [2:11]
9. Mind Control [3:45]
10. Target Objective [3:37]
11. Gravity Grenade [2:51]
12. Ultimate Game Boy [2:23]
13. Venting [6:51]
14. Hannah's New Friend [4:31]
15. Silent Treatment [:45]
16. That's Not Nana! [1:55]
17. Just a Normal Meal [4:56]
18. Kung Fu Grandma [5:26]
19. Rescue Operation [3:52]
20. Transformation [4:34]
21. Saving the Planet [5:00]
22. Family Fun [4:33]
23. Funky Ricky [1:17]
24. End Titles [1:16]


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Aliens in the Attic 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Ginger416 More than 1 year ago
Fun family movie, enterprising kids, clueless parents
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Victa_Sm More than 1 year ago
No special extravagances, but it's also very funny movie. The children watched with pleasure. There, where a good laugh. For most family viewing it. In this movie watch online here: <a href="">Watch online Aliens in the Attic</a>
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago