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Cast: Ed Harris, Viggo Mortensen, Renée Zellweger, Jeremy Irons


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Upon drifting into a troubled Western outpost and discovering that the helpless locals are being terrorized by a ruthless rancher and his brutish hired hands, two rugged, straight-shooting peacemakers decide to stick around and put things right in this Western adapted from the novel by Robert B. Parker and directed by Ed Harris. BraggSee more details below

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Upon drifting into a troubled Western outpost and discovering that the helpless locals are being terrorized by a ruthless rancher and his brutish hired hands, two rugged, straight-shooting peacemakers decide to stick around and put things right in this Western adapted from the novel by Robert B. Parker and directed by Ed Harris. Bragg (Jeremy Irons) is a rancher who believes himself to be above the law, a stance that's forever cemented when he guns down the town sheriff and his deputy in cold blood. Horrified, the defenseless townspeople pray for the day a savior will arrive in town to free them from Bragg's suffocating grasp. Soon thereafter, Virgil (Harris) and Everett (Viggo Mortensen) stride into town atop two mighty steeds, their confident presence signaling the beginning of a new era if the locals will only grant Virgil the complete power he needs to bring Bragg to justice. After pinning on his new badge, Virgil appoints Everett his deputy and ushers in an era of uneasy peace. Later, a woman named Allison (Renée Zellweger) arrives in town and catches Virgil's eye, prompting a die-hard renegade to consider a calm life of domestication. As Virgil's feelings for Allison grow, both begin to wonder if a life together is truly in the cards. Meanwhile, a temporarily subdued Bragg begins to display signs that he may not be finished with this town just yet.

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Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Perry Seibert
Buried at the center of many classic Westerns is a love story between grown men. My Darling Clementine, Rio Bravo, and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid are just some of the beloved oaters that are as much about men's loyalty and companionship as they are about gunslinging. Appaloosa fits snugly into that venerable tradition. Director and co-screenwriter Ed Harris plays Virgil Cole, a lawman for hire who travels the Wild West with his longtime deputy, the eight-gauge-toting Everett Hitch (Viggo Mortensen). The title town hires the duo after politically connected rancher Randall Bragg (Jeremy Irons) guns down the local sheriff. The situations and the settings of Appaloosa might be very familiar, but the close relationship between the two leads is uncommonly specific. Their friendship, formed by years of surviving potentially fatal battles together, runs deep. This bond is expressed through sly grins, kidding words, and their mutual sense of professionalism. Let's be clear, Ed Harris has not remade Brokeback Mountain -- this is a buddy film -- but he is unafraid to examine the complicated inner lives of two very manly men. Harris and Mortensen have a genuine chemistry together -- they get laughs out of throwaway bits of business because you can tell how much the two characters mean to each other. Complicating their showdown with the bad guy, as well as their relationship to each other, is Renée Zellweger as Allison French, the town's newest citizen. When both men take a shine to her, audiences are prepped for a traditional love triangle, but Harris has thankfully cooked up something rather more unconventional. Because the machinations of catching the bad guy take a back seat to the motivations and emotions of the two leads, the second half of Appaloosa doesn't have the narrative rush that the first half does. However, this shouldn't scare off genre enthusiasts, as Harris more than satisfies the traditions of the genre -- especially in three realistically quick and explosive gunfights (one of them the classic quick-draw, showdown on Main Street variety). The achievement of Appaloosa, for all of the movie's familiar qualities, is that the characters are so specific that they reinvigorate the conventions. Thanks to the fine acting, the solid direction, and the first-rate screenplay, the highly entertaining Appaloosa is simultaneously a traditional Western, a buddy comedy, and a love story.

