Amazon Women on the Moon

Amazon Women on the Moon

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Director: Joe Dante, Carl Gottlieb, Peter Horton, John Landis

Cast: Joe Dante, Carl Gottlieb, Peter Horton, John Landis


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A basic laserdisc conversion, without any special features except 24 reasonably well-chosen chapter breaks and a basic menu. The movie is a big-studio equivalent to Kentucky Fried Movie (with which John Landis and Robert K. Weiss were also heavily involved), only not as consistently funny or as inspired in its selection of targets or subjects. Indeed, some of


A basic laserdisc conversion, without any special features except 24 reasonably well-chosen chapter breaks and a basic menu. The movie is a big-studio equivalent to Kentucky Fried Movie (with which John Landis and Robert K. Weiss were also heavily involved), only not as consistently funny or as inspired in its selection of targets or subjects. Indeed, some of the sketches here wouldn't have passed muster on Saturday Night Live, and one sketch, involving a newborn, is downright unfunny. (It may show just how little the makers of this film felt, in comparison to Kentucky Fried Movie, that the earlier film has shown up on DVD with a whole commentary track, while this film was just dropped into the format with no extras whatsoever). On the other hand, most of it is harmless and the title piece, a take-off on early '50s sci-fi thrillers like Flight to Mars and Cat Women of the Moon, is almost spot-on perfect. The picture quality is excellent throughout, almost too good given the intentional cheesiness of the "Amazon Women on the Moon" segment, and the audio is set at a surprisingly high level for a DVD.The 1987 portmanteau comedy feature Amazon Women on the Moon lampoons several film genres in general and the 1954 sci-fi cheapie Cat Women of the Moon in particular. Other sketches in Amazon Women include an opening bit with Arsenio Hall; a vignette titled "Son of the Invisible Man" wherein a naked Ed Begley Jr. runs around in full view of the nonplussed supporting cast; the It's Alive parody "Hospital," which offers the spectacle of Michelle Pfeiffer giving birth to Mr. Potato Head; and a Siskel & Ebert takeoff, featuring Arche Hahn as a TV viewer whose entire life is given a "thumbs down." Directed by several hands, including Joe Dante, Carl Gottleib, Peter Horton, John Landis, and Robert K. Weiss, Amazon Women on the Moon also features a satire of the Kroger G. Babb school of "sex hygiene" exploitation cheapies, with syphilis victim Carrie Fisher being counseled by unctuous doctor Paul Bartel.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Bruce Eder
This satirical anthology film came and went in theaters fairly fast at the time of its release, and then enjoyed a healthy life on home video (even showing up on laserdisc at one point), back in the day when people used to rent their movies nightly at video stores. But it hasn't aged as well as, say, John Landis's own Kentucky Fried Movie, which was somehow on target even when it missed (the bad parts there gave you a chance to catch your breath from laughing, whereas the misfires here are just . . . misfires). Some of the parody seemed pretty tired at the time, a decade (or more) into the run of Saturday Night Live, while other parts that did work -- such as the sci-fi spoof of the title section -- tended to overstay their welcome. And Joe Dante, in particular, would turn in a finer, more wonderful (and affectionate) sci-fi satire a few years later with Matinee (which, as of 2012, has still not gotten the special edition treatment it deserves on DVD). But if one watches Amazon Women On The Moon without high expectations, or the need for solid laughs along extended stretches, it can still be fun, even 25 years later.

