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Back in the Day

Back in the Day

5.0 1

Cast: Michael Rosenbaum, Morena Baccarin, Nick Swardson, Harland Williams


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A failed L.A. actor returns to his Indiana hometown for his high-school reunion, where he raises hell with his old pals while reconnecting with a former flame and wondering just where it all went wrong. A high-school graduate with Hollywood dreams, Jim Owens (Michael Rosenbaum) left his friends and family behind in hopes of making it


A failed L.A. actor returns to his Indiana hometown for his high-school reunion, where he raises hell with his old pals while reconnecting with a former flame and wondering just where it all went wrong. A high-school graduate with Hollywood dreams, Jim Owens (Michael Rosenbaum) left his friends and family behind in hopes of making it in the movie industry. Ten years later Jim has yet to land a major role, though he has become the commercial spokesman for a prominent insurance company. Convinced his once-promising career as an actor has finally fizzled out, Jim returns home for his high-school reunion, and conspires with his old gang to get back at their former principal. But the plan goes awry, wreaking havoc at a local wedding, and incurring the wrath of his old friends' wives. Meanwhile, Jim starts to wonder exactly when it was that his life flew off the rails.

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[Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
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Special Features

Closed Caption; Outtakes; Deleted scenes; Behind the scenes; Director's Commentary

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Michael Rosenbaum Jim Owens
Morena Baccarin Laurie Miller
Nick Swardson Ron Freeman
Harland Williams Skunk
Sarah Colonna Carol
Jay R. Ferguson Mark
Emma Caulfield Molly
Isaiah Mustafa "T"
Danielle Bisutti Annette Taylor
Kristoffer Polaha Len Brenneman
Liz Carey Ange Kramer
Mike Hagerty Principal Teagley
Steve Oben Agent
Henry Duncan Ange's Son
Louis Lawless Assistant Principal
Jim Casey Bridal Store Employee
Theresa Tilly Mrs. Miller
Griffin Wade Teen Mooner In Car
Joe Spina Mark's Friend
Richard Marx Neighbor
Andrea Bogart Stephanie
Crystal Rose Farmer Stripper
Jordan Cates Young Jim
Jonathan Stone Young Len
Dempsey Hankins Young Lori
William Brown Young Mark
Joseph Kempf Young Skunk
Antonio King Young "T"
Andy Byers Skunk's Neighbor
Eric J. Rosenbaum Angry Guy in LA Traffic,Mascot
Mikaela Hoover Tifficult
Sara Giller Wife In Car
Gigi Lamar Young Daughter In Car
Austin Rawlins Young Son In Car
Presley Roy Ange's Teenage Daughter
John Morrow Referee
Kate Glover Cute Waitress
Steve Hudgins Guy In Bar
Bear Sheeley Ficklin
Matthew Ballard Husband In Car
Easton Lee McCuiston Jason
Jenel Fontes Woman #1 at Reunion
Lezly Clayton Woman #2 At Reunion
Brian Schaum Man #1 At Reunion
Scott Schaum Man #2 At Reunion
Sam Yates Los Angeles Radio DJ
Violet Buttrum Skunk's Baby
Joann Bogard Skunk's Neighbor's Wife
Roni Jonah Stripper #2
Jess Wash Stripper #3
Alexander Hahn Teen #2 In Car
Preston-Harris Dunlap Teen #3 In Car
Kevin Arnold Teen #4 In Car
Vincent Villines Ange's Infant
Charlotte Rose Len's Daughter
Brian Jackson Hot 96 DJ

Technical Credits
Michael Rosenbaum Director,Executive Producer,Screenwriter
Emily Bloom Production Designer
Jim Casey Executive Producer
Rob Danson Score Composer,Musical Direction/Supervision
Shahrzad "Sheri" Davani Asst. Director
Dick Hansen Sound Mixer
Anne McCarthy Casting
Erica Murray Executive Producer
Eric J. Rosenbaum Co-producer
Paul Samaniego Camera Operator
Sandy Solowitz Co-producer,Editor
Bradley Stonesifer Cinematographer,Co-producer
Jeff Trockman Executive Producer
Kim Waltrip Producer

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Back in the Day
1. Going Home [11:09]
2. We Were Kids [8:45]
3. Barbecue [10:05]
4. High School Reunion [8:28]
5. Bachelor Party [9:01]
6. It Was A Sign [9:26]
7. Revenge [9:46]
8. Still Have Feelings [9:57]
9. He Stole Your Girl [10:17]
10. Credits [6:59]