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New Line Home Video
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[Wide Screen]
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Special Features

Commentary by Director Ed Harris and Screenwriter/Producer Robert Knott; ; Additional Scenes with Selectable Ed Harris/Robert Knott Commentary; ; Corral of 4 Insightful Featurettes: Bringing the Characters of Appaloosa to Life; Historic Accuracy of Appaloosa; The Town of Appaloosa; Dean Semler's Return to the Western

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Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Ed Harris Virgil Cole
Viggo Mortensen Everett Hitch
Renée Zellweger Allison French
Jeremy Irons Randall Bragg
Timothy Spall Phil Olson
Lance Henriksen Ring Shelton
Tom Bower Abner Raines
James Gammon Earl May
Luce Rains Dean
Timothy V. Murphy Vince
Gabriel Marantz Joe Whitfield
Robert Harris Judge Elias Callison
Benjamin Rosenshein Town Boy
Cerris Morgan-Moyer Tilda
Ariadna Gil Katie
Jim Tarwater Chalk
Erik J. Bockemeier Fat Wallis
Fred Hice Bragg's Third Man
Neil Summers Bragg's Fourth Man
Tim Carroll Wagon Driver
Bounthanh Xaynhachack Chin
Boyd Kestner Bronc
Art Usher Clerk
Cliff Gravel Barber
Mike Watson Night Rider
Rex Linn Clyde Stringer
Corby Griesenbeck Charlie Tewksbury
Adam Nelson Mackie Shelton
Bobby Jauregui Marshall Jack Bell
Daniel Parker Mueller
Ed Pennybacker Conductor
Alvin Lunak Sharps
Martin Connelly Apache Elder
Danny Edmo Young Brave
Argos Maccallum Beauville Sheriff Russell
Cynthia Huerta Mexican Woman
Charlene Adams Citizen of Appaloosa
Scott Brooks Citizen of Appaloosa
David Bard Citizen of Appaloosa
Stephen Chomko Citizen of Appaloosa
Maria Bethke Citizen of Appaloosa
Robert Colby Citizen of Appaloosa
Fionn Thelen Citizen of Appaloosa
Lynn Macri Citizen of Appaloosa
Heather Antonio Citizen of Appaloosa
Charles Culberson Citizen of Appaloosa
Robert Down Citizen of Appaloosa
Jackie Fleming Citizen of Appaloosa
Jim Granger Citizen of Appaloosa
Nancy Ann Hibbs Citizen of Appaloosa
Nick Johnson Citizen of Appaloosa
Glen Kappy Citizen of Appaloosa
Kevin Kinsner Citizen of Appaloosa
Norm Lee Citizen of Appaloosa
Loretta Lewis Citizen of Appaloosa
Skip Long Citizen of Appaloosa
Tom McFarlane Citizen of Appaloosa
Dani McNutt Citizen of Appaloosa
Sylvie Mortenson Citizen of Appaloosa
Sandy Nickal Citizen of Appaloosa
Kyle Osborn Citizen of Appaloosa
Hunter Lee Pimparapana Citizen of Appaloosa
Marvin Rath Citizen of Appaloosa
Madeline Walter Citizen of Appaloosa
Randall Sauls Citizen of Appaloosa
Claire Schwebke Citizen of Appaloosa
Nathan Simmons Citizen of Appaloosa
Chloe Slator Citizen of Appaloosa
John Turner Citizen of Appaloosa
Bailey Walter Citizen of Appaloosa
Ernest Andreas Citizen of Appaloosa
Ian Bell Citizen of Appaloosa
Todd Bethke Citizen of Appaloosa
Martin Callahan Citizen of Appaloosa
Cynthia Clark Citizen of Appaloosa
Lowell Crawford Citizen of Appaloosa
Timothy David Citizen of Appaloosa
Flynn-Bella Ericson Citizen of Appaloosa
Dennis Foulkrod Citizen of Appaloosa
Ruben Haddix Citizen of Appaloosa
Jerrall Hinds Citizen of Appaloosa
Taryn Johnson Citizen of Appaloosa
Jeff Kimerling Citizen of Appaloosa
Daniel Krieger Citizen of Appaloosa
Kerry Lee Citizen of Appaloosa
Isabelle Leustig Citizen of Appaloosa
Denise Lynch Citizen of Appaloosa
Diana McGuerty Citizen of Appaloosa
Diana Minfa Citizen of Appaloosa
Ernest Moya Citizen of Appaloosa
Michael Max Norris Citizen of Appaloosa
Trevor Osborn Citizen of Appaloosa
Michael Neal Powell Citizen of Appaloosa
L.C. Read Citizen of Appaloosa
Daphne D. Ross Citizen of Appaloosa
Darrell Schmidt Citizen of Appaloosa
Cecily Kuehl Shank Citizen of Appaloosa
Frankey Singzilay Citizen of Appaloosa
Isabel Slator Citizen of Appaloosa
Elizabeth Ann Tuttle Citizen of Appaloosa
Kristin Walter Citizen of Appaloosa
J.C. Augare Apache
Daniel Jon Bergman Citizen of Appaloosa
Kiela Bird Apache
Miles Blackman Citizen of Appaloosa
Anderson Chee Apache
Mabel Jin Chin Citizen of Appaloosa
Michael Clark Bragg's Man
Leonaldan Codanti Citizen of Appaloosa
Bud Connley Apache
Jake Crellin Citizen of Appaloosa
Rachel De la Torre Citizen of Appaloosa
Alex Edmo Apache
Herman Endito Bragg's Man
Chuck Ferran Citizen of Appaloosa
Christopher Frechette Citizen of Appaloosa
Jerry Fuentes Bragg's Man
Bruce Harders Citizen of Appaloosa
Jerry Hardy Bragg's Man
Larry Hinsley Bragg's Man
Adam Honeyfield Bragg's Man
Perry Jasper Citizen of Appaloosa
David Jensen Bragg's Man
Tom Johnson Bragg's Man
Dale Kappy Citizen of Appaloosa
Kim Kimerling Citizen of Appaloosa
Xander Laird Citizen of Appaloosa
Tom Larson Bragg's Man
Michael Lente Citizen of Appaloosa
Jennae Linnell Citizen of Appaloosa
Henry McKeighen Citizen of Appaloosa
Kim Montoya Citizen of Appaloosa
Matthew Montoya Apache
Kevin New Citizen of Appaloosa
Frank Nunn Citizen of Appaloosa
Dara Osborne Citizen of Appaloosa
Kristine Rael Citizen of Appaloosa
Steve Rick Citizen of Appaloosa
Tom E. Rostkowski Citizen of Appaloosa
Les Schesser Bragg's Man
Yvonne Schmidt Citizen of Appaloosa
Carol Sieber Citizen of Appaloosa
Edward Sipler Citizen of Appaloosa
Frank Spencer Bragg's Man
Greg Stevenson Bragg's Man
Girard Swan Bragg's Man
Wes Trudell Apache
Alicia Williams Citizen of Appaloosa

