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Arthur Newman

Arthur Newman

Director: Dante Ariola

Cast: Colin Firth, Emily Blunt, Lucas Hedges


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Dante Ariola's feature debut Arthur Newman stars Colin Firth as Wallace Avery, a man so tired of his own life that he fakes his death and hits the road with a doctored ID and a new name. Along the way he befriends Mike (Emily Blunt), a troubled young woman with whom he has


Dante Ariola's feature debut Arthur Newman stars Colin Firth as Wallace Avery, a man so tired of his own life that he fakes his death and hits the road with a doctored ID and a new name. Along the way he befriends Mike (Emily Blunt), a troubled young woman with whom he has more in common than he ever expected. The couple head for a job opportunity, slowly learning to trust each other along the way. Arthur Newman screened at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival.

Editorial Reviews

All Movie Guide - Perry Seibert
It stands to reason that since actors make their living inhabiting other people, great actors should thrive in a role where they are required to play a person who pretends to be somebody else. Dante Ariola's directorial debut, Arthur Newman, gives two very talented performers the chance to prove that supposition true. The movie opens with a remarkably average-looking middle-aged man, played by Oscar winner Colin Firth, purchasing the driver's license, Social Security card, and other important documents of a dead man. The next day he brings his son a gift, which the sullen boy ignores. Soon, after a stop at the beach to leave some of his clothes, the man who now calls himself Arthur Newman is on the road, running away from his past. Fairly quickly he meets up with a troubled young woman who goes by the name Mike (Emily Blunt), and soon the duo head cross-country so Arthur can interview for a club golf-pro position. Along the way, they slowly learn to trust each other, and the truths about both their lives reveal themselves. There isn't really a way to make the plot of Arthur Newman sound all that exhilarating, it's a small movie that lives or dies on the strength of the actors, and in Firth and Blunt you can rest assured there's a heart beating all the way through. Firth expertly hides his British accent behind a flat Midwestern twang that sometimes makes him sound an awful lot like Richard Jenkins, and he portrays the character's repression realistically, but with just enough of an air of mischievousness that he never becomes a bore. Blunt savors playing the more extroverted of the two, giving her much darker character a damaged, bad-girl quality. She seems more feral than the unassuming Arthur, something that makes the progression of their relationship from friends to lovers all the more believable -- Mike seems to need somebody while Arthur more needs to be somebody else. In the best section of the film, this pair -- who are both already pretending to be different people than they are -- break into a series of homes not to steal anything, but simply to pretend to be the people that actually live there and then have sex. It's a playful way for screenwriter Becky Johnston to explore the deeper theme of her film -- identity -- and for the director to stage some enjoyable high jinks. Arthur Newman is a bittersweet movie about regret and chances lost that remains thoroughly watchable thanks to a pair of strong leading performances.

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[Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
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Special Features

Behind-the-scenes featurette

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Colin Firth Wallace Avery
Emily Blunt Mike
Lucas Hedges Kevin Avery
Anne Heche Mina Crawley
M. Emmet Walsh Zazek
Kristin Lehman Mary Alice Wells
Steve Coulter Owen Hadley
Devon Woods Janie Wells
Sterling Beaumont Grant Wells
Natalie Volkodaeva Ludmilla
Autumn Dial Charyl
Anthony Reynolds Ranger
Holden Hansen Dying Man
Ron Prather Detective #1
Jason Benjamin Cop
Daniel Jones Hairy Man
Jack Landry Doctor
Sol Miranda Rosita
Phillip Troy Linger Fuller Wells
Peter Jurasik Bus Driver
Estes Tarver Man #1
Brennon Olsen Diving Kid
Gray Hawk Diving Dad
David Andrews Chuck Willoughby
Bonnie Johnson Ticket Agent
Laura Green Girl
Rachael Moser April
James Patrick Freetly Man #2
Matt Warzell Clerk
L. Warren Young Deputy
Sharon Morris Unemployment Officer
Beckett Campbell Kevin (5 yrs. old)
Michael Beasley Detective #2
Tammy Christine Arnold Nurse
Jason Hatfield Pug Man
Dean Chekvala Hipster Trevor
Nicole LaLiberte Hipster Sarah

Technical Credits
Dante Ariola Director
Kami Asgar Sound Editor
Kate Biscoe Makeup
Jeffree Bloomer Sound Mixer
Jason Blumenfeld Asst. Director
Lisa Bruce Executive Producer
Jackie Burch Casting
Mac Cappuccino Producer
Helen Cappuccino Executive Producer
Andy Cappuccino Executive Producer
Linda Cohen Musical Direction/Supervision
Quito Cooksey Art Director
Olivier Bugge Coutté Editor
Kathleen Driscoll-Mohler Casting
Hector Gika Sound Editor
Christopher Glass Production Designer
Eduard Grau Cinematographer
Eric M. Greenfeld Executive Producer
Craig Haagensen Camera Operator
Natalie G. Hill Executive Producer
James Holt Executive Producer
Becky Johnston Producer,Screenwriter
Francine Maisler Casting
Sean McCormack Sound/Sound Designer
Evelyne Noraz Makeup
Brian Oliver Producer
Will Riley Sound/Sound Designer
Stefan Sonnenfeld Co-producer
Nancy Steiner Costumes/Costume Designer
Alisa Tager Producer
Nick Urata Score Composer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Arthur Newman
1. Spur Of The Moment [8:49]
2. Call Me Mike [9:19]
3. What's Your Story [5:09]
4. Poor John Doe [4:39]
5. Kind Of You [4:11]
6. An Epiphany [6:52]
7. Be My Happiness [12:40]
8. Genetic Time Bomb [7:29]
9. Serious Denial [9:40]
10. Wake Up [8:52]
11. Family [7:30]
12. Hello Son [7:57]


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