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Back in the Day 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Aleksandra_H_Artlands More than 1 year ago
NOW ALL IN ALL WE'RE JUST LIKE YOU - THIS IS HOW WE DO IT As a great poet said: "People will never forget how you made them feel" and when it comes to the feel-good enjoyment, 'Back in the Day' fits the bill perfectly. The thing is...feeling good is addictive. So you have to watch it again. And again. And again...until you're done with it, but then you come back and watch it again. And that's the interesting thing about timeless comedies - they grow on you making you laugh even harder every time you notice more and more funny details that tickle your fancy in most unpredictable ways. By then, you know you have to own it, and thank God for DVDs! Enriched by bonus features (behind the scenes, deleted scenes, outtakes and audio commentary) you certainly need to buy several copies (you'll want to watch it all year round and take it with you wherever you go) not to mention those few extra copies for your friends and family - you can't be selfish and keep the best laughs all to yourself, can you. So finally, it's yours, and you feel you're home. You hear that opening song, that song that's going to haunt you forever from now on, and the adventures of Jim Owens begin. Have you ever tried to find happiness in a world of stiff competition, empty promises and phony girlfriends? How does it feel when the dream you went after came true not quite as you wished for? And what's it like for a Hollywood actor striving to make it in both worlds? 'Back in the Day' tells you just that. In a crazily hilarious, one of a kind, sweet way only a Midwestern heart can. Although not quite yet realizing what it is that he wants, Jim (Michael Rosenbaum) is already aware of what he doesn't want, and this notion leads him to some interesting discoveries. And as the story goes, an invitation to his high school reunion turns out to be a good enough reason to revisit his past and find out what he'd been missing out on all along. What he's looking for, is some comfort and truth, and as it happens with all truths, the truth he finds out is about to set him free, though not in the way he initially expected it to. Clearing several misconceptions about the so called 'Hollywood' lifestyle, he finds answers to some important questions on the way, and the route that takes him there is as risky and wild as cruising down the Green River Road. Coming back to his hometown and reuniting with his old friends (Harland Williams, Isaiah Mustafa, Kristoffer Polaha), their wives (Danielle Bisutti, Emma Caulfield, Sarah Colonna) and his childhood sweetheart Lori (Morena Baccarin) he brings a breath of fresh air into everyone's stable yet somewhat uneventful lives. And he does it by opening a can of neverending pranks and crazy escapades caused by an ole' time need stemming from unresolved feelings, past grudges, and dearly missed teenage carefree sense of freedom. Owning to such great cast (including kids) the chemistry between all (real life based) characters and each couple is natural and works really well, giving the movie an overall easy, homely, and comfortable feel. Playing with pastiche in a delightfully clever way, writer/director Michael Rosenbaum brings the good old school back, making 'Back in the Day' a feast for all John Hughes, Harold Ramis and Adam Sandler fans. The relaxed and warm directing style of his passion project gives the movie the magic touch that helped everyone connect so well on set (hilarious outtakes after the final credits). Thanks to Rosenbaum's boyish spontaneity, forever young spirit, heartwarming quirkiness, and a unique sense of humour that lets him 'get away with murder' as he breaks taboos, crosses boundaries, and makes the seemingly unacceptable acceptable, the raunchy scenes do not seem too raunchy but become an inseparable part of the story. The 'steamy windows' scene with ex-cheerleader Angie Kramer (Liz Carey) and Ron Freeman (Nick Swardson) is surprisingly moving, while the 'track', 'shower' and 'synchronized throw up' scenes are masterpieces in their own right. So are the laugh-till-you-cry 'school' and 'house-egging' scenes with excellent Mike Hagerty as Principal Teagley. Michael's screen presence (showing his serious as well as comedic side) is captivating, and the sweet, wonderfully soft and tender moments allow for Jim's sincere vulnerability as he loses his initial, slightly cocky cautiousness around his old friends. The final car chase scene (Rosenbaum, Williams, and Jay Ferguson as Lori’s fiancé, Mark) is brilliantly dynamic, and the easily flowing, masterly seamless editing by Sandy S. Solowitz and director himself gives the movie a good, light and upbeat pace. The beautiful cinematography by Bradley Stonesifer takes us on a delightful journey to America's Heartland - there's something free yet cozy about the open spaces of Rosenbaum's "where lands are green and skies are blue" Indiana home town (that's where most of the movie was shot). Filmed in Spring, 'Back in the Day' has a very fresh feel to it that also adds to the symbolic effect of Jim's inner awakening that, as he finally learns to accept his own choices, does have a happy ending, though not in a conventional way. And yet, after you say good bye to Jim and the gang, you don't really want the story to end. Rarely these days there comes along a comedy that leaves you so amused, happy, moved, and forever smiling at the same time. No wonder it's so loved by real people. With Harland's unforgettable one liners you will quote this movie forever. Illustrated throughout with tunes that perfectly complement the moods of every scene, the choice of music makes it really stand out. With its superb soundtrack (nostalgic hits from the '80s and '90s ingeniously intertwined with new songs by contemporary indie artists (check out a separate soundtrack CD release) and original music by Rob Danson, 'Back in the Day' is also director's tribute to his all time musical fascinations. By creating an honest, relatable, easy going yet brave movie, while giving back to the community where he grew up, Michael Rosenbaum's real passion for behind-the-camera work proves that a low budget film can compete with big multi-million productions. "This is gonna be classic" so chill out with 'Back in the Day' – "this is how we do it..." After watching it for the hundredth time, you still won't have enough. A movie to cherish.