Technical Credits
Ed Harris Director,Producer,Screenwriter
Nicole Abellera Casting
Aleah Ames Costumes/Costume Designer
Steve Arnold Art Director
Dondi Bastone Musical Direction/Supervision
Jeff Beal Score Composer
Thomas Betts Set Decoration/Design
Deborah Cha Blevins Costumes/Costume Designer
Caldecot "Cotty" Chubb Executive Producer
Toby Emmerich Executive Producer
Elizabeth Gabel Casting
Kathryn Himoff Associate Producer,Editor
Waldemar Kalinowski Production Designer
Robert Knott Producer,Screenwriter
Michael London Executive Producer
Jeanne McCarthy Casting
Shannon Montoya Costumes/Costume Designer
Maureen O'Heron Costumes/Costume Designer
Kaaren F. Ochoa Asst. Director
Lahly Poore Costumes/Costume Designer
David C. Robinson Costumes/Costume Designer
Sam Brown Executive Producer
Dean Semler Cinematographer
Ginger Sledge Producer
Candy Trabucco Associate Producer
Janice Williams Associate Producer

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Appaloosa
1. Lead for the Law [2:38]
2. Peacekeepers [5:38]
3. I Warned 'em [1:56]
4. Cole's Law [4:30]
5. Mrs French [4:42]
6. Marital Status [2:36]
7. Virgil Untold [6:01]
8. Everything's Lovely [4:35]
9. Joe Whitfield [2:06]
10. Outhouse Arrest [3:37]
11. Vows and Apologies [2:54]
12. Do You Think I'm Pretty? [4:30]
13. Sooner or Later [3:26]
14. New Support, Old Pals [4:23]
15. The Trial [3:52]
16. Hostage Situation [6:48]
17. Something Running [4:02]
18. Good to See You [4:41]
19. Apache Meeting [4:47]
20. What I Had To Do [2:56]
21. Allie's Two Loves [6:08]
22. Shootout [2:22]
23. Presidential Pardon [5:47]
24. Sense to Move On [4:49]
25. Calling Bragg Out [4:42]
26. One Favor [3:23]
27. End Credits [7:12]

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