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Universal Studios
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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Rosanna Arquette Karen ("Two I.D.'s")
Ralph Bellamy Mr. Gower ("Titan Man")
Carrie Fisher Mary Brown ("Reckless Youth")
Griffin Dunne Doctor ("Hospital")
Steve Guttenberg Jerry ("Two I.D.'s")
Sybil Danning Queen Lara ("Amazon Women on the Moon")
Russ Meyer Video Salesman ("Video Date")
Monique Gabrielle Taryn Steele ("Pethouse Video")
Kelly Preston Violet ("Titan Man")
Steve Forrest Capt. Nelson ("Amazon Women on the Moon")
Joey Travolta Butch ("Amazon Women on the Moon")
Ed Begley Griffin ("Son of the Invisible Man")
Henny Youngman Himself ("Roast Your Loved One")
Steve Allen Himself ("Roast Your Loved One")
Paul Bartel Doctor ("Reckless Youth")
Arsenio Hall Apartment Victim ("Mondo Condo")
Howard Hesseman Rupert King ("Titan Man")
Lou Jacobi Murray ("Murray in Videoland")
B.B. King Himself ("Blacks Without Soul")
Lohman and Barkley Actor
Donald F. Muhich Easterbrook ("Pethouse Video")
Erica Yohn Selma ("Murray in Videoland")
Phil Hartman Baseball Announcer ("Murray in Videoland")
Corey Burton Anchorman ("Murray in Videoland")/TV Announcer ("Amaz
Michelle Pfeiffer Brenda ("Hospital")
Peter Horton Harry, Brenda's Husband ("Hospital")
Joe Pantoliano Sy Swerdlow ("Hairlooming")
Stanley Brock Customer ("Hairlooming")
Robert Colbert Blackie ("Amazon Women on the Moon")
Forrest J. Ackerman U.S. President ("Amazon Women on the Moon")
Lana Clarkson Alpha Beta ("Amazon Women on the Moon")
David Alan Grier Don "No Soul" Simmons ("Blacks Without Soul")
Bill Bryant Male Republican ("Blacks Without Soul")
Roxie Roker Female Republican ("Blacks Without Soul")
Le Tari Pimp ("Blacks Without Soul")
Christopher Broughton Fan Club President ("Blacks Without Soul")
Henry Silva Himself ("Bullshit or Not")
Sarah Lilly Prostitute ("Bullshit or Not")
Archie Hahn Harvey Pitnik ("Critic's Corner," "Roast Your Loved O
Belinda Balaski Bernice Pitnik ("Critic's Corner" "Roast Your Loved O
T.K. Carter Host ("Silly Pate")
Philip Proctor Mike ("Silly Pate")
Ira Newborn Fred ("Silly Pate")
Karen Montgomery Karen ("Silly Pate")
Bryan Cranston "Roast Your Loved One" - Paramedic #1
Robert Picardo Rick Raddnitz ("Roast Your Loved One")
Rip Taylor Himself ("Roast Your Loved One")
Slappy White Himself ("Roast Your Loved One")
Jackie Vernon Himself ("Roast Your Loved One")
Charlie Callas Himself ("Roast Your Loved One")
William Marshall Pirate Captain ("Video Pirates")
Tino Insana Mr. Sylvio ("Video Pirates")
Donald Gibb Graceless Pirate ("Video Pirates")
Mark Bringelson "Antony & Cleopatra" - Theatre Customer #1
Frank Collison Grizzled Pirate ("Video Pirates")
Bill Taylor Gruesome Pirate ("Video Pirates")
Vivian Bonnell Theatre Customer #3
Jenny Agutter "Antony & Cleopatra Promo" - Cleopatra
Chuck La Font Trent ("Son of the Invisible Man")
Raye Birk Vanya
Larry Hankin Man in Pub ("Son of the Invisible Man")
Kellye Nakahara Theatre Customer #4
Garry Goodrow Checker Player ("Son of the Invisible Man")
Roger La Page London Bobby ("Son of the Invisible Man")
Dick Miller Danny
John Ingle Felix Van Dam ("Art Sale")
Robina Suwol Woman
Angel Tompkins First Lady ("First Lady of the Evening")
Terry McGovern Salesman ("First Lady of the Evening")
Matt Adler George ("Titan Man")
Steve Cropper Customer ("Titan Man")
Marc McClure Ray ("Video Date")
Corinne Wahl Sherrie ("Video Date")
Andrew Dice Clay Frankie ("Video Date")
Willard E. Pugh Speaking Cop ("Video Date")
Herb Vigran Agent ("Reckless Youth")
Tracy Hutchinson Floozie ("Reckless Youth")
Mike Mazurki Dutch ("Reckless Youth")
Frank Beddor Ken ("Reckless Youth")
Martin Goslins "French Ventriloquist" - French Ventriloquist

Technical Credits
Joe Dante Director
Carl Gottlieb Director,Screenwriter
Peter Horton Director
John Landis Director,Executive Producer,Screenwriter
Robert Weiss Director,Producer
Michael Barrie Screenwriter
Malcolm Campbell Editor
Brian Carson Stunts
Christopher Doyle Stunts
Carolyn Clark Costumes/Costume Designer
Debra Combs Set Decoration/Design
Ivo Cristante Production Designer
Bobby Cummings Stunts
Taryn de Chellis Costumes/Costume Designer
Sally Dennison Casting
George Folsey Executive Producer
Laura Graham Editor
Tracy S. Granger Editor
Alex Hajdu Art Director
Marshall Harvey Editor
Eddie Hice Stunts
Jack Hilton Editor
Robb Idels Associate Producer
Deborah Love Asst. Director
Bert Lovitt Editor
Kevin Marcy Associate Producer
Michael McClary Camera Operator
Jim Mulholland Screenwriter
Ira Newborn Score Composer
Noon Orsatti Stunts
Daniel Pearl Cinematographer
Florent Retz Editor
Pattye Rogers Editor
Daniel Schneider Asst. Director
Julie Selzer Casting
Paul Sherrod Stunts
Robin Siegel Makeup
J.D. Silvester Stunts
Lincoln Simonds Stunts
Monty L. Simons Stunts
David Sosna Asst. Director
Susumu Tokunow Sound/Sound Designer
Julie Kaye Towery Set Decoration/Design
Debra L. Wright Costumes/Costume Designer
Mira Zavidowsky Costumes/Costume Designer

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Amazon Women on the Moon 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
So much fun in one movie. Just sit back and let your mind go blank!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Few genres escape from this medley of parady. There's a dig at Nessie/Ripper/Holmes stories rolled into one, a gloriously anachronistic and non-PC eponymous space romp (all good clean goofy fun!) - a swipe at vacuous centerfolds in the Pethouse playmate segment (featuring the lovely and underated Monique Gabrielle) and hilarious interactive-TV segments - one featuring an elderly man who gets sucked into his set to find himself incongrously in various situations - a rock video, a presidential visit, a cartoon and (not so incongrously to him - ( but his wife has other plans!) the above mentioned playmate's hot tub!