Alivin & the Chipmunks: a Chipmunk Christmas

Alivin & the Chipmunks: a Chipmunk Christmas


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Barnes & Noble - Donald Liebenson
The giving spirit of Christmas inspires a change of heart in greedy, present-grubbing Alvin when he learns about Tommy, a very sick little boy whose spirits can only be lifted a harmonica -- a gift, alas, that his family cannot afford. Alvin gives Tommy his own precious instrument, just as Dave books the Chipmunks for a Christmas Eve concert (at Carnegie Hall, no less) at which Alvin is expected to perform a harmonica solo. The boys desperately try to raise money to buy Alvin a replacement. This 1981 special will be a nostalgic kick for older Chipmunk fans who will appreciate the cameo by Clyde Crashcup (a crackpot character from the original Alvin Show) and a rendition of the Chipmunks' holiday classic, "The Chipmunk Song." Queen of Cartoons June Foray has a dual role as the maternal voice of Tommy's worried mother and a mysterious stranger who rewards Alvin's altruism. Legendary Warner Bros. animator Chuck Jones is credited as creative consultant, and you can see his influence in some of the characters' priceless deadpan reaction shots. A Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life inspire two more holiday themed episodes from the late 1980s' DIC incarnation of Alvin and the Chipmunks, also included on this release. In "Merry Christmas, Mr. Carroll," Alvin yet again learns the true meaning of Christmas from three nocturnal spirits who open his heart. In "Dave's Wonderful Life," a distressed, money-strapped Dave thinks the Chipmunks would have been better off if he never existed until he sees the positive influence he has had on their lives. Less patient parents might wish to hide the accompanying soundtrack CD featuring the helium-voiced trio singing traditional and original Christmas songs. Hearing "The Chipmunk Song" for the 20th time might make them nuttier than a fruitcake